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Lapland Elopement Guide

Lapland Elopement Couple walking past igloos

Do you picture yourself waking up in a glass igloo surrounded by a winter wonderland?  Maybe you’re even bold enough to do so on the morning of your adventure wedding… Well them, choosing to plan a Lapland elopement may be ideal for you!  Our team has crated and forever documented many.  Therefore, use this intricate […]

Lapland Wedding: Kavoos + Diana (Part 1)

Kavoos and Diana, had the burning desire to hold an adventurous elopement in Lapland!  Which is quite brave considering they are California natives and during winter northern Finland is well below freezing.  But sometimes a location and the opportunity to see Northern Lights is all it takes to muster up courage to have an epically snowy […]

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Lapland

When you think about winter I think most of us get this super cozy idea of it.  Cuddling in front of a fire, something hot in our hands, watching the snow fall outside from inside.  Or if you’re more adventurous maybe you’re running around in it throwing snow balls, catching snowflakes on your tongue, and […]

Adventure Wedding Menu Ideas by Country

Adventure Wedding Cake with View of Iceland at Sunset

Enjoying a meal together is a universal way we bond as people and across cultures.  Therefore, when you plan a wedding in another country a super fun aspect of the planning process is finalizing your menu!  In fact, it is an opportunity to introduce yourselves and guests to the local flair.  Likely, you have no […]

13 Night Wedding Photos & Location Ideas

Adventure Elopement Couple in a Canyon

Imagine ending your epic adventure elopement with night wedding photos!  What could be more romantic than spending the last few dreamy moments of your wedding adventure together having your photographer craft magic for you?!  Today we would love to share with you 20 nighttime and northern lights wedding photos that will leave you inspired…  Maybe […]

10 Unique Elopement Announcement Ideas For Non-Traditional Couples

Whether you’ve decided on a ceremony with all the bells and whistles or you’ve opted for something more intimate, getting married is a pretty important occasion.  You likely want to let your friends and loved ones to know that you’re growing your own little family by one. But while those who choose to throw a […]

How to Plan an Adventurous Elopement

How to Plan an Adventurous Elopement-Couple Running during Iceland Adventure Wedding in the Highlands

What could be better than jumping on an airplane to one of your bucket list places with your lifetime love?  Eloping and honeymooning in that unforgettable destination too!  Today we are super excited to share with you the topic every engaged wanderlust-ing couple is dying to know more about… How to Plan an Adventurous Elopement! […]


What is an Adventure Wedding? An unforgettable EXPERIENCE! An adventure wedding combines your love of traveling to epic destinations, with seeing, doing, discovering, hiking, exploring offbeat (and in some cases private local areas), taking photographs at amazing locations, all within an epic wedding day! Typically, an adventure wedding day is either half day or full […]

Adventurous Elopement in Finland: Part 2

Lapland is such an memorable experience in winter!  The trees are buckling with snow, the Northern Lights are dancing, and the warmth of the houses you cuddle up in is blazing!  Hopefully last week you delighted in the first half of Kavoos ad Diana’s beautiful elopement at Kakslauttanen Igloo Resort (the famed igloo hotel).  If […]

Sweden Wedding Planner: Adventure Style Weddings + Elopements

Sweden is a unique place to consider having your destination wedding or elopement! Why? It’s a beautiful country that just happens to have……. An Incredibly Unique Ice Hotel Stone Churches Glamorous Castles Bustling historic downtown’s Midnight Sun (summer) Northern Lights (winter) Dramatic Cliff-lines The list goes on and is frankly, endless of photo ops! All those […]