Adventure Weddings & Eloping in Australia

Many of our North American clients may be intimidated at the idea of planning a wedding literally and figuratively on the other side of the world.  Been in your shoes and survived!  Which is exactly why we began planning adventure weddings and elopements in Australia.  With an extreme focus on crafting experiences while eloping in Australia!

How to get to Australia

Australia is a freaking HUGE country.  Like over 2.5 million square miles await to be discovered!  Okay okay so now you’re like how do I get there?  You can find flights to any of the following international airports depending on where you plan on exploring:

  • The most popular and known airport is the Sydney International Airport (SYD)
  • Melbourne Airport (MEL) would be a close second.
  • Brisbane Airport (BNE) is found in the Queensland region.
  • Perth Airport (PER) is our favorite place to explore and it is the western Australia hub.

Most flights from the USA will have you transfer through the coast of California  And the typical airlines that fly often to and from LAX or SFO to any of the above airports in Australia follow: Delta; Qantas; Virgin Australia; United Airline and Hawaiian Airlines.  You can expect a flight from LAX to SYD to be between 14-15 hours.

Flying First Class to Australia

This is when booking a lay down first class seat is well worth the extra spend!  Meanwhile, flying Delta One is our personal favorite way to fly intercontinental.  Flying first class on the way to eloping in Australia really sets you up for success when you land.  You feel rested and ready to begin your adventure.  Certainly also helps combat jet lag too!

Kiama Australia Wedding Adventure

Eloping in Australia

Flying half way around the world to elope is a super empowering decision.  Because with no guests or pressure in tow, it will feel like a super freeing exciting choice.  One you will never ever regret!  I mean that is truly how LOVE is supposed to be too, unconditional and freeing to be your true self.

Eloping in Australia will do this too.  After all it is likely a place that has been on both of your bucket lists for years now.  So no better time than the present to celebrate your love than embarking on a new adventure together!  Planning an experience driven elopement in Australia does not only provide you with epic wedding photos, but it becomes part of your lifetime love story too!

However, if you do plan on inviting guests, do not be disappointed if most RSVP, “No.”  Likewise, it’s not only an investment in a rather expensive plane ticket, but it’s also a commitment in time to get to and from.  Inasmuch as your people would love to join you, sometimes it’s better for everyone you find your way to eloping in Australia with no guests.


Australia Elopement Locations

Tell me you don’t want to get married in the famed “Outback?”  You can’t if you’re a warm weather lover!  Australia as an adventurous destination wedding location just makes sense!  Allow us to give you 14 reasons why Eloping in Australia should be high on your adventure wedding wander list!

14 Reasons Why You Should Elope in Australia


Reason #1:

Australian Alps can be found in the South Eastern corner of Australia.  So if you’re excited at the idea of eloping in Australia at 6,600 feet up in the air this is your place!  Also here you will find small river waterfalls, panoramic views, sparking lakes, and all sorts of hiking short and long!  You choose!

Reason #2:

Not too far from Sydney, the Blue Mountains make you forget a city is so close (only a mere 30 miles away)!  Just under 4,000 feet you’ll find an incredible collection of mountains and peaks glimmering.  Our personal favorite viewpoint within the park is called the Three Sisters sandstone formations that span down into the Jamison Valley.  Imagine eloping in Australia and making this 8km hike to witness sunset there followed by a delicious bottle of bubbles to celebrate!

Reason #3:

Western Australia, offers an incredible canyons to explore and our favorite is named Hancock Gorge!  Within the Karijini National Park, you’ll find this hidden gem of a place!

Reason #4:

Daintree Rainforest is a place not for the faint of heart or those scared of spiders and snakes!  But the opportunity for lush green rainforest wedding photos are worth it!

Reason #5:

A hop and a skip from the mainland of Australia sits a sweet little paradise called Fraser Island.  Their claim to fame is having rainforests growing in sand, picturesque beaches, and over 70 colors of sand on the island.

Reason #6:

If you seek tropical weather no matter the time of year, surfing, nightlife, and gorgeous white sand beaches then the famed Gold Coast of Australia may be your perfect wedding location!

Reason #7:

Great Ocean Road… If you love road tripping you have 151 miles to explore while eloping in Australia!

Reason #8:

Dramatic 13 volcanic peaks rise into the air on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  They are named the Glasshouse Mountains and offer so much adventure wedding exploration!

Reason #9:

Kakadu National Park is a bio-diverse wonderland.  We could spend days here enjoying the wetlands, waterfalls, sandstone formations, crazy wildlife, flora, aboriginal art!

Reason #10:

The Mysterious Northern Territory… Oh la la and the locations will blow you away!

Reason #11:

Can you imagine yourself dipping your feet into the legendary that runs pink?!  Eloping in Australia could bring you to Lake Hillier!

Reason #12:

Over 70 islands run between Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef (Best scuba diving and snorkeling on the planet!).  They are referred to as the stunning Whitsunday Islands!

Reason #13:

Care to be all by yourselves exploring?  Eloping in the Australian Outback is perfect for you!

Reason #14:

One of the most intriguing textures you’ll see while eloping in Australia are the breathtaking Painted Cliffs on Maria Island in Tasmania

Twelve Apostles famous landmark along the Great Ocean Road Australia



Planning an Adventure Wedding in Australia

Above all, as you begin thinking about eloping in Australia, you likely wonder about the best time to visit Australia.  Personally, our favorite time to plan adventure weddings & eloping in Australia is either between September through November or from March to May.  During these month ranges, you’ll find travelling to Australia a bit nicer as it is between the tourist seasons which means more manageable crowds of people and still warm temperatures!

So what now?  Where do you begin planning your adventurous elopement?  Our adventurous wedding planning and photography team would love the opportunity to prove to you the never ending opportunities Australia has for your adventure wedding!  Lastly, feel free to contact us to get that unforgettable conversation started!  Let’s make your wedding: The. Wedding. Of. The. Year!  Yup, totally said it and put it out into the Universe!  Now make eloping in Australia happen!