Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Patagonia

Calling all adventure-seeking couples! If you’re looking for a wedding as intrepid as you are, a Patagonia wedding delivers all the adrenaline you could possibly wish for.

The Mecca of all-things adventure in the open-air, Patagonia sits within the Andes mountain range in southern sections of Chile and Argentina. This is also where the mysterious and intriguing “W” trek and the infamous Fitz Roy mountains live and breathe.

There are volcanoes, lakes and rainforests… Glaciers, fjords and caves… Penguins, birds and impenetrable mountain views…

A cornucopia of epic experiences, Patagonia weddings promise you the adventure of a lifetime.

Let us plan your Patagonia wedding day and we’ll craft an experience as intense and unique as the love that you share.

Patagonia Wedding - Your Adventure Wedding

Wild at heart

How do you picture your Patagonia wedding day?

A traditional church ceremony, followed by a seated dinner reception? Your princess moment with immaculate hair and makeup and a dress you need help to move in? If these things apply, I’m afraid that our approach to Patagonia weddings won’t be for you.

But, if you’re a daring couple who seek thrills and pictures-don’t-do-it-justice views, if you chase extraordinary experiences and don’t mind getting dirty getting there, and if you’re an offbeat couple who’ll share their first kiss in the pouring rain just to discover somewhere new, then an adventure wedding in Patagonia could be perfect for you.

The order of the day will be less cocktail hours and seated dinners, more muscle-pumping hikes and promises made beside crashing waterfalls. Less small talk with distant relatives, more love, laughter and sheer disbelief at how incredible an adventure wedding experience really is.

So if you’re up for a challenge and ready to experience getting married in an unconventional and utterly unique way, let us handle the details and whisk you off for a wedding in Patagonia.

At Your Adventure Wedding, we’re not just adventure wedding planners, we are also adventure wedding photographers.  So when you hire us to plan your day, you get two teams in one.  Not only will we get you to that epic wedding location, we’ll document your adventure beautifully, and leave you with wedding photos that you’ll treasure forever.  We understand the dynamics of an adventurous wedding day better than anyone, and we come prepared to shoot in all kinds of weather and conditions.  We’ll also come prepared with a Plan B, C, and D, just in case!  So you can relax and focus on making memories, while we take care of the rest.

Patagonia Wedding in Torres del Paine - Your Adventure Wedding

Torres del Paine Wedding Photos - Your Adventure Wedding

Chase experiences from dawn to dusk

We map out memories and you make them, from sunrise to sundown. Because why should you place a time limit on the best day of your lives to date?

Endorphins and adrenaline will ramp up the butterflies as you take on epic hikes to mind-blowing locations. The journey is intense, the atmosphere electric – the perfect match for your love story.

Paddle across the Fjords of Tierra del Fuego and get married with the river as your eternal witness. Strap on your boots and hike the famous Torres Del Paine W trail, which peaks with your intimate ceremony in front of the famous summits and lagoon.  Because a hiking elopement is such a BADASS way to get married in Patagonia!

Whether on land or water, steered by your passions, we’ll craft every second to do more than simply count. We make each breath, each step, each gaze incredible. As a result, the entire day will be an adventure, multiplying the emotion and significance of the moment when you finally make your vows.

And after your ‘once in a lifetime’ ceremony, we’ll take care of the celebration too, complete with our signature offbeat twist.

Think raising your first toast in the achingly beautiful Marble Caves, where the clink of your glasses echoes all around. Or it could be indulging in an authentic feast in the tiny hamlet of Huilo Huilo, deep in the heart of the rainforest. You could even take to the skies for a helicopter tour to the top of Perito Moreno Glacier for part two of the adventure and your first expedition as newlyweds.

Mount Fitz Roy and Laguna Torre Los Glaciares National Park Patagonia Argentina Wedding

Where could Patagonia weddings take you?

When you reach the destination for your Patagonia wedding, whether it’s an epic mountain peak or a lush, tangled valley, you’ll feel on top of the world.

The landscape will become your living backdrop. Think rainforest walls, decorated in lush swathes of green and bursts of jewel-like colour, while the murmur of minibeasts and calls of hummingbirds become an intoxicating ceremony soundtrack.

Some of our favourite locations for Patagonia weddings include the wildly beautiful Torres del Paine National Park, where the iconic rocky W-shaped outcrops bear eternal witness to your vows, and Ushuaia, with romantic woodland trails and ice blue, foaming mountain pools.

Just imagine the magic of your wedding photographs captured in these jaw-dropping settings. Hunt for secret waterfalls and hidden coves in Los Glaciares National Park for wedding photos like you’ve never seen before.

And we haven’t even talked about Laguna San Rafael National Park or Nahuel Huapi National Park. Even more enchanting offbeat locations await and we can’t wait to share them with you. Amplify your experience, choose an adventure wedding in Patagonia.

The highway crosses Patagonia and leads to majestic mountains of Fitzroy. The road through desert

Elope and explore

An adventure wedding in Patagonia is about as offbeat as it gets, so if you’re planning an unconventional wedding, take us on the journey with you.

We love to collaborate with couples to craft the ultimate elopement. With just the two of you, we can delve deeper into the jungle, higher into the mountains.

We can trek to jaw-dropping locations that simply wouldn’t be suitable for a larger group of guests. We can lead you to the remote waterfalls and caves that glow in the sunset. Creaking, frozen glaciers and dizzying rocky peaks. Together, we’ll explore all the options and follow wherever your hearts lead.

Adventure is what we do best and getting there is half the excitement. We create half and full day adventure elopements in Patagonia, depending on how much exploration you’d like to do.

Activities, like hiking, can be included if you choose. But our couples can also jump into super Jeeps or climb into helicopters to reach those achingly beautiful hidden locations.

An intimate experience that pushes boundaries and exceeds your wildest dreams – that’s what an elopement in Patagonia has in store for you.

You’re about to form the strongest partnership in the world as a married couple. We’re here to help you start it on a high, with a wedding day that you’ll never forget.

Torres del Paine National Park Wedding Patagonia Adventure Wedding

Your all-inclusive adventure wedding starts here

Because we are experts in planning off-the-beaten-track Patagonia weddings, our guidance goes far beyond the hiking trail.

We aren’t simply cartographers who carve out your wedding day journey and destination. At Your Adventure Wedding, we create, orchestrate and feed energy into every aspect of your celebration, from travel schedules to creative photographs and every precise detail in between.

We elevate your dreams from the realms of paper or Pinterest and transform them into action plans. Above all, we’ll lead you to destinations for your Patagonia wedding that make your hearts race, which you won’t unearth anywhere else.


Your Adventure Wedding is where weddings and wanderlust collide. Designed for free-spirited couples chasing authentic experiences, get in touch to find out more about planning your very own adventure wedding.

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