Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Chile

Chile is off the charts with natural beauty. It’s the sort of adventure travel destination that will leave you in “awe” and with the urge to stop and take a photo every 15 minutes. For instance, for those of you obsessed with the variety of the Icelandic landscape, this will find you just as enamored! Which is why planning adventure weddings & elopements in Chile likely comes so easy to us! Come along with us today as we show you around what Chile has to offer…

Planning a Trip to Chile

Although there are over 100 airports throughout Chile, there are only 10 notable ones we will share with you.  As they hit the main areas of where you will want to explore.  Chile’s international airport list follows:

  • Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL).  This is the main international airport near Santiago
  • El Tepual Airport (PMC) nearest to Puerto Montt wedding locations.
  • Cerro Moreno International Airport (ANF) close to Antofagasta
  • Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ) not far from Punta Arenas for the start of Patagonia weddings.
  • Diego Aracena International Airport (IQQ) in Iquique
  • Carriel Sur International Airport (CCP) best airport to go to for weddings in Concepción.
  • Temuco Airport (CPO) for Chilean rain forest weddings!
  • Chacalluta International Airport (ARI) is the closet airport to the border of Peru.  Perfect for elopements in the Atacama Desert!

Meanwhile, you will book an international flight from your home state or country and head to one of the above airports.  In getting to adventure weddings and elopements in Chile location, you may need to do an additional long drive or domestic flight first.  But upon arriving to the Chilean airport of your choice, we highly suggest you rent a car.

However, in doing so, make sure your car has a “passport” which is additional paperwork and cost with the rental car company to ensure you can cross borders between Argentina and Peru, etc.  Elopement Photographer in Chile Tip: Do not leave the car rental location until you have this in hand and validated.

Adventure Wedding Locations in Chile

The best time to have a wedding in Chile is between the months of November through March.  Since they are in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are opposite North America.  Chile Wedding Planner Tip: Planning a wedding during these months could also encourage your guests to follow you since they will beating the winter blues!  In short, adventure wedding adventure in Chile may mean you find yourself in some of these stunning locations!

15 Chile Wedding Locations that will leave you breathless!
  1. Atacama Desert (did someone say sand-skiing/boarding?!)
  2. Chilean Wine Country!  …We once stayed the night at a wine barrel hotel! – Seriously go see our feed on Instagram, HAPPENED!
  3. Chiloé Island is a mysterious place to elope in Chile.
  4. The Orange Pond in the Valle de la Luna (aka Valley of Mars) which is uber dramatic!
  5. Queulat National Park will offer your elopement adventure in Chile glacier, forest, camping and lots of incredible hiking!
  6. The famed Easter Island is part of Chile!
  7. Elope in front a Stratovolcano in Chile called Osorno!  How’s that for unforgettable!?!
  8. Secret Cave wedding in Chile.
  9. Did you know Chile is one of the only places in the world where there are Marble Caves?  How unique!
  10. Imagine yourself eloping on a white coral sand beach named, Anakena.  The beach can be found in the Rapa Nui National Park.
  11. Eloping in Chile within it’s countless rain forests!
  12. Sailing through the Chilean fjords will offer you extreme remoteness.  Pretty sure no one has been brave enough to pick this as an adventure wedding location yet!
  13. Wondrous Waterfalls
  14. Think about eloping in Chile in front of a large volcanic caldera called Rano Kau.  Just do it!
  15. We’re totally not into tourist locations… However, if you love penguins and adore the idea of eloping on an island full of them then planning an adventure wedding on Magdalena Island is the spot for you!
  16. Oh oh and don’t forget that Chile is part of the incredible Patagonia region too!

Luxury Wedding Hotels in Chile

If you’re seekers of unique or luxury experiences in hotels, you’re going to love out list of hotels in Chile!

Top 5 Wedding Hotels in Chile:
  1. Awasi Atacama wedding experiences are 5 star from the moment you arrive to when you leave.  Certainly their attention to detail will you in awe!
  2. An adventure wedding on Easter Island allows you to experience the Explora.  You’re on an island in the middle of the Pacific at a resort that has won countless awards!  #yesplease!
  3.  Remember when I exploded above about staying inside of a posh wine barrel?  Yup, Cava Colchagua Hotel Boutique made our list too for the experience factor!
  4. &Beyond Vira Vira elopements will have the view of snow capped dormant volcanoes and sparkling glacier lakes!  This fabulous location is situated within the Chilean Lake District.
  5. If you want to be near lunar landscapes and amazing deserts then check out Tierra Atacama.  Pretty perfect adventure wedding location in Chile!

Adventure Wedding and Elopement Planner

In conclusion, deciding to plan adventure weddings & elopements in Chile will make you a hero to most people.  Forgoing all traditions and doing some crazy different than most people makes you unique!  Lastly, let’s make this adventurous elopement in Chile happen for you… Contact Us for more information on planning an unforgettable adventure wedding or elopement in Chile!