Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Antarctica

Who gets married in Antarctica?  Only like the most adventurous fearless people in the world… Which is hopefully, You!  Let’s do this!  Furthermore, why plan a destination wedding just to have a cookie cutter experience.  Need I remind you’re not a cookie?!  Especially when you could have a opportunity embark on a EPIC Antarctica wedding adventure!

A mysterious country that has a population of zero year round and only ~30,000 visitors a year, totally screams adventure!  Because of that, Antarctica proves to be one of the most unique destination wedding locations in the whole wide world.  Plus, you’ll have endless bragging rights among all of your friends too because they will be envious of your bad ass once in a lifetime experience driven wedding adventure!

Antarctica Wedding Adventure

What Does a Wedding in Antarctica Look Like?

So you’re likely asking yourself, “What does an adventure wedding in Antarctica look like?”  Good question and you’ve come to the write Antarctica wedding planner to find out!  Crafting an adventurous wedding timeline is our favorite thing to do!  To illustrate, just imagine yourself pulling up to this icy wonderland by airplane or via ship.  Slipping on your parka and jumping into some kayaks.  While paddling, you pinch yourself as you revel in the 360 degree beauty around you.

Your Antarctica elopement photographer leads the way to the most beautifully lit rocky glacier spot!  Next, you dock your kayaks, grab your dry bag with your wedding dress inside, and begin your hiking elopement!  Shortly after 20 minutes of hiking and you rocking it out in crampons, you’re saying “I do” in front of breathtaking glacier formation!  Or better yet, what about being in the midst of every species of penguin professing your lifetime love for each other?!

After your Antarctica wedding ceremony, wouldn’t it sound like serious fun to throw some snowballs, chase blue whales in a sea kayak or how about take a full view of the Arctic tundra from a helicopter?  Following your big adventure, a sweet picnic awaits you with a glorious view of the magnificent island!  I would then dare you to spend your wedding night ashore… Glamping at its best!

Antarctica Wedding Logistics

Eloping in Antarctica comes with some logistical challenges.  First, when plan your Antarctica wedding….  During the Antarctic summer, which Mid November to March is the only time you can safely visit.  Second, where do you begin your adventure wedding in Antarctica?  For example, do you start from Ushuaia, Argentina or Punta Arenas, Chile.

Third, should you fly in / out or and sail out?  Depending on your vacation time, you may find that flying in and out is best.  As sailing in and out is a commitment on average of 10-25 days depending on where you want to sail through.  For instance, in 10-12 days you could easily just hit the highlights of the east side, sailing through the famed Drakes Passage, and around King George Island.  Then onto Snow Hill (totally snow capped island) and Paradise Harbour within the Antarctic Peninsula where you will witness the most unforgettable glaciers.

A longer route of more than 25+ days could allow you to begin in Ushuaia, Argentina and end in Bluff New Zealand.  Adventuring this route allows you to experience more during your Antarctica wedding experience.  For example, you will explore an area of the world where very few have stepped foot, the Ross Sea.  Going this way you’ll lay your eyes on fascinating Ross Sea Ice Shelf, wildlife polar exploration, penguin rookeries, historic exploration huts, and tons of seal colonies!  Wild to even imagine in your dreams, right?!

Antarctica Elopement Budget:

Lastly, you come to the reality of budget and how this will be the most expensive trip you’ve ever taken.  On that same note though, it will be truly a once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE!

Budget planning for an Antarctica elopement can vary as low as $8,000 USD per person to $25,000 USD per person.  The range is based on number of days, routes, level of accommodation, activities, and type of transport (cruise ship versus plane).  Bringing your overall budget to somewhere between $32,000-75,000 USD.

Overwhelmed?  Exactly why you should hire an experienced Antarctica wedding planner and photographer!  And guess what?!  Our team provides BOTH services in one Antarctica elopement package.  Leaving you totally worry free!

Freaked by the reality of the budget for a wedding in Antarctica?  Maybe find your way over to the Nordic countries like Greenland or Svalbard if you need alternatives not half way around the world.

Antarctica Adventure Wedding

Want to Plan an Antarctica Elopement?

Starting down the road of planning an adventurous elopement leads to so many exciting decisions!  And do not forget the day is about you two, your LOVE, and how you want to celebrate, nothing else.  Antarctica Wedding Planner Tip:  Do what you want to do and do not let anyone bully you back into settling for something that doesn’t feel like you!

Okay okay, so after reading all of the above you’re still intrigued…  You for sure have the guts, the budget, and would love to learn more, right?  Our team would love to help you plan and photograph your amazing Antarctica wedding adventure!  Contact us for more details on getting that exciting planning party started!

Wedding in Antarctica Adventure Wedding