Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Svalbard

Between Norway and the North Pole, you will find a remote place you likely do not know much about… A series of Archipelago Arctic islands called Svalbard (formally apart of Norway though) can be found in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, Greenlandic Sea and Barents Sea.  Maybe you didn’t even realize it was a real place to visit!  Allow us to introduce you to planning adventure weddings & elopements in Svalbard!

Firstly, if at any point in time you find yourself fully or even slightly obsessed with wanting to see a polar bear in it’s natural habitat, your dream will come true!  For example, before we ever found our way to Svalbard, we tried for a week to find polar bears in their natural space in Greenland.

Secondly, sadly it didn’t happen in Greenland.  However, after a few days scouting Svalbard elopement locations, we tracked a family of polar bears and it was the most rewarding thing, EVER.  In that same vein, to see a real life polar bear just chilling on an iceberg didn’t feel like real life.  But it was!  Not only that, but did you know the Global Seed Vault is also in Svalbard?!

How do You Get to Svalbard Norway

Being apart of the country of Norway, the journey to Svalbard begins there.  To illustrate, you will take a plane from your home area to the Oslo Airport (OSL).  Jumping the on to a smaller plane via Norwegian Airlines or SAS Airlines will further your journey.

The main airport in Svalbard is called Svalbard Airport, Longyear and is about a 3 hour flight from Oslo.  Moreover, the main areas for visiting is between Longyearbyen and Nybyen.  There are taxi’s available but it is best to rent a car.

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Svalbard Locations

If you’re a lover of offbeat adventure no one else has done, colder temperatures, unique wildlife, colorful villages, and rugged natural beauty… Adventure weddings & elopements in Svalbard as an unforgettable location may be just what you’re after for your destination!

Svalbard Winter Wedding

For example, planning a winter wedding in Svalbard you could expect snowmobiling adventures taking you to remote areas.  Because there are not many roads!  And if you’re feeling even more adventurous taking a journey via the sled dogs may be more up your ally!  On the other hand, if you’re a lower energy activity goer, Northern Lights hunting is likely more you’re thing.  During the day you can also visit the local museums, brewery, church and galleries.

Svalbard Summer Wedding

Adventure weddings & elopements in Svalbard in Summer have a longer things to do list!  Such as the following:

  • See the glaciers up close on a boat!
  • Better yet experience glacier hiking on one of Svalbard’s 8 ice caps!
  • Kayak your way to a secret island spot before you elope in Svalbard!
  • Embark on a fishing trip!  Many times folks attending adventure weddings & elopements in Svalbard folk to experiencing this!
  • Get in the middle of the rugged outdoors by exploring them via ATV!
  • Is you mission polar bears?  Ours too!  We’d be thrilled to connect you with our local trackers!
  • The ultimate adventure is via helicopter… Think about embarking on literally an expedition for your wedding!  Oh la la you heard it first here folks- Expedition Weddings, coming soon!  Will you be the first to embark?
  • Wanting to witness the other wildlife with your own eyes?  Eloping in Svalbard could bring you closer to reindeer, arctic fox, walrus’s, seals, and countless species of birds!

Hiking Elopement in Svalbard

Not sure that we will ever get tired of saying that planning an elopement that reflects the two of you and your style should be priority.  If you love to travel, be outdoors, trekking, embracing local culture and being in the moment planning a hiking elopement is a badass way to get married!  Hiking in Svalbard is best between May to mid September.  For instance, a few of our favorite hikes follow:

  • Sarkofagen Mountain hike is just over 3.5 mile looped hike.  Elevation is around 1,640 feet.
  • Hike to “Troll Rock” aka Trollsteinen!  It is a 3 mile hike which takes you out and back and views from over 2,700 feet!
  • Nordenskiöldtoppen is Longyearbyen highest mountain and is an incredible full day hike.  Be ready for 3.7 miles and 3,454 feet!

Special Note: Hiking in Svalbard, you should always have a local guide and / or a weapon with you if the hike enters polar bear territory.

Svalbard Wedding Planner & Elopement Photographer

Hiring our team will take care of two very important dynamics of your destination wedding planning.  On that same note, we combine Svalbard wedding planning and photography.  Being able to hire one team to execute everything keeps you stress free!  Especially when planning an adventure wedding or Svalbard elopement somewhere so remote.

Adventure weddings & elopements in Svalbard may not only be an adventure filled day, but it very well may also be an unforgettable once in a lifetime expedition too!  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting married in this practically unheard of Norway adventure wedding location!  Your Svalbard wedding or adventurous elopement awaits you!!