Adventure Weddings & Elopements in North America

North America is filled with many offbeat wedding and elopement locations that would just blow your mind!  Countless hidden gems line the countryside of both the USA and Canada.  So planning adventure weddings & elopements in North America can be quite a challenge in narrowing down idyllic locations!  For instance, our team is continuously scouting and developing out unique locations.  Most importantly to get you out and away from the typical flooded tourist locations!

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in North America

Even though you may not be able to travel very far for your adventure wedding for personal or professional reasons.  Above all, there are still plenty of stunning adventure weddings & elopements in North America locations to consider!  Furthermore, it could be a stellar experience to hold an adventure wedding in the USA or Canada and then travel somewhere else for a wanderlust honeymoon!

But maybe you are travelling far in order to have an adventure wedding in North America, there’s no shame in that either!  Therefore, North America has so much to offer in adventure wedding locations, it’s crazy!  Because who wouldn’t want to road trip around America during their honeymoon or what about the taking a scenic train through the Canadian Rockies?!

Canadian Adventure Weddings

Canada is chock-full of unforgettable adventure wedding locations!  Depending on what your style and level of adventure is, you could be embarking on a hiking elopement.  Likely even trekking through canyons, wildlife watching, glacier adventuring, etc!  Seriously the list is bottomless for adventure weddings & elopements in Canada!

Best and Most Remote Wilderness Hotel in Canada:

Firstly, several of our favorite elopement hotels in Canada are in the heart of the wilderness.  Secondly, have you ever heard of Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort?  Within the Great Bear Rainforest you’ll find this remote luxury accommodation.  Further, did you even know Canada has a rain forest?  Not many people do, so consider that fact a fast education on that topic.

Furthermore, this intimate family owned and run resort offers the most amazing packages for couples… Experiences like the following are included (text provided from the Nimmo Bay “couples getaway” package):

  • Fly or spin fish on a river where the two of you are the only anglers for hundreds of miles.
  • Have your helicopter pilot drop you off on a secluded island for a gourmet picnic lunch with champagne and a blanket.  Have the afternoon and the world to yourselves!
  • Enjoy the magnificent views on top of a 10,000-year-old glacier as your guide sets out a gourmet picnic!
  • Slow down and watch nature come to life right before your eyes.  View black bears, grizzly bears, sea lions, Pacific-white sided dolphins, orcas, and humpback whales in their natural habitats.
  • Heli-hike the alpine ridge lines alongside soaring eagles and on the edge of cascading waterfalls.  Visit the valley below and gaze up at the towering old growth trees, untouched by the hand of man.

Nimmo Bay and the Great Bear Rainforest is one of the rawest places in the world.  Imagine having a wild elopement!  To sum up it’s truly the definition of adventure weddings & elopements in North America!

United States Adventure Weddings and Elopements

If you’re an American living in the USA you might not believe us that you can plan a very adventurous wedding in your home country too!  Believe it or not there are still places that look and feel undiscovered that only locals know about.  As a result, there are even locations within tourist locations that you can be by yourself.

To clarify, that is the beauty of our USA adventure wedding and elopement planning and photography team.  Thriving on adventure has allowed us to explore the usually not possible American adventure wedding locations along with securing permits and permissions to make it happen!  To illustrate and to get you thinking a few highlights follow…

12 Adventure Wedding Locations in the USA
  1. Offbeat waterfall adventure wedding in Asheville North Carolina sounds like so much freaking fun, right?!  Hello Smokey Mountains elopement adventure!
  2. Garden of the Gods… Vivid and unique place to adventurously elope in Colorado!
  3. Imagine a Sundance Utah Lakeside forest adventurous elopement!
  4. There is a place where 2 rivers meet in West Virginia.  If you and your soon-to-be come from 2 very different areas of the country or world, a place which literally and figuratively bring you together could be an unforgettable symbol.  Allow us to introduce you to the Confluence Resort in West Virginia.
  5. Curious to hold you adventure wedding at Treehouse Point in Washington state?  Although it’s a popular location for weddings, our team takes you away from the resort and into unspoiled nature!
  6. North Bend Washington offers memorable lookouts and the beautiful Rattlesnake Lake.  Oh la la eloping in Cascade Mountains!
  7. Seeking an offbeat beach to have your adventurous wedding or elopement on?  Muir Beach might be idyllic for you to consider!
  8. Sorrel River Ranch weddings and elopements is for real where luxury meets adventure!  After all who wouldn’t want to be married in Moab Utah?!  Hello Arches National Park Elopement Wedding!
  9. Pacific Northwest fans will rejoice when we bring up planning a hiking elopement to Wahclella Falls.  It is an enchanting waterfall just outside of Portland, Oregon.
  10. How about a Maroon Bells elopement in Aspen Colorado?  Really dreamy option and there is an opportunity to privatize specific spots so no tourists interrupt!
  11. Romantic Bandon Beach Elopement in Oregon… Crazy cool rock formations to explore!
  12. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan… Picture yourself discovering secret waterfalls, stunning textures and tones lakeside during your adventure wedding in Michigan!

Joshua Tree National Park

North America Adventure Weddings Planner

In conclusion, there can be so many factors in why folks may want to plan adventure weddings & elopements in North America.  Maybe you cannot travel too far for personal or budget reasons.  Consequently, your friends and family cannot take that many days off to devote to your adventure wedding.  Traveling within the USA or Canada are usually 1 or at the most 2 short flights (versus international legs).

Lastly, feeling totally excited about getting started planning an adventure wedding or elopement in the USA or Canada?  We are too!!  Our team would love to custom craft exciting adventure wedding proposals in both Canada and the United States…  Keep the energy going and please contact us for more in-depth details on getting that planning party started!

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