What is an Adventure Wedding?

So, I get this question a lot, “What is an adventure wedding?”

My Answer: A once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE with all you love on one of the most unforgettable days of your life!  Combining your wedding day and a unique private adventure in the midst of experiencing a new country and culture- It just makes sense!

Your next question: Who should consider an adventure wedding?

  • You’re a couple who is not traditional or follows “the token rules.”
  • Both of you have a WILD unquenchable thirst for curiosity and discovering!
  • Travel feeds your souls.
  • Total seekers of experiences, not things.
  • Yearn for unusual, exhilarating moments and love to laugh.
  • Together you are Fearless and live life LIMITLESS!
  • The relationship thrives on Adventure and Love!
  • Enjoy being outdoors, in nature, with wildlife, and exploring the unknown.
  • You may or may not have uttered the words, hiking elopement separately or together!
  • Not afraid to get your adventure wedding attire dirty.
  • Weather doesn’t make you bat an eyelash… No bad weather, just bad gear after all!
  • For sure can handle 10+ hours of wedding day adventures!
  • Your love and appreciation runs deep for distinctive wedding portraits in dynamic landscapes. Basically you want to be wedding day ART!

Why Plan an Adventure Wedding or Adventurous Elopement?

Okay okay so now you know what is an adventure wedding… But why plan one?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on holding a party for everyone else to enjoy back home, you plan a day somewhere you two wanted to discover and embark on a unique EXPERIENCE!  Say “no” to the cookie cutter experiences and plan an adventure wedding that allows you to share with your guests how you adventure together.

Or plan an adventurous elopement that involves stealing kisses in front of private waterfalls, hiking paths sheep have only trekked, drinking champagne after a long hike, and feasting your eyes on places in the world very few have been lucky enough to find!  Sounds like a day of magic, right?!

It’s been our personal and professional mission to change the way the world thinks about and looks at destination weddings.  Our world is transitioning to being seekers of experiences and not things.  So weddings are no longer in hometowns and destination weddings no longer equal an all-inclusive resort.  Destination weddings, now equal a 8-16 hour full day adventures in adventurous places like Africa, PatagoniaIceland, Antarctica, New Zealand, etc!

Planning a Wild Wedding Experience:

Objective:  We want every couple who plans a destination wedding or elopement to consider an obscure offbeat location for their wedding day.  This may mean you’re renting super jeeps for your 40+ person guest list and spending the day sightseeing AWAY from typical tourist locations, around super-secret waterfalls, rain forests, caves, taking a boat through deep fjords or glacier lagoons, may even mean you go on a 2 hour hike, dog sledding, or ice climbing!  It all depends on the adventure level =)

Here at Your Adventure Wedding, we thrive on adventure and love, and have for decades.  Taking the time to get to know you as a couple, understand your wedding day goals and adventure level.  This information allows us craft a personalized unforgettable adventure wedding options throughout the world.  So whether you’re planning to elope or bring 50+ of your closest friends and family we are excited to help you wed in places like Patagonia, Iceland, Estonia, Antarctica, Morocco, Madagascar.  After all the list is endless and so are the adventures, so come join us!  We dare you!

Adventure Wedding Locations:

Picking the right adventure wedding locations to explore during your wedding experience is important!  Firstly, you’ll want to begin by picturing yourself where you will hold your ceremony.  Secondly, is there another type of landscape that is a “must” to explore?  This may help you narrow down adventure wedding locations and countries to explore.  Keeping with the brainstorming and the theme of what is an adventure wedding, here are few ideas to get you thinking…

  • Hiking to get married inside of an Ice Cave!
  • Glacier Lagoons or Ice Fjords, like in Greenland!
  • Fairy-tale Waterfalls… Imagine eloping in Iceland in front of one!
  • In a magical Desert
  • On a Safari… Hello Africa safari elopement!
  • Moss Covered Lava Fields
  • Basalt rocks protruding from the Sea
  • Grass Covered Houses
  • Romantic Seaside Churches
  • Glaciers
  • Volcanoes… Can you believe a couple got married inside of a volcano?!
  • Super Secret Caves
  • Majestic Fjords… Holding a Lofoten Islands elopement may be calling your name!
  • Inside enchanted woods
  • A fortified fortress
  • An ornate stave cathedral… Planning a Norway elopement on the Telemark Canal may be right for you!
  • Under the Northern Lights in an igloo village… Like the elopements we’ve done in Lapland!

Planning an Adventure Wedding

Lastly, does everything above sound like so much fun?  If so, you can look forward learning more about what is an adventure wedding by contacting us with your top country picks!  Meanwhile, you learn about having an epic adventure wedding or adventurous elopement in some of the most amazing locations in the world!  In short, I think you might be already imagining what Your Adventure Wedding invitation might look like right now… Let’s be unforgettably adventurous together, contact us today to learn more!


With a smile, Ann Peters & Team (Adventure Wedding Planners & Photographers)