Reine Norway Wedding: Kelly + Sean


One of the most dramatic breathtaking places to elope is within an area in Northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands.  After all, planning an elopement in the Lofoten Islands comes with the bragging rights of saying you got married within the Arctic Circle!  Furthermore, you’ll surround yourself in inspiring mountain shapes, picturesque beaches, and sheltered bays.  Plus endless ocean views, charming red house fishing villages and adventurous modes of transport (hello kayaks!).  Texas residents, Kelly and Sean were wanting to craft a unique adventurous elopement.  On that same note, they yearned for experience driven options across the Nordic countries.  For that reason, a Reine Norway wedding ended up being ideal for them!

Two Computer Guru’s Fall in Love

Kelly and Sean work at the trailblazing gaming software company called, Gearbox.  Rewind well over a year ago,  these two were in the office together when Sean throws a Twix candy at Kelly.  Who new a food fight could be the start of love?!  Fair to say that he definitely got her attention then!  Following, Sean asked Kelly to lunch and a movie.  Quickly they realized they had countless things in common.  For example, they both own Tesla cars, enjoy foodie experiences, playing video games and Pokémon GO!  In addition to all of those things, it was just easy to be with each other going on adventures.

Why Choose Norway to Elope?

A low key proposal at home started their adventure wedding planning talk.  At first, they were considering Norway because that is Kelly’s heritage.  But they were open to suggestions for other areas within the Nordic countries.  Ideally, they wanted March and were looking to have a full day adventure and some wedding photos under the Northern Lights.  Especially because Sean works in rendering and lighting code, so unique lighting is kind of his thing.

Our Your Adventure Wedding planning team, crafts experience driven weddings and elopements throughout many offbeat areas of the world.  After a thorough interview with Sean and Kelly, we decided on creating adventurous itineraries in both Norway and Iceland.  Second, they took the time to peruse through our adventure wedding proposal document and were torn between one option in Iceland and another in Iceland.  So torn that they decided to get married in the Lofoten Islands to have their Reine Norway wedding first.   Days later they were off to Iceland to begin an adventurous honeymoon!  Sean and Kelly, put on their wedding attire back on for a honeymoon adventure through southern Iceland!

Luxury ACCOMMODATION in Lofoten Islands:

Reine Norway is a tiny village of only 300 people and part of of the Lofoten archipelagos.  Northern Norway is still holds that you “just discovered it” kind of feeling and especially during winter.  Even though tourism has significantly increased since our teams last elopement in Lofoten, our team takes pride in scouting locations that are tucked away from the typical tourist locations and usually fall on to private property.  For instance, the last set of these images, with the Northern Lights, mountain and bridge now has private signs posted clearly uninviting randoms from trespassing.  Our team sought out permission from the landowners and were happily granted it for this Reine Norway wedding!

Finding luxury accommodation can be a challenge in this remote area of Northern Norway.  But we found Reine Rorbuer – by Classic Norway to be an ideal fit for Kelly and Sean.  To illustrate, these two had to pleasure of staying in one of the Deluxe 3 Bedroom Cabin named, Pataljan which came with a sweeping mountain and ocean view!  This hotel is charming and really immerses you into the historical fishing village vibe.  Nothing beats staying in one of red fishing huts with grass covered roof!


March is prime Northern Lights time and these two loved the idea of marrying on Pi Day… March 14th 2019!  Likewise, they are math and coding geniuses, so it was a fun day to have their Reine Norway wedding!  The morning began well before sunrise with our hair and makeup stylist coming to the cabin.  It’s important to keep our adventurous couples cozy until it’s time to adventure!

The weather changed as the daylight hours began, low clouds, fog, and snow filled the skies.  Luckily it just provided a more dreamy romantic experience for these two soon-to-be newlyweds!  Before beginning the adventure, their Lofoten Islands elopement photographer decided to take some portraits on their deck!  Swoon swoon as the snow gently fell!

Reine Norway Wedding Ceremony:

Certainly when planning an adventurous experience driven elopement, you have to have contingency plans.  Because of the weather.  Specifically, this March Reine Norway wedding ceremony had to go to “plan b” because of the fog, it covered the entire mountain range in the original ceremony area.

As a result, our team made a game time decision to use a privately owned dock for the Lofoten Islands wedding ceremony location.  Also, most times our “plan b” locations end up being way more stunning the original and this was true again!  Above all, Kelly and Sean held an intimate Reine Norway wedding ceremony that morning which included a personal vow reading.

Romantic Elopement Location in Lofoten Islands

While the romance is never ending when you combine red houses and white snow, these two really enjoyed exploring around!  Once the ceremony concluded, they reveled in the dreaminess of being the first to hold a Reine Norway wedding ceremony on these docks!!

Norway Hiking Elopement Photos

And although these two were not avid hikers, they wanted to embrace the local culture and amazing views.  Besides, who isn’t game for adding in a short hike during their elopement if it’s a means to get unforgettable Reine Norway wedding!?!  Most noteworthy, to this part of the adventure were the incredible drone shots our Lofoten Islands wedding photographer created!  Wow-wee!

Northern Norway Elopement Adventure

Moreover, there are so many fjords intertwine the Lofotens, making Northern Norway such a dynamic place to elope!  On the other hand, this area also incorporates cultural elements.  For example, the place local fishermen use to dry out their stockfish.

  Lofoten Mountain Exploration

Next on their adventurous wedding itinerary, was one of our favorite fjords that bounces against mysterious mountains.  To illustrate, not far away from their Reine Norway wedding area is a winding road that heads back into a little Narnia looking place!  Covered in snow and icicles, it almost feels like you’re near to a glacier, even though there are no glaciers in Lofoten.

Secluded Beach in the Lofoten Islands

During Kelly and Sean’s Reine Norway wedding adventure, they wanted to experience one of Lofoten’s most beautiful beaches.  The adventurous elopement photographers were happy to take them to one of the favorite private property beaches in Northern Norway.

Reine Lofoten Islands Reception

Finally, the sun began to set and the adventure part of the elopement was coming to end.  Don’t fret, the magnificent hiking elopement wasn’t anywhere near over!  Following, a quick rest and refresh time these two enjoyed a perfectly styled table for two at the same location they were married in Reine.  Dark wood, purple, greens, and blues accompanied the adventurous mountain theme for their romantic private reception table.  Once the sun was completely down, the table was moved inside for them to fully enjoy a cozy dinner together!

Northern Lights Wedding Photos

In conclusion, when dinner was complete and they also delighted in a piece of their wedding cake it was time to Northern Lights hunt!  As we alluded to earlier, the location we had planned to do a nighttime Reine Norway wedding photograph, is on private property.  Signs are clearly posted everywhere, so it’s important ask for permission BEFORE entering someones private space.  Crazy shaped mountain, the bridge, the snow, clouds and lights were magical!

Want to Plan your own Lofoten Islands Elopement?

Oh la la, has Kelly and Sean’s whimsical Reine Norway wedding left you totally inspired?  Us too!!  Our adventure wedding planning and photography team would love to help you craft your own unique adventure through Northern Norway.  Please contact us for more information on getting that planning party started!

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