Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Lapland

When you think about winter I think most of us get this super cozy idea of it.  Cuddling in front of a fire, something hot in our hands, watching the snow fall outside from inside.  Or if you’re more adventurous maybe you’re running around in it throwing snow balls, catching snowflakes on your tongue, and hunting for Northern Lights!  Either way, these dreamy ideas form as we watch magical snow flakes fall from the sky during winter.  Maybe that is even how the idea was born to have Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Lapland!

Where is Lapland?

Despite what you may have heard or thought, Lapland is not a country itself.  It’s an area which spans across the most Northern regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and a small area of Russia (Kola Peninsula).  In addition, this area is mainly visited during wintertime (November to March).  Why?  Because it is in perfect position for the possibility of witnessing the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis) natural phenomena.

If you’re coming from more temperate climate, you’re going to want to have layers and bundle up!  As the average winter temperature can be 14°F (-10°C) with the wind making it potentially feel even colder.  The majority of our elopements in Lapand couples bundle up between shots and then shed their layers for stunning Lapland elopement photos in between.

How to Get to Lapland

Our weddings & elopements in Lapland planning team focuses primarily on Northern Finland.  We are not fans of the super commercial and touristy ice hotel in Northern Sweden.  Rather, we would like to introduce you to places that have a more personal luxurious or home-style feeling vibe.  Therefore, your next question is how do you get to the Finnish side of Lapland?

Firstly, you begin by taking a flight from your home state / country to Helsinki International Airport (HEL).  Secondly, you will hop on a way smaller puddle jumper plane for 2.5 to 3 hours to Ivalo Airport (IVL).  Airlines that are reliable and fly to Ivalo are usually Finnair and Lufthansa.  Boom!  Welcome to Lapland!!

Next, it’s time to grab a taxi right from the airport and head to the Lapland hotel or resort you’re staying at but we do not recommend it.  Better to actually grab a rental car so you can explore on your own and you’re not locked into dining at the hotel every night.  Eloping in Lapland Tip: Rent a SUV with four-wheel drive.

Lapland Wedding Hotels

Picking a Lapland wedding location may first begin with selecting the Lapland hotel or resort you wish to base yourselves at.  We tend to lean towards the experience side things… Hands down our favorite Lapland luxury hotels follow:

  • Arctic Treehouse Hotel can be found in Rovaniemi.  An ideal location for adventure weddings and elopements in Lapland who delight in unique luxury.  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a Arctic treehouse for a night or two?!
  • Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, also often referred to as the famed Igloo Hotel.  Countless elopements in Lapland have been planned and photographed by our team at Kakslauttanen.
  • Wilderness Hotels, are a group of 4 hotels that offer amazing service, beautiful accommodation, and endless adventure wedding & elopements in Lapland options!  Specifically our two favorites are Muotka and Nellim.
  • Jarvi Lodge, offer an idyllic setting for relaxation and luxury in Lapland.

Eloping in Lapland Ceremony Locations:

After choosing your luxurious Lapland wedding hotel, it’s time to focus on your ceremony location!  Planning an adventurous elopement can be a lot of things to different couples.  So where do you envision yourself being married in Lapland?  For example a few ideas could be within a glass tepee, among tall trees, romantic cabin porch, at rise of polar light, outside of the igloos, snow or ice chapel, etc!  Likewise, you can let nature be the decor or our Lapland florist and styling team can create a magical ceremony setting for you as you’ll see below.

Special Note: During the months of December in January there is no daylight in Lapland.  This time of the winter is referred to Polar Nights, which means the sun does not rise or set.  This can be specifically challenging to Lapland wedding photographers, but not for our team.

Our photographers are experienced in extreme cold, shooting in 24 hours of darkness, and crazy weather conditions.  In fact, they often crave the challenge.  All of our Lapland elopement photographers are trained in off camera flash lighting to ensure the perfect outcome of your portraits!

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Lapland Activities

Although Lapland does not offer crazy tall mountain landscapes, there are activities you can fill your days doing.  Adventure weddings & elopements in Lapland typically participate in the following type of activities:

  • Feeding Reindeer moss during your elopement in Lapland!  Bonus points for finding a white one!
  • Racing through tall trees on snowmobiles.
  • Snowshoeing to an epic Lapland elopement photo location!
  • Cross Country Skiing to your Lapland adventure wedding ceremony spot!
  • Dog sledding through the Arctic tundra!
  • Northern Lights hunting via a horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow.
  • Snowy champagne picnic watching Christmas lights dance!
  • Traditional romantic lunch or dinner in front of a fire in a tepee!
  • Exploring your Lapland luxury hotels grounds and features.  For instance, most have bridges, colorful houses, tall trees, etc.

Lapland Wedding Menu

Lapland is definitely more focused on the combinations of soups, meat, potatoes, and seafood.  So for adventure weddings & elopements in Lapland you can expect your dinner menu to feature these items of items.  To illustrate, you’ll see some of our previous clients Lapland wedding menu items below.

Northern Lights Wedding Photos

Northern Finland is an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) mecca in the wintertime!  What is more magical than experiencing, kissing, or cuddling with the Northern Lights dancing above?!?  …I know, I’m drawing a blank too!  However, the Northern Lights being a natural phenomena it is unpredictable!  Please do not ask to be married underneath them, or at the very least let’s have a plan “b” in place.

Aurora Borealis happens when the sun has emitted specific type of rays or particles into the atmosphere.  In combination of this, you must also have a clear, cold night, and lots of darkness.  Making Lapland usually a place where they could potentially witness them 150+ nights of the year.  Never guaranteed though, but people most often go “hunting” for them between the hours of 9pm-3am.  In the same vein, we always want to take our adventure weddings and elopements in Lapland out looking for them at the end of their night, if their game!

Lapland Wedding Planner

Over the moon at the idea of adventuring through fluffy snow?  Drinking champagne while watching the Northern Lights from your glass igloo with the one you love…  Maybe even snow shoeing to your ceremony location?  Feel free to contact us to discuss the endless possibilities of planning Weddings & Elopements in Lapland!