What is an Adventure Wedding?

An unforgettable EXPERIENCE! An adventure wedding combines your love of traveling to epic destinations, with seeing, doing, discovering, hiking, exploring offbeat (and in some cases private local areas), taking photographs at amazing locations, all within an epic wedding day! Typically, an adventure wedding day is either half day or full day. It may or may not include a hike or an activity depending on your exploration level. You may bring along guests or you may not, your choice!

Adventure Wedding Planner

Our team thrives on adventure and love. We hand craft unforgettable adventure weddings in offbeat areas of the world for couples who seek experiences and not things! So if you’re a couple who has an unquenchable curiosity and an undying thirst for discovering, an adventure wedding or elopement may be the perfect fit for you!

Your Adventure Wedding, specializes in full day unique weddings in offbeat areas of the country / countries you’re interested in. Simply come to us with an interest in let’s say, “Tanzania, Madagascar, Norway, and Patagonia” and we create custom hour by hour unique schedules for you to consider. We start the unique adventure planning experience right from the beginning by turning wedding planning decisions into awesome “date nights.” It begins with mock schedules, maps, to visual links/videos, etc. It’s our objective for you to start picturing yourself already there and connecting with the locations before ever being there. Then on your wedding day, you’ll be even more stunned by the beauty!

From glaciers to volcanoes, private waterfalls, secret caves, to hidden canyons we seek exceptional destination wedding locations that will satisfy your adventurous appetite! We specialize specifically in following offbeat areas with the countries below:

Being based in Iceland (which many believe to be the most adventurous place in the world) we also know how important it is to have plan A, B, C, and D ready to go just in case.  Our “A” team of vendors also know and understand the dynamic of an adventure wedding and prepare accordingly. So you’ll be relieved to know your hair and makeup will last all day no matter the weather, the celebrant will be game for a hike to marry you on top of a mountain, and the super jeep drivers will be trained in safety and local knowledge / stories to share. Together, we craft an remarkable experience for you and all you love!

Adventure Wedding Photographer

By hiring Your Adventure Wedding, you’re are hiring 2 teams within 1. Our experienced wedding planning team duels as adventure wedding photographers! The best of both worlds! So why is this important to you? They can easily “plan b” any situation, have all sorts of unique photography spots in mind, answer any question or concern on the fly well.

It adds an extra sense of security to you that you have not only a photographer with you but an expert problem solver too. Our adventure wedding photographers have a story-telling style with a focus on “little people / big landscape type of epic shots, they capture with all Nikon professional gear, off camera flash as needed, shoot in RAW and deliver to you in high resolution JPEG’s. Our processed style is light, bright, and beautiful with natural tones.

Being experienced adventure wedding photographers, we are fully prepared to do a full day of hiking, rappelling, mountaineering, or climbing in order to get craft your wedding photos in epic locations. We always tease and say, “we’re part mountain goat!” We never ever limit you on “time” for the day or number of photos because we are firm believers in capturing the entire days adventures, not working to a specific number or time. More often than not, our days begin at 5am and full on until 10pm or even 2am depending on the energy of the event! We’re use to 17-hour adventure wedding days and crave them!

Adventure Wedding Locations

Choosing where you are married is a super exciting decision to make! Our process does not limit you to a specific kind of destination wedding location or country, we would rather get to know you to figure out what locations you’ll enjoy the most! Do you see yourselves saying “I Do” in front of a glacier, on top of an epic mountain range, inside of an ancient cave, beside a private waterfall, the list is endless!

We would love to hand craft an awe-inspiring adventure wedding day in some of the following locations we adore (and of course beyond if you wish):


The land of fire, ice, and of a million different kinds of textures and tones! It’s the kind of place that begs you to pull over and take a picture of something EPIC every 10 minutes, no joke! The locations we have access to here are non-touristy and on private property to ensure an exclusive experience for you and all you love. Imagine yourself waterfall hunting, driving through rivers, walking sheep paths to hidden caves, discovering secret sides of glaciers, and finding your way to private black sand beaches during your Iceland wedding day, incredible!

Faroe Islands:

These islands are some of the most mysterious on the planet! There are more waterfalls and sheep than there are people! If you find yourself considering the Faroe Islands for your adventure wedding day, you’ll be exploring old fishing villages, grass covered houses, black churches, seaside villages, roadside waterfalls, and stunning mountain-scapes!


This Nordic wedding location is for couples who are truly fearless explorers at heart, cold weather lovers, and have an unquenchable curiosity! Is this you? What adventurous wedding couple wouldn’t want to arrive to their Greenland wedding ceremony by dogsled? Then partake in Greenland wedding adventures such as mountaineering, heli-skiing, iceberg hunting, scuba diving, whale watching, and even flight seeing over the vast tundras!

Lofoten Islands:

Sharp, jagged, steep beautiful mountains line Northern Norway in a set of islands named the Lofoten Islands. The coast is dotted with adorable red fishing houses alongside of these picturesque mountains. If you’re a couple who love to hike and explore (you know like that “I just discovered this” kind of feeling) then having a wedding in the Lofoten Islands would be perfect for you!

Isle of Skye:

In the northern tips of Scotland, you will find a fairytale like area called Isle of Skye. It’s super green, enigmatic, and offers up loads of adventure like coasteering, sailing, sightseeing by seaplane, tremendous trekking, historic castles, hidden waterfalls, rich folklore, and endless photo ops. No matter the weather this place is full of mystery and curiosity. Tall hike-able mountains with interesting rock formations await you when considering to have an elopement in Isle of Skye Scotland.


The area is expansive covering the majority of the bottom halves of Chile and Argentina. The famed area within Patagonia is often referred to as the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile. The Torres Del Paine National Park is home to the famed “W” trek that can be a 1-10 day hike to experience three gorgeous granite towers. There you will also find a ginormous glacier, waterfalls, interesting rock formations, captivating caves, wildlife, a penguin island, and mountains that will make you melt during your adventure wedding in Patagonia!


Have you ever considered having an adventure wedding in Norway? It’s a huge country that begs you to come and discover it! From glaciers to fascinating fjords to Via Ferrata routes it has a little bit of everything a hardcore experience seeker could ask for! Holding your wedding in Norway ensures stunning wedding photos and unforgettable memories!  PS- Did you know that Svalbard is actually a part of Norway too?


Finnish-Lapland brings you a one of a kind experience between October to April. Nowhere else in the world can you stay the night in a glass igloo with the hope of viewing the Northern Lights, then the amazing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. It’s also one of the few places in the world that you can do downhill or cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, feed reindeer, go on a husky dog sled adventure, possibly see the Northern Lights, and stay the night in a glass igloo all in one day!

New Zealand:

When I caught the travel bug, one of the first countries I spent an extended amount of time in was in Southern New Zealand. For a thrill seeker like me, it was the mecca of adventure. Specifically, in the South Island, I found to be a place that I could do a skydive at sunrise, be bungee jumping into a canyon before lunch, ice climbing or heli-skiing on a glacier in the afternoon, and then choose to either go on a hike or wine tasting at night. It had everything, I ever wished for. Throw in some cool caves, waterfalls, pristine beaches, unforgettable lush hikes, and landscapes that went on for days and I was in the epitome of happiness. Imagine partaking in even a few of those adventures during your New Zealand destination wedding! Epic!


Jodi + Patrick (NYC, New York)

“The Your Adventure Wedding team is absolutely the very best!! We were so fortunate to find them to be our wedding planners and photographers. We knew we wanted to elope to Iceland and get married but had never been to Iceland and had no particulars in mind. As soon as we saw their website and their idea to have your wedding be an adventure wedding in Iceland, we were sold! They were fabulous! From the moment we had our first Skype session with them, through the planning phase, the days before the wedding day, the UNBELIEVABLE & AMAZING WEDDING DAY, to our honeymoon in Iceland which they planned for us; they were there to answer any and all questions and give us a unique beautiful meaningful adventurous wedding day that we will never ever forget. And their photos are absolutely STUNNING! We cannot give them enough kudos so if you are thinking of getting married in Iceland and you want a unique experience then we highly recommend Ann Peters and the Your Adventure Wedding team.”

Miranda + Pete (Atlanta, Georgia)

“This was quite possibly one of the best wedding experiences anyone could ever ask for. I had been in 12 weddings before my big day so I knew I needed a wedding planner and a photographer if I was going to go to get married so I started searching for someone I could trust and connect with. I was so lucky I found Your Adventure Wedding. They were absolutely perfect. They have a passion for what they do and is able to connect with people and see their vision unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If you are looking for someone who has impeccable attention to detail skills, an adventurous heart and can see your vision with you then this is your team (and lets be honest who wouldn’t want that?!). All in all as you can see I was extremely happy with my services (wedding planner & photographer). By the end of our journey together I’m happy to say I gained a friend.”