Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Canada

Dare I say that, Canada might be North America’s best kept secret for destination weddings?  Indeed!  Above all, planning adventure weddings & elopements in Canada means that you in every season there are countless options for jaw dropping locations!  As a result, no matter where you live in North America, getting to all parts of Canada is relatively easy.

Canadian Mountain Adventure Wedding

Traveling to Canada

Firstly, if you are an American citizen, you will not need to a VISA to visit Canada.  But you will be questioned at the border for sure.  Secondly, depending on the part of Canada you intend of visiting, you will want to fly to the closest international airport from your home state / country.  Likely, you’ll fly into one of the following international airports in Canada.

International Airports for your Canadian Adventure Wedding:
  • St. John’s International Airport (YYT)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)
  • Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
  • Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)
  • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG)
  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)
  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Victoria International Airport (YYJ)
  • Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
  • Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport (YXY) -For adventure weddings & elopements in Canada, specifically in the Yukon wilderness.

No matter where you fly into for adventure weddings & elopements in Canada, the best way to experience the landscape is self driving it!  The only exception would be Canadian adventure weddings within the Great Bear Rainforest.  As that area is one of the most remote in the world in our humble opinion!

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Canada

Embarking on adventure weddings & elopements in Canada is a thrilling decision for all involved!  To illustrate, you could be glaciers, dramatic mountain landscapes, rainforests, exploring historic lighthouses, chasing waterfalls or hiking to pristine lakes, who knows!  That is to say though it all sounds so exciting!!

Will you elope in Canada?  Planning a hiking elopement for just the two of you to discover?  Maybe you choose Canada in the first place because the majority of your group can only get away for a long weekend to celebrate.   Hence getting married on Saturday.  Because typically flights are pretty straight forward and guests only need to take off Friday and possibly Monday for your Canadian adventure wedding.  Regardless, Canada will not disappoint you in picturesque locations!

Adventurous Wedding Locations in Canada

For instance, if you’re a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, and love the purity of unparalleled landscapes there are endless locations in Canada we would love to introduce you to!  Adventure weddings & elopements in Canada could mean exploring locations like as the following…

10 Adventure Wedding Locations in Canada:
  1. Laurentian mountain wedding adventures within Mount Tremblant!
  2. Meanwhile, there is something nostalgic about potentially planning a Prince Edward Island wedding adventure or adventurous elopement.  It brings you back to a simpler times.
  3. Within Northeastern Ontario, Canada the Agawa Canyon could be a perfect adventure wedding location!
  4. Auyuittuq & Sirmilik National Park (Did someone say Canadian glacier wedding?!)
  5. Nova Scotia houses an stunning natural wonder.  Planning a Bay of Fundy elopement adventure will be unforgettable.  Imagine hiking up to the shore at sunrise!  Don’t worry either, we get all of the proper permits and permissions to make that Canadian adventure wedding happen flawlessly!  ..and we cannot forget about holding an adventure wedding on Prince Edward Island with guests which comes with so much natural historical charm!
  6. Saskatchewan’s Big Muddy Valley (aka Canadian Badlands wedding adventure)
  7. After that, maybe try a Waterton Lakes National Park Wedding… There you will find yourself experiencing short to long hikes, pristine lakes and in the heart of 360 Rocky Mountain views!
  8. Halifax wedding locations are abundant from forests to magical seaside coves!
  9. L’Anse Aux Meadow adventure wedding experience in Newfoundland.  Explore marshes, swamps, viking settlements, turf houses, and historic places!
  10. Perhaps plan an adventurous wedding in Canada’s Whitehorse and Yukon Territory?!  We double dog dare you!
Top 6 Elopement Locations in Canada:
  1. Great Bear Rainforest weddings or elopements are literally the most remote type of place you can get!  Bet you haven’t even heard of it until now either 😉
  2. British Columbia elopement locations are some of our favorite to scout!
  3. Fogo Island is an island within an island near to Newfoundland!  Imagine your elopement in Canada in a dreamy Oceanside island spot like this unique place!
  4. Canadian Rocky elopement locations are countless and we’d love to share our hidden gems with you!
  5. Yellow Knife and Great Slave Lake weddings and adventurous elopements!!
  6. Banff… Need we say more?!
  7. In the same vein, we have plenty of other secret spots we’d love to share with you for all types of levels of adventure weddings & elopements in Canada!

Unique Canadian Elopement Hotels

Eloping in Canada or planning an adventure wedding, sort of begins with picking a hotel to “base” yourself at.  Therefore, what type of accommodation speaks to you and your group?  Moreover, our team would love to share with you a few of our personal favorite Canadian adventure wedding hotels!

Unique Wedding Hotels in Canada:
  • Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is a perfect location for an adventurous elopement in Canada.  Certainly, you wouldn’t mind… Being flown in on a seaplane or helicopter.  Next, being escorted to your posh cabin, having a persona chef.  Ending the night by sitting in a hot tub with a waterfall and river view, right?  Further, that doesn’t even touch on all of the amazing adventures you will have while staying in this remote luxury accommodation within the Great Bear Rainforest.  Deciding to plan an elopement at Nimmo Bay or the Great Bear Rainforest is truly signing up for a once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE.  Heck even NatGeo says so!


  • Fogo Island Inn weddings and elopements are freaking magical.  Consequently you’re experiencing 7 seasons at one of the world’s 4 corners in the wild North Atlantic!  In addition you’ll love the luxury accommodation you’ll delight in too!


  • On Vancouver Island you’ll find a very unique Canadian tree-house hotel called Free Spirit Spheres.  In short, it’s a bit like glamping but a very unique experience for adventure weddings & elopements in Canada!



  • Similarly, in British Columbia you’ll find a stunning wilderness hotel called, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.  To sum up, the accommodation is posh glamping tents the team has not spared any expense to make it luxurious!

Canadian Adventure Wedding Planner

In conclusion, are you overwhelmed at the never ending options for amazing Canada adventure wedding and elopement locations?  Don’t fret, through our “date night” like interactive adventure wedding planning process, we craft a proposal document for you to review.  Furthermore, it will feel like you’re just planning an epic trip.  Rather than stressful traditional wedding planning.

From start to finish planning adventure weddings & elopements in Canada with us will be an EXPERIENCE!  Feel free to contact us for more information on embarking on a Canadian adventure wedding or elopement!