About Us!

Every love story is an adventure.  So why settle on having just a wedding day when you could embark on an incredible unforgettable EXPERIENCE?  Our team are seasoned experts in planning adventure weddings and adventurous elopements in offbeat areas of the world.  Think: 10+ hours of awesomeness exploring around unique places in Africa, Patagonia, Lofoten Islands, Faroe Islands, the list is LONG!  Most refer to us as the OG’s of adventure wedding planners (Circa 2010 the business concept began and was proven in Iceland).

In finding our site, you’ve likely come to the realization that planning a traditional wedding is your worst nightmare.  Am I right?  Perfect!  Because we don’t do traditional nor take on traditional couples as clients.  Okay okay so now we got the basics out of the way, read on and see if we’re a good fit before you head over to contact us!

YAW: Where Adventure and WEddings Collide

Your Adventure Wedding, is literally and figuratively where adventure and weddings collide into an EXPERIENCE driven day!  The rise of adventure weddings is super interesting to see it develop.  In Circa 2007 Ann Peters (Owner) begins Photos by Miss Ann in Michigan.  The first year was focused on Midwest USA weddings and splashing in destination weddings.  Second and third year brings countless international trips photographing traditional destination weddings.

LOL, what are those?  Think: 4pm beach or mountain wedding immediately followed by the reception.  But the twist is that Ann would convince the couple to go out hiking with her the next day for adventurous photos previously named a “trash the dress” session.

While planning a trip to Iceland in Circa 2010, Ann found herself obsessed with the landscape and wanting to get out of the corporate rat race (she worked a good decade as a degreed logistics manager for several company’s before).  Above all, she wanted to expand her photo brand to encompass planning adventurous weddings, while upholding the highest of American standards.

Well, she did it!  It’s called Iceland Wedding Planner, checkout their super cool commercial too!

But wait, what is an adventure wedding?  << Turn Sound On >>


How ‘Your Adventure Wedding’ Begins…

In 2014, the brand expands out of Iceland and full onto other countries under Nordic Wedding Planner.  Realizing the concept was bigger than herself, the mission grows into the DBA, Your Adventure Wedding in early 2015.  The mission then becomes to change the way the wedding industry looks at destination weddings.  Changing them from weddings in pretty places to full day unforgettable experiences!  And by you reading this, you’re playing a part in changing the world!  Spread the word…

Meanwhile, where does YOUR Adventure Wedding begin??  Hopefully with us!

Who are we?

We Travel.  We Hike.  We Ice Climb.  We Rappel.  We’re Part Mountain Goat!

Serious note- Your Adventure Wedding is very detailed, energetic wedding planning & photography team who have an endless passion for logistics, love and thrilling adventures.  Why not have our favorite things collide and plan kickass adventure weddings for super awesome couples?!

In the same vein, our team lives and breathes adventure personally and professionally.  On our days off it’s likely you’ll find most of us traveling around the world, SUP boarding, hiking, ice climbing, surfing, shipwreck diving, playing hockey, or even skydiving (Ann is C-36575 for those of you in the sport!)!  Furthermore, we also have over 15 years of adventure wedding planning and photography experience in rural locations (like 100’s of miles from a store).  Subsequently, you’re also hiring one team to do the two most important aspects of your adventure wedding day.  Which equals, zero stress for you!

Special Note: Although we’re originally from the USA… The formal place we now call “home” is Selfoss, Iceland (the Mecca of adventure) but we travel worldwide for our adventurous couples!


Your Adventure Wedding Team:

Woah!  See our faces… Lights, Camera, ADVENTURE!


What Sets Us A Part From Other Adventure Wedding Planners and PHOTOGRAPHERS?

Hands down, it’s the EXPERIENCE!  We have spent the time scouting the most badass offbeat locations to hold adventure weddings and adventurous elopements.  Doesn’t matter the country or continent we have some unforgettable options to share with you!  Taking the stress away from choosing a photographer, you get our experienced adventure wedding photographers.  Which means you will have your adventurous love story or hiking elopement thoroughly documented no matter the weather!

To sum up, YAW believes that in order to fully create and capture your wedding day vision, personality, style, and your destination wedding fully, we need time with you!  For us getting to know you as a couple is an important base for creating a truly unique event and stunning images for you.  Your wedding day is as important to us as it is to you!

The Adventure Wedding Planning:

Traditional wedding planning sucks.  Let’s be real, it’s time consuming and creates unneeded stress.  Guess what…. We structure our adventure wedding planning process more like a “date night.”  In contrast, it will feel like you’re planning a really epic trip or adventure instead!

If after an initial 90-120 minute Skype interview we will have with you.  Let’s say we all decide you’re perfect for an adventure wedding then we enter into a contract and hit the ‘GO’ button!  A week later you have a custom hand crafted adventurous elopement document at your finger tips.  The interactive document will allow you to see your destination wedding take shape and come to life!

As you walk through the planning document you’ll get more connected to having the experience in your countries of choice.  Yup, countries!  Meaning you can come to us with a few in mind and we can create options in all (as long as we service or you pay extra to scout)!  Hour by hour itineraries, maps, scouting photos, videos, etc will give you a total “feel like you’re there” experience without actually being there until your adventure wedding day!

Taking Care of the Little Details:

The majority of our adventure wedding locations are exclusive and more often than not on private property.  As part of the service we provide.  To clarify, our team ensures we have permission from landowners or permits in place before we pitch locations to you.

However, education is also key to a successful adventure wedding too…  We will share with you helpful tips like how to pack an adventure wedding go bag and countless other insights specific to the country you’re heading to too.  Fun Fact: Our “go bag” got so big it transitioned to a box and is now a huge duffel!

Further along in the process we help you make decisions like whether or not to add things like hair and makeup, luxury picnic, bouquet / buttonhole (did you know we have some to RENT?), towing porta potty, etc!  You’re in good hands 😉

Adventure Wedding Photographers:

Adventure Wedding Photographers… Everyone says they are one these days.  Not the case with us.  Again, we are OG’s in this adventure wedding field.  We’ve photographed adventure weddings in all weather conditions such as the following: blizzards, gale force winds, rain storms, and even the first wedding inside of volcano!

Photography Style: Strong focus on “little people, big landscape.”  After all that is why you’re planning an experienced driven wedding, right?  To adventure together!  But don’t fret, we do a mix of cuddles, connection, in between moments, posed, and drone shots as needed to carefully curate your unforgettable day!

Priding ourselves also on each adventure wedding photographer being well versed in ever-changing lighting conditions outdoor ceremony’s bring. And tackling it with our professional Nikon gear and off camera flash as needed.  All that said, rest assured your adventure wedding photos are going to be flawlessly epic!


In conclusion, our Your Adventure Wedding team members are professional, crazy creative, planning and scheduling geniuses, your answer source, feel like your best friends and sometimes your witty comic relief =)  They freaking LOVE to laugh, create, connect, make your adventure wedding day perfect.  Combating all unexpected moments with a smile and a plan b, c, d, or e if needed!  Most importantly forever pause this super exciting time in your lives with unforgettable adventure wedding portraits!

Favorite Kind of Clients:

Couples that thrive on adventure and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Beware…. We have a “no princess” policy!

Are you a non-traditional couple who crave the outdoors, love to travel, and just BE with each other exploring?  Planning to romantically elope somewhere on your wanderlust list and are still dying to have gorgeous wedding photos to tell the story of your adventure?  Hello hiking elopement!

 Planning on having 2-150 of your closest friends join you for your Adventure Wedding Day?  Do you want your destination wedding to be a incredible action packed day for you and your guests?  We specialize in this!


Have you seen the reviews out there about our mad skills from previous adventure wedding couples?  If not, take a moment and check out on Wedding Wire,  The Knot, Google, and our Press page!

Keep the energy going and contact us!  Soooo freaking EXCITED and cannot wait to learn more about you both and brainstorm about ideas for your adventurous wedding day in the making!