Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Europe

Europe offers unforgettable landscapes that giving you feelings like nowhere else on the planet!  Places that exude adventure at every turn… Planning adventure weddings & elopements in Europe and specifically more offbeat areas have become quite popular over the last decade.  As a result, we are thrilled to have been the catalysts of this change in how people plan their elopements in Europe!

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Europe

So what does adventure weddings & elopements in Europe look like?  Think: Powerful waterfalls, dynamic cliff lines, canyons, volcanoes, glaciers, iceberg lagoons, snow chapels, castles, igloo villages, enchanted old world cities, and endless amounts of unforgettable landscapes!  Doesn’t that sound like the BEST wedding destination EVER?  It is, trust us!

Most importantly, be different!  Escape the “typical” and overdone wedding day locales of warm/tropical and go somewhere slightly colder but incredibly unique!  Truly you’ll have European wedding photos that will be envied!  Special note, our team does not plan weddings in super touristy areas of Europe.  Specifically we stay away from many of the crowded touristy countries.  Rather, we craft custom itineraries in offbeat areas of Europe.  Although, sometimes we make an exception for Switzerland elopements.

Adventure Wedding Locations in Europe

What adventure wedding locations in Europe are at the top of your list?  In the same vein, it may be best to think about from the perspective of what type of landscapes are you drawn to.  As many European elopement locations do not have glaciers, waterfalls, and some do not offer a lot of options for hiking elopements.  Thrilled to walk you through the locations we plan adventure weddings & elopements in Europe!

Are you daring enough to have an adventurous elopement or experience driven adventure wedding in the following countries?

Baltic Adventure Weddings

The three countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are the heart of the Baltic Countries.  Certainly if you are drawn to charming manor houses, castles, luxury accommodation, beaches, tall forests, and so much more!  The best time to visit to plan a wedding or elopement in the Baltic’s is between May to September.

Faroe Islands Elopement Adventure

Care to adventure to landscapes that still feel undiscovered?  Planning a Faroe Islands elopement any time during the year is a fabulous decision!  There is enough to do during all of the seasons that will keep you busy.  From short to long hikes, secret waterfalls, seaside explorations, and even island hopping will all make it worth your while!

Not many people in the world have enough courage to explore the Arctic tundras of Greenland.  Being isolated from creature comforts and modern conveniences embarking on an elopement in Greenland can be a challenge, but an incredible way to add to your story!

Iceland Elopement Adventure

Adventurous elopements in Iceland is where it began for our team over a decade ago under our Iceland Wedding Planner brand.  Seriously there is something so freaking ADDICTING about our landscapes here that we can just never ever get enough!  Subsequently, our team not only plans adventurous elopements in Iceland that are between 12-17 hours.

But we also plan experience driven weddings in Iceland with guests.  Therefore, bring those the friends and family in tow!  Furthermore, our specialty in Iceland is that we take you to private locations far away from the tourist locations via super jeeps!  Sounds like fun?  Totally is!!

To sum up our favorite place in Scotland, it would hands down be Isle of Skye!  It’s just a mysteriously intoxicating place to elope!  Isle of Skye elopements or weddings with guests offer plenty of amazing places to explore!  Crazy rock formations, idyllic cliffs, hidden waterfalls, and quaint countryside accommodations!!

The Finnish side of Lapland is one of our favorite places to explore with our adventurous couples during wintertime!  Endless amounts of snow falls, Northern Lights often come out, and we love the challenge of the 20-24 hours of darkness the polar nights bring!  Bring on the Lapland adventurous elopements!

A personal adventure favorite country for weddings & elopements in Europe is Norway!  For real, this place has it all from sweeping 360 degree fjord views, unique to luxury accommodation, to glaciers and jaw-dropping waterfalls!!  Planning a Norway elopement will not leave you disappointed at all!

Svalbard Elopement Adventure

Although Svalbard is formally a part of Norway, we believe it to be a very different type of landscape.  For example, not every Norway elopement client is prepared to take on the ruggedness that having a Svalbard elopement needs to have!  But if you adore polar bears, glaciers, and cooler temperatures this is just the place for you!

European Adventure Wedding Planner

In conclusion, the focus of our adventure wedding team turns wedding plans into an epic adventure!  To illustrate, it will feel like you’re planning a really amazing trip versus wedding planning.  Firstly, we start with a personal Skype consultation where we begin the journey of getting to know the two of you, your stories, your style, and adventure level.

Lastly, combining our experience, meticulous planning capabilities with an impeccable attention to detail, to design the wedding (or European elopement) beyond your wildest dreams!  Which really means what?  Adventure weddings & elopements in Europe which equal you being totally worry-free to relax and savor the most important day of your lives!  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that unforgettable adventure started!