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Eloping in Switzerland likely means you will marry up in the clouds above 7,000 + feet or higher among the famed Alps.  Doesn’t that sound amazing and oh-so dreamy?!  As touristy as Switzerland can be in places, there are still secret little places tucked away from the masses that will still give you an intimate and secluded elopement.  This is what our Your Adventure Wedding team thrives and specializes in.  Being able to craft a custom unique experience in the untouched areas of the world during your adventurous elopement or wedding is what we are most passionate about.  Today we would like to share with you, Part 2 of the incredible Switzerland elopement (go back and see Part 1 for more) of S+B!  So come along with our Switzerland Elopement Photographer for an epic adventure wedding in the Alps!

Switzerland Adventure Wedding at The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden:

The Switzerland wedding hotel was The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden & Spa.  It was hands down the nicest (and friendliest) hotel we stayed at during our time scouting Switzerland wedding locations so our adventure wedding planning team was super excited to return and spend more time there!  Seriously folks, not only are the staff members total rock stars in everything they do, but this charming place boasts incredible mountain views from all sides and especially the endless the pool!  We found our favorite months to visit was early July and September.  Staying in Adelboden allows you to be in a more offbeat less touristy area and embrace the Swiss Alpine Village experience at it’s best!

Getting Ready for  Switzerland Elopement:

That brisk September morning brought a 6am start with hair and makeup coming to S+B amazing suite.  The sun was no where near rising but our Switzerland elopement photographers were hard at work!  There was this amazing mysterious fog that painted itself over the mountains near and far, it was quite a magical start to day two of this beautiful Switzerland elopement in the Alps!

One of the details we enjoyed seeing was the grooms suit!  He had custom made with a world map lining!  How clever and fitting for a Switzerland adventure wedding, right?!

Switzerland Adventure Wedding Begins…

When you plan your  Switzerland elopement, there are zero rules in regards to tradition and that is the best part!  So when our Your Adventure Wedding team crafted S+B’s actual wedding day we created a timeline that was out of order (IE, not having the Alps mountaintop ceremony first) so that we could best utilize the daylight and keep the drive times low.  The sweet thing about that is that we all started the morning by hiking to a secret waterfall to start the adventurous Switzerland elopement!  We had previously scouted this waterfall in July of last year and fell in love with it because of the endless options it had for both photographing on the ground and with the drone.

Engstligenalp Mountain Wedding Photos:

One of my favorite offbeat mountains in Switzerland is in the small town of Adelboden.  High above the town is this hidden gem of a mountain that offers impeccable views and charm.  It was an ideal place for Switzerland wedding photos too!  You begin by taking a super fun lift up to the top where we had the entire mountain to ourselves to explore during S+B’s adventurous elopement in Switzerland!  Our Switzerland wedding photographers had a field day with the freshly fallen snow as the contrast between the green and white was so DREAMY!

Adelboden Switzerland Wedding:

As we previously mentioned, Adelboden is an idyllic Swiss Alpine town.  There are charming random stops like the old covered bridge below, picturesque historical homes and lots of animals just begging you to snap a quick Switzerland wedding photo of!  If traveling to Switzerland, we highly encourage you to checkout the sweet little town of Adelboden and stay at The Cambrian Hotel & Spa!

The Männlichen Summit Wedding Ceremony in Switzerland:

There are countless summits across the Alps in Switzerland.  So how do you choose one for your Switzerland wedding ceremony?  It’s tough, but many times the amount of people and the time of day can play a big factor in your adventure wedding day decision.  The risk of the lifts also being unstable to ride up can also be a determining factor (because otherwise you’ll need to do a 4+ hour hike one way to get there even before your ceremony begins).  For S+B they were seeking a Switzerland wedding location that was tucked away from the typical tourist locations (like Mount Rigi, etc) and wanted a place that was more intimate.

After pitching several offbeat Switzerland wedding locations to them, the Männlichen Summit won.  You begin your trek to the top by taking the Grindelwald–Männlichen aerial cable way (you can also use the Wengen–Männlichen gondola cable way).  It’s a lovely ride to the top and we even enjoyed lunch on the way!  You’ll enjoy listening to the never-ending sound of cow bells ringing too, true to the Alpine countryside.

There are also tricky things you need to remember when planning a adventurous hiking elopement and that usually includes having a plan b or being patient.  In S+B’s Switzerland elopement at the Männlichen Summit, it was patience because of extreme fog.  Because the Alps sit so high up, you always run the risk of getting married in the clouds.  After S+B, our adventure wedding planning, celebrant, and photography team waited for about 45 minutes in hopes of having the clouds and snowstorm clear.  In the end, we just went for it hoping it would clear once we got on top of the mountain.  It did in a few moments during their Switzerland elopement wedding ceremony!

Männlichen Summit Wedding Photos:

Shortly after the Switzerland wedding ceremony concluded, the elopement photos began!  There were only a few moments when the clouds cleared that our Switzerland elopement photographers were able to get clear views from the Männlichen Summit but they got a few!  Seeing how truly high up they were was jaw dropping!  From getting married in the clouds to actually seeing the endless views was so inspiring for everyone!

Jungfrau Wedding Photos in the Swiss Alps:

From the top of the Männlichen you are able to partake in some of the best views of the Alps Switzerland has to offer.  From the top of the Männlichen you can see the peaks of the following mountains: Jungfrau (13,642 feet); Mönch (13,449 feet); and Eiger (13,026 feet).  Along with some other notable ones such as Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Breithorn, and Tschingelhorn.  It’s incredible to see during your adventurous Switzerland elopement, truly!  I mean really, how many times in your life will you witness such beauty?!  During S+B’s Switzerland wedding photos, we ran into more clouds that kept dancing and hiding the views of these epic mountains so it was a lot patience and being in the right place at the right moment!  Hiking a bit along the Panoramic Trail also helps!

Switzerland Cave Wedding at St. Beatus Caves:

St. Beatus Caves is an amazing area both inside and outside to explore during your adventurous elopement in Switzerland.  We normally would not suggest such a touristy location to visit during an adventure wedding day schedule, but the owners of the caves allow for private rentals outside of the tourist visiting times.  Just before sunset on that lovely September Switzerland wedding day we headed over to St. Beatus for more adventure wedding photos!

It was beautiful to explore the elaborate cave system with all of the hanging stalagmites and unique history!  There is a lovely story that goes along with these interesting caves… It is said that a 6th Century monk named St. Beat slayed a dragon that was living in the caves, more about that story HERE.  One of our adventure wedding photographers favorite parts was photographing the waterfall and that the waterfall that flows on the outside runs through the tunnels on the inside as well!  Our adventure wedding planning team are suckers for caves and waterfalls!

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