Iceland Elopement by a Waterfall


The number of waterfalls are countless in Iceland!  They vary in shape, size, and texture and never ever look the same.  So if you’re a lover of waterfalls, Iceland is the perfect place to chase them!  Hailing from the United Kingdom, Erin and Julian were looking for an adventurous way to get married.  Finding our adventure wedding planning team sealed the deal on them choosing to have an Iceland Elopement by a Waterfall!

Unique Adventure Wedding Planning Process

Planning an adventurous elopement in Iceland can be a cumbersome process if going at it alone.  Previously our team crafted a great post on “How to Plan an Adventurous Elopement” so beginning there could be a good start for you!  Furthermore, we would love to educate you a little bit on our adventure wedding planning process as it is more of a date night experience versus stressful traditional wedding planning.

During our initial Skype call with you, we spend the time getting to know you both, how you travel, and also ensure you would be a good fit for our full day adventure weddings.  For example our adventurous elopement happen rain or shine and are typically 12-17 hours of awesomeness!  If we all agree to get the amazing adventure wedding planning party started, we custom craft an interactive proposal document.  To illustrate, it is a detailed document which allows your adventurous elopement to take shape and provides you with a “feel like you’re there” sort of experience.

Overall, it will feel like you’re planning a really EPIC trip instead of traditional wedding planning.  And the beauty of working with our Your Adventure Wedding planning team, you can be interested in several countries, not just one.  For instance, we custom craft hour by hour schedules with the perfect balance of time to explore, discover, and stunning wedding portraits!  Elopements in Iceland are always via super jeep in order to get to our exclusive or private property locations.  So come along with us today as you witness Erin and Julian’s Iceland elopement by a secret waterfall!

Southern Iceland Wedding Hotel

There are so many choices on where to stay in Iceland.  From choosing an countryside cottage, hotel, or quaint guesthouse.  Hrifunes Guesthouse is a charming  spot to stay in Southern Iceland.  It’s a place that connects you with nature, each other, and gets you away from from the rat race of technology.  And who doesn’t want that sort of experience for your Iceland elopement trip?

The morning began around 5am with our Iceland hair and makeup team coming to Erin and Julian’s room.  Our fabulous Iceland wedding photographer also started to forever document their details like Iceland wedding dress and dapper groom details!  8am came pretty quick and our super jeep team arrived to formally get the adventurous Iceland elopement started!  Excitement was in the air!!

Adventurous Waterfall Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Finding the perfect Iceland wedding location for your romantic elopement ceremony is our forte!  Erin and Julian fell in love with one of our favorite waterfalls.  Unfortunately,  the month they were coming to hold their Iceland elopement ceremony, was a month that can be challenging to get to the waterfall.  But our team took time out of our weekly scouting day to ensure it was an option for them and it would not take all day to get to.

The drive to the highland waterfall is THE BEST!  The super jeep splashes through rivers, lunar looking landscapes, a glacier, and crazy shaped mountains!  Upon arriving to the waterfall area, Erin and Julian were super excited to choose their Iceland elopement ceremony location!  Following, a local pastor performed their intimate and yet oh-so romantic wedding ceremony.  It was truly unforgettable in the midst of the 360 views!

Highland Waterfall Wedding Photos

Being able to explore during your Iceland elopement adds a level of adventure that is really thrilling!  Likewise, this is also a very important part of our adventure weddings.  Having a perfect balance between discovering the area and having gorgeous Iceland wedding photos taken is ideal, right?!  We always have the ideal mix in our adventurous hiking elopements!

Julian and Erin loved how much there was to see and do at their ceremony location.  There are 2 waterfalls that look totally different from each other, a vivid canyon, raging river, and amazingly shaped mountains!  Pretty sure our Iceland elopement photographer was in total bliss photographing them within this landscape too!

Iceland Elopement Photos in a Natural Cave

Do you ever find yourself drawn to a place?  Maybe it’s the energy in the landscape, the unspoken history, or the uniqueness of it speaks to you.  Our team always seeks out private caves and especially in Iceland because of the unpredictable weather conditions.  Because even if you’re a die hard couple who is going to get married outside no matter what, it’s still nice to have a little bit of shelter at some point during the day.

This specific Iceland wedding cave in Southern Iceland is on private property.  Meaning, you cannot hold your wedding there or take professional photos without permission or a permit from the landowner.  Be respectful.  And a fun fact about it, is that the mountain actually use to be an island over 1,000 years ago when the first settler sailed there.  Also when you walk inside, you feel like you are part of history!

Hiking Elopement Adventure to a Waterfall You Can Walk Behind

First, you might think there is only one waterfall in Iceland you can walk behind.  But SURPRISE there are several actually!  Seljalandsfoss is the one that is the biggest and most found by tourists.  Second, there are at least three waterfalls in Southern Iceland you can walk behind.  Our personal favorite is a private property waterfall which is earned by embarking on a hike beside a river.  Once there, you’ll experience the waterfalls beauty and also find your way to exploring the secret cave behind the waterfall too!

After returning from the hike during their Iceland elopement, our super jeep team was BBQ-ing lunch!  A traditional hot dog BBQ was on the menu.  But my American friends out there, don’t cringe.  Icelandic hot dogs are TOTALLY different than the dirty American hot dogs made of who knows what!  Namely, they are made from delicious lamb meat with other mouth watering toppings!

Adventuring to the top of Reynisfjall Mountain

Hanging out on a cliff with beautiful views with the one you love and adore, is the perfect way to spend the afternoon during your Iceland elopement, right?!  On that same note, seeing the landscapes from that height really makes you on top of the world!

Private Side of Dyrholaey for an Iceland Wedding Picnic!

Next on the agenda for Erin and Julian was to adventure to a volcanic black sand beach to have a little luxury Iceland elopement picnic!  #yesplease!  Being able to relax and literally be in the moment with your partner is important.  Your wedding day goes super fast so take time to savor it!

Iceland Canyon Elopement Portraits

Moreover, people often find themselves obsessing over how green Iceland is.  Erin and Julian were no different.  Really wanting to have the complete “local” and private experience during their Iceland elopement, they could not wait to go exploring through a narrow canyon!

Wedding Restaurant in Vik

With the day turning into the evening, these two were ready to take a little break between their 10 hours of adventure and their Iceland wedding dinner.  Erin and Julian wanted to have a bit more upscale dining, so they delighted in a fantastic menu at The Berg in Vik.  With a sweetly styled table for two they celebrated their newly wedded bliss over a delicious dinner complete with a traditional Iceland wedding cake too!

Are you left feeling inspired after experiencing Erin and Julian’s Iceland elopement by a waterfall in Iceland?  If so, we would love to chat more about crafting something similar for you!  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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