Egypt Wedding Locations: Sharm El Sheikh Four Seasons


For the past decade and maybe eve longer, most North Americans have thought that Egypt isn’t a safe country to travel to.  And well that may be true partly in previous years, it is no longer the case.  So today we would like to take the time to introduce you to the idea of planning an adventurous elopement in Egypt.  Or if you find yourself wanting to plan an even with guests in tow, our team would like to share with you some of the best Egypt wedding locations for Americans!

Why choose Egypt as your destination wedding location?

In the northeast corner of Africa you’ll find Egypt.  And if you and your soon to be are lovers of warm weather wedding locations Egypt may be ideal for you.  Because the weather in all parts of Egypt is typically warm and sunny year round.  Hello sunny Egypt adventure wedding day!!  For example, the hottest time to visit is June to September (also the most budget minded if needed).  Temperatures usually range from 50 Fahrenheit (at night) to 95+ degrees Fahrenheit.  The rainiest part of Egypt is Alexandria with an average of 46 days out of 365!

One of the biggest questions on your mind is Egypt safe for Americans to visit?  The short answer is yes!  If you fear safety may be an issue for you as a North American, do not fret or be discouraged.  The best Egypt wedding locations, we will introduce you to today have high security throughout and practically guarantee your safety.  Meanwhile, not to mention also that the country itself thrives on tourism so it is important to the government and the people that their livelihoods remain.  So it’s not only businesses that serve this mission but the people throughout the country.  Furthermore, there are countless wedding locations in Egypt to consider!

Ancient Egyptian Love Stories:

There is just something so whimsical about the history that Egypt exudes.  I mean are there more memorable love stories than the ones of Ancient Egypt?  Who wouldn’t want to walk in the steps of the lovely Cleopatra who had not just one great love, but two?!  Julius Caesar being the first and Mark Antony being the most well known.  Even Shakespeare wrote a play about their legendary love!  In 1963, Elizabeth Taylor even brought Cleopatra to life on screen!  Other notables include Nefertari + Ramses the Great plus the famed couple Tutankhamun + Ankhesenamun!

Best Egypt Wedding Locations

So why not walk in the foot steps of those famed couples and get married in Egypt alongside of the Pyramids, the Red Sea or the gorgeous Nile River?  Moreover, the best Egypt wedding locations are going to be a bit biased from our American minds so just a warning.  Secondly, our team upholds an American style standard so it’s important we work with wedding vendors in Egypt that also understand that dynamic.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh Wedding

Being married beside the Red Sea is a huge draw that brings people from across the world.  After all, if you’re a Bible lover this is the famed sea Moses parted and is rich into the survival of ancient times.  Good news, the Red Sea is a short flight (like 1 hour on EgyptAir) from Cairo is a hidden luxury gem that you’ll feel like you’re in your own private Red Sea resort!  The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is the definition of a luxury wedding experience in Egypt.

For example, the moment you take the road to the entrance, you feel secluded and safe.  Towing trees above you.  Fun fact, they have over 1,700 palm trees and all numbered (find your favorite number and report back!) to aid in sustainability and monitoring.  Likewise, you’ll then pass through a very thorough car security routine to even get close to the reception area.  During arrival you’re greeted with another safety check for both you and your bags.  After that, by the time you reach the reception, they have a cold washcloth, drink, and a smile for you!

The Rooms at  Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

The customer service was almost too much, even by our American standards but falls perfectly in line with what you would want and expect for your adventure wedding in Egypt.  You and your guests well taken care of.  Nevertheless, choices are abundant when it comes to room options.  They have standard guest rooms to specialty suites.  Our adventure wedding planning team opted for the One-Bedroom Suite with Plunge Pool and savored every single second in it!

My personal vote to have the best Egypt wedding locations experience would be to book 2 nights at least in the Royal Suite.  And no matter the room you stay in, room service is FAST!  On the other hand, there is a fantastic selection before 11pm, then the menu is sparse.

Sharm El Sheikh Wedding Hotel:

One of the best things about having a wedding at Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh is the options for wedding photos, exploration, and delicious food!  In addition, having a private beach while seeking out Egypt wedding locations, is super important and the Four Seasons has it on a few levels.  For example, they have it beach side to the Red Sea, they have 2 docks, and 2 restaurants that go right up to it too offering amazing views!

If you’re worried about your guests and their options for experience, don’t be.  Seriously, there are countless water and land options,  For instance, the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh offers world class scuba diving and snorkeling.  One day we jumped off the pier at the beach and experienced the amazing coral and fish that live at the hotels coral reef.  So you and your guests do not have to go far!  On land, you’ll find ultimate relaxation riding the funicular (no joke!), being beach-side, poolside (did someone say endless mojitos?!), walking the grounds, or at the amazing spa!  So are you convinced yet that The Four Seasons Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best Egypt Wedding Locations?!

Marriott Mena House Cairo Wedding Adventure

Most importantly, if you’re not called to the Red Sea, but you’d rather get married at a must see world wonder then staying in Cairo near the pyramids may be more up your alley.   Hands down our favorite location in Cairo for weddings is the Marriott Mena House.  In short, this place is really freaking magical.  I remember arriving during breakfast time, grabbing a plate from the buffet, and sitting down to this magnificent view.  It was surreal.  I was literally having breakfast at my own private table in front of a Great Pyramids of Giza, unbelievable!

Imagine checking into your Pyramids Suite which offers not 1 pyramid view, but two!  Plus a king bed and plenty of space to get ready during your adventure wedding in Egypt.  Once you are done adventuring for the day, I can just see you having a romantic wedding reception in Egypt with the the Great Pyramids as your backdrop!  Oh la la your wedding photos in Egypt are going to be phenomenal!!

Adventurous Elopement in Egypt

When you choose to plan an adventurous elopement in Egypt you will likely be drawn to the iconic of of the landscape.  For instance, can you see yourself renting a camel for a ride to a private photo spot as one of your Egypt wedding locations?  Dreamy!

Wedding in Egypt with Guests

Similarly, imagine you and your Egypt wedding guests then embark on a private tour for the day of the pyramids with a driver and local speaking guide.  For instance, when you arrive our guide will whisk you and your group through security, allow for you to cut the lines and get to places easier and faster.  Which allows you guys to experience less tourists.  Your experience will feel more private and memorable, we promise!

Marriage License Process in Egypt:

The process begins by grabbing a flight!  Direct flights to and from Cairo multiple times in a day.  And it’s a simple VISA process you do before you come through the E-VISA Portal.  Then you encourage you to check out the license process on the US Embassy website.  But know that our team can help you more in depth as part of our basic Egypt adventure wedding planning process.

Planning a Wedding or Elopement in Egypt from America

In conclusion, choosing Egypt wedding locations allows you to be part of history! Most importantly, how many couples can say they were married or explored those epic landmarks during their wedding day in Egypt.  If you are a North American trying to plan a wedding adventure in Egypt, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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