Antarctica Wedding Expedition: Tylee + Jeff

Embarking on a Antarctica wedding expedition is truly the quintessential way adventurous couples who have been around the world can decide to get married!  After all, what country, scene, hike, or experience could really surpass such an unforgettable once in a lifetime journey…  For California natives Tylee and Jeff nothing, except for adding in a luxury theme alongside it!

Meet Tylee and Jeff

Meeting people who inspire you is an important part of growing as an individual.  As a result, being around them will allow you to learn from, hold your life standards higher, and vibe at the same frequency.  Therefore, when Jeff and Tylee met each other they knew they had found these critical characteristics in each other.  Whether it is physically challenging each other in rock climbing, mountaineering or intellectually and professionally.  These two are successful in everything they do!

   Moreover, Tylee and Jeff have done some outrageously unforgettable things together… To illustrate, they are drawn to “powerful nature situations.”  For example, they have summited Kilamanjaro, spent time in off the grid areas of Alaska, glamping in the bush, venturing to remote countries like Ethiopia and spend weekends skiing in epic places like Zermatt Switzerland.   Leaving Antarctica being the only continent they have not conquered together… Frankly, it made perfect sense to seek an Antarctica wedding expedition for their next exciting milestone together!

Antarctica Wedding Expedition

Wait… So what is the difference between an adventure wedding and a wedding expedition?

What is an Adventure Wedding?

Is an experience driven wedding day.  By definition, it means an authentic day of exploring together (with or without guests) and engaging your five senses, by discovering unique places together or embarking activity.  Plus it’s a badass, no apologies way of celebrating your relationship and having it forever documented in intimate photographs!

What is a Wedding Expedition?

Entails heading into an undiscovered uncharted area for several days.  Places that you cannot visit on your own (need local expertise / permits).  Likewise you also need in-depth in advance planning, proper gear, and need a specific local type of native transportation (IE, boat/ship, super jeep, or helicopter, etc).  But once there, you start a once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE that very few people in the world may ever get the opportunity to witness or do!  Furthermore, sometimes a wedding expedition can also translate to a hiking elopement.

Either way, you deserve a unique way to honor your relationship that is 100% true to the way you travel, explore, learn, and LOVE each other!

Antarctica Wedding Options:

Most importantly, for Tylee and Jeff having a luxury Antarctica wedding was ideal!  For instance, our team featured 2 extraordinary Antarctica wedding expedition options for them to consider.  One was an interior option and the other was by sea.  The interior route would have brought experiences like ice climbing, ice truck driving, snowmobiling, mountaineering, visiting the South Pole, visiting a rare island filled with Emperor Penguins.  Also meant staying in eco-friendly glamping tents in the famed White Desert, Whichaway Camp.

On the other hand, the sea option allowed for kayaking, snow shoeing, hiking, witnessing various types of penguins, seals, and whales in their natural habitat.  Not to mention also massive icebergs, a luxury ship that would provide 2 landings per day, and 5 star dining experiences!  At the end of the day, they felt more drawn to the sea option being on Magellan Explorer.

MAgellan Explorer Wedding

On the morning of February 28th 2020, Tylee and Jeff woke up in their Grand Suite aboard the Magellan Explorer.  Being aboard a small boutique luxury ship in Antarctica ( less than 70 people for fly and sail experiences) you’re guaranteed a more intimate adventure and since the vessel is smaller it can be more nibble.  Therefore sunrise brought the experience of sailing through the famed narrow Lamaire Channel.  The scene outside of their balconies as they were getting ready, were steep cliffs and floating icebergs!  Total MAGIC!

Our Antarctica wedding photographer got to work around 7:30am photographing the bride and grooms lovely details!   Which is a  bit later than our usual adventurous weddings, but our zodiac call time was 10am.  Also since it is a luxury vessel, it offers beautiful spots to photograph Antarctica wedding photos as you’ll see below.

Next, rather than being married on Magellan Explorer by the “captain” symbolically, these two chose to have a legal wedding ceremony in the BAT (British Antarctic Territory).  As a matter of fact, our team provided the legal celebrant as you’ll see soon!  But before heading off onto their private zodiacs with their wedding guests, the photographer captured a few images on the bow of the boat before beginning their Antarctica wedding expedition!

Legal Wedding Ceremony in Antarctica

Around 9:45am the bride, groom, their 2 guests, legal celebrant, and photographer geared up and loaded into zodiacs.  In fact, our Antarctica wedding planning team was able to arrange 2 private zodiacs for the group.  Basically to ensure the opportunity for EPIC wedding photos.

Meanwhile, to further ensure privacy, our Antarctica wedding expedition group went to a completely different area than the rest of the population of folks on the ship.  In fact, Tylee and Jeff were married on their very own private island with Port Charcot.  Where they had 360 degree views of glacier falls, icebergs, rock formations.  Additionally to their 2 wedding guests, they had seals, whales, and penguins watching too!

Furthermore, our team member, Davíð Geir Jónasson, had been previously certified by the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) to be able to perform a legally binding ceremony.  Above all, the ceremony was incredibly special and as Davíð invited the couple to exchange rings, a squawking from the nearby penguins came almost as if in celebration!  Once the ceremony was over, our Antarctica elopement photographer began taking portraits and whales even came to bless their marriage!  You’ll see them jumping in the once in a lifetime wedding photos below…

Exploring Islands in the British Antarctic Peninsula

The sights, sounds, and feelings you get while exploring Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience.  Especially if you opt in for a private Antarctica wedding expedition with our team.  The structure of our adventure elopements not only saves time for unforgettable wedding portraits but also time to EXPERIENCE and be in the moment.

Hear the sounds of the ice cracking, see local life, and the true wildness of the 7th continent.  Following their unique ceremony location, they went exploring a bit more within Port Charcot.  Similarly, it’s incredible to realize truly how small you are among this dynamic landscape.  Massive glacier tongues, steep mountains, the shapes, colors, and textures are really mind blowing!

Intimate Iceberg Elopement Photos in Antarctica

When you think about an Antarctica wedding expedition, what first comes to mind?  Likely your mind pictures HUGE icebergs!  Being able to experience the immense natural wonders from a zodiac really puts things into an inspiring perspective.  Maybe even a feeling of “Whoah, this is real life!” may overwhelm you.

But that’s the beauty of planning a wedding expedition… In short, it is to experience once in a lifetime moments like this!  Fair to say, even though Tylee and Jeff were FREEZING, these stunning images in front of Antarctica icebergs is 100% #worthit!

Kayaking During your Adventure Wedding

With having 2 landings a day during adventure wedding, after your first excursion, you would come in for lunch.  And lunch on their adventure wedding day was an exciting outdoor BBQ!  How fun right?!  Then another excursion would be planned in the afternoon.  Sea kayaking was an important part of Tylee and Jeff’s Antarctica wedding expedition.

Throughout the 6 day trip exploring through the Antarctic Peninsula, they had countless close encounters with icebergs, seals, and whales.  These two took EVERY opportunity to head out and discover the landscape from their kayaks!  Most times they were able to kayak for an hour and then also still have time for a hike around the landing area too!  Best of both worlds!!

Magellan Explorer Antarctica Wedding Reception

After an incredible day of non-stop Antarctica wedding expedition, these two changed back into their wedding attire for some sunset photos!  Next, believe it or not, even though you are in a remote area of the world getting married, it is still possible to have a reception!  Planning an Antarctica wedding reception can be as luxurious or simple as you wish.

Jeff and Tylee had fake greenery don their reception table, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin was on hand along with an exciting 4 course meal!  Actually, they had a gorgeous wedding cake to delight in as well!  …how adorable are their super hero cake toppers from WonderlandToppers on Etsy?!

7th Continent Elopement Expeditions

Does this Antarctica wedding expedition inspire you to want to plan your own adventure?  Throughout the days the newlyweds adventured with our team (6 in fact) they had experiences that very few in the world have ever had the opportunity.  For instance, they visited countless types of penguin colonies, saw all types of seals and whales.  Even baby whales graced them with their company while they were buzzing around in kayaks or zodiacs!  Lastly, if you’d like more information on planning an Antarctica wedding or elopement, feel free to contact us to get that adventure started!

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