Wedding Locations in Greenland: Part 2

Are you ready to experience a place that barely anyone in the world travels to?  A place that encourages you to explore and cuddle up to keep warm?  If you ask us as Adventure Wedding Planner’s Greenland has it all for you couples out there that want to break away from the traditions and the token societal “norms” of destination wedding locations.  Last week, in our Part 1 of Greenland Elopement Locations, we boasted about how cool the East-fjords (specifically how quaint Kulusuk is)?  Today we continue on with a fun adventure further through the East-fjords as we scouted more Greenland wedding locations.  So come along with us and relive our amazing wedding location scouting adventure through Greenland!

As we mentioned last week, the best way to full access Greenland is to go by boat or plane as there are no roads that connect the different villages.  Our boat docked in the belly of the village bays and we took a zodiac to small docks and then walked into the villages to explore on our own.  It was fun to see all of the colorful houses and street signs.  What a fab adventure wedding game to play “pronounce the street names!”

…and let’s talk about that amazing sailboat for a sec, shall we?!  Renting a private boat to sail through the East Fjords of Greenland during your adventure wedding week is an EPIC decision!  You have the luxury of going anywhere for whatever texture and tone you want for your wedding photos whether it be icebergs or mountains.  During the months of August and September you can expect more nice days versus bad.  We even had one REALLY nice day in Greenland where we all partook on having lunch (pancakes) on the deck basking in the sunshine while sailing through a crazy beautiful ice fjord.

Booking a private boat that is also adventurous is key.  Having the flexibility of “running your own show” allows you to get really dynamic Greenland wedding photos.  The sailboat team we booked privately came with kayaks (doubles and singles) and SUP (stand up paddle boards) and a knowledgeable staff of not only navigating the sea’s ever-changing conditions but also the icebergs themselves (on if they were safe enough to go on top)!

Greenland’s rugged coastline is intriguing as we featured to, from, and past.  The simple fact that most villages have icebergs floating past their windows made me want to buy or build something there STAT.  Outside of the large village or city areas, you need to be with someone who has a riffle to deal with any polar bear encounters, even if you just plan on going on a short walk.  There is no winning against a polar bear.  So be safe, and book the right guides / boat if considering an adventure wedding in Greenland.

Although the height of the mountains in Greenland are not sweeping and high like the Alps, they come with their own charm… You know like you can easily hike them in a day or less during your elopement or wedding adventure in Greenland.  Checkout the scale on some of the Greenland wedding location scouting images below!

In deciding to have a Greenland wedding adventure, you need to come to terms with the ruggedness of the landscape and the unpredictability of the weather.  A Greenland bride and groom, especially one exploring by boat should also have tough stomachs and embrace the culture fully by learning and respecting it before visiting.

Some of the areas we visited in Greenland looked and felt abandoned.  That is until you found fresh fish hanging out to dry or a whale that has been turned into a carcass by the locals using every piece and every inch.  You need to realize it’s just a way of life in Greenland.  It can really make you value the small things in your life too.  It changed us as we toured through Greenland’s East Fjords.

Let’s talk ICEBERGS!

Everyone’s favorite subject.  Never have I ever been to an area where the icebergs were bigger than sky scrapers.  It really makes you feel small in the world.  Imagine how large underneath if they are that big on top?!  The famous line is oh-so true of only seeing the “tip of an iceberg.”  The super cool thing is too that you’ll never see the same icebergs again because it’s likely they will go further out to sea, melt, or flip!  Which would make your Greenland wedding experience a very unique one knowing that =)

The shapes of the coastline in Greenland continuously visit my dreams.  It’s truly a five senses experience.

We cannot wait to plan our  first wedding on a sailboat in the east fjords of Greenland, will you be the first couple adventurous enough to take on the challenge?

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