Raasay Island Isle of Skye Wedding: Briony + Collin


Isle of Skye is one of the most magical places in the world to hold your adventure wedding.  There are an endless amount of dramatic peaks, amazing hikes, secret waterfalls, mystery, thrilling adventures and endless textures to get your hands on to discover!  All of these features and interesting landscapes make Isle of Skye (Northern Scotland) is an ideal place for planning an adventurous elopement.  Isle of Skye wedding locations cover a pretty expansive area in Northern Scotland, but more specifically, Raasay Island stole our hearts for our most recent wedding our Your Adventure Wedding team planned.


There is so much about today’s couple that we LOVE and ADORE.  Why?  Their first email to us boasted sentences like, “engaged in Bruges,” “from South Africa and the United Kingdom,” the bride is not the “princess for a day” kind of gal, “wild and rugged,” “we are used to traveling in Africa, so nothing scares us!”  Okay, yeah, seriously, I loved these two even before I met them on Skype, no joke!  Everything they said told us they knew what they were getting into and would embrace the adventure no matter the weather or need to hike, climb or scale for epic adventure wedding photos.


When the lovely Briony and Collin reached out to our adventure wedding planning team, they initially were open to planning a wedding or elopement in Iceland, Denmarks: Faroe Islands, or any of the British Isles (Isle of Skye).  The beauty about hiring our adventure wedding planning team is that we can provide you incredibly unique schedules throughout all of those islands so you can go through it and determine what locations call to your heart.  We provide hour by hour schedules and photo and video galleries so you get a “like you’re there” sort of experience.  We structure our adventure wedding process as more of a “date night experience” and like you’re just planning a super amazing unforgettable trip versus “wedding planning (which often carries a negative or stressful connotation).


These two lovers were planning on bringing both of their mum’s as guests (their fathers had both previously passed so sharing this adventure with them made the experience that much more special).  As we pitched the adventurous wedding day schedules to them they quickly realized that getting Collin’s mum (from South Africa) a VISA to Iceland or Denmark was going to prove to be a bit more of challenge (no embassy for either country located in South Africa) so in the end, Isle of Skye won and the date was set for August on Raasay Island.  So come along with us today as we share with you Briony and Collin’s wedding adventure in Isle of Skye!

The adventure began the day before by everyone driving north to Isle of Skye mainland with some light exploration of the areas castles and sites.

As the afternoon turned to the early evening, they boarded the local ferry to Raasay Island and then took the walk to the beautiful Raasay House.  This sweet place was comfy, cozy and boasted so much highland charm.  But the day was lovely so it was partially spent scouting Rassay Island wedding photography spots!  Oh la la and our team found some keepers!

The next morning brought rain and overcast skies but both Briony and Collin embraced the mysteriousness it brought to the island and the backdrop as they got ready.

The destination wedding ceremony on Raasay Island (Isle of Skye Scotland) was held at the edge of the island near the ferry docks.  It was pouring at times but it did not stop the amazing energy or smiles for the moment!  After all, you’re in Scotland this is a very real possibility for an adventure wedding in summer there.  Briony and Collin had decided to remain traditional and no see each other until she made her way to him (mum gave her away with her father in spirit) on that little island edge.  It was so romantic!  …and can we talk about how lovely Briony’s white wedding cape was?!  So pretty and perfect for an Isle of Skye wedding ceremony!

Once the Raasay Island wedding ceremony concluded, our Isle of Skye wedding photographers stole them away for some intimate wedding portraits seaside.  They hiked down despite the mud and laughed through every awesome second of it!  Her dress was truly earning its keep!

Catching the ferry to and from the Isle of Raasay can be tricky with timing, but our adventurous elopement schedule had it perfectly timed.  Once we finished a few photos on the island we caught the ferry to hike around the enchanted Fairy Pools.  The rain continued but our adventure wedding planning and photography team loved it along with Briony and Collin!  Totally added mystery to the exploration of the area.

As a side note, since these two were bringing their mum’s who were not quite as high energy adventurous as the two of them were, they wanted to ensure the structure of the day allowed for their mothers to “bail out” if they needed to at any point.  Which this request is totally doable and we supported them in their decision even on the day by making sure before we left the ladies for a hike, etc they were set and comfortable for however long we were anticipating being gone from the car.  They opted out for the Fairy Pool discovery, but enjoyed a quick preview of Isle of Skye wedding images we shared with them afterwards!

When scouting for Isle of Skye wedding locations, we continuously expand our list each time we go because there are so many nook and cranny spots that offer such amazing views!  …and each time we head to a location depending on the light that could change the angle.  These shots were photographed by our Isle of Skye’s wedding photography team’s drone.  Such a lovely moment for the couple to share in with these lovely mountains!

Before heading back to the Isle of Raasay ferry, we stopped at a sweet waterfall to explore.  These two were so adventurous during their Isle of Skye wedding photos, no matter what was on the ground (most times mud) or coming from the sky!

Our Isle of Skye wedding group all caught the ferry back to the Isle of Raasay.  It was important to both our adventure wedding photography and planning team (and Briony and Collin) to be able to really capture the awesomeness that Raasay Isle really held too so the last half of the day was spent exploring there!  There were amazing views, castle ruins, and glorious winds that helped add to the dramatic Isle of Skye wedding photos!  …the lucky thing about all of the rain, is that often a rainbow or two will find their way to you!  It was a gorgeous way to end their adventure wedding day on Raasay Island.

But that’s not where we leave you folks… Because Briony and Collin are hardcore, they booked a day after honeymoon session so they could full on hike in their wedding gear to get even more EPIC Isle of Skye wedding photos!  So you’re likely wondering where did they choose to hike their day after their Raasay Island wedding…. The famed and beautiful hike to Old Man Storr (aka, The Storr)!  The hike is around 45-60 minutes depending on where ans when you stop and where you want to go exploring between.  The trail can be quite muddy and slippery so be prepared if you want to find your way to follow in Briony and Collin’s shoes for Old Man Storr wedding adventures.

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