13 Night Wedding Photos & Location Ideas

Imagine ending your epic adventure elopement with night wedding photos!  What could be more romantic than spending the last few dreamy moments of your wedding adventure together having your photographer craft magic for you?!  Today we would love to share with you 20 nighttime and northern lights wedding photos that will leave you inspired…  Maybe even give you some ideas for locations too!

#1: Wedding Night Photos Under the Northern Lights

Northern Lights are a natural phenomena that are also commonly referred to as the Aurora Borealis.  To illustrate, they are most often found in Northern areas such as the following:

Therefore, if visiting the above areas between September – March there is a good chance you may have the opportunity for northern lights night wedding photos… So dare to dream!

#2: Iconic Tourist Location

Although, we try to stay away from typical tourist locations when we craft our adventure wedding itineraries, having night wedding photos at them can be magical!  For example, this fabulous location is Reynisfjara Black Beach and Reynisdrangar Basalt Stacks in Iceland.  But do make sure you double check weather conditions and if any permits or permissions are needed before you venture to an iconic tourist location at night.

#3: Lava Tube Night Wedding Photos

Next, most times in lava tubes, night wedding photos can be done during the day too!  One of the coolest things about having adventure night wedding photos in a lava tube  is that the icicles build from the ground up!  For instance, you’ll see in front of the couple below, upside down icicles from water dripping and building.  Super cool effect for night time wedding photos!  Note: Our adventure elopement photographers are skilled in off camera flash as well to be able to craft unique lighting situations.

#4: Nighttime Waterfall Wedding Photos

Have you ever experienced a waterfall at night?  It can be a very inspiring moment between the two of you!  After all, your adventure wedding day does not have to end once the sun goes down 😉

#5: Historical Landmark Nighttime Elopement Photos

If you’re getting married in a historical area of the world, why not have night wedding photos at a historical landmark?  However, please be aware that you may need a permit in advance to do so.  Meanwhile, enjoy this fabulous inspiration image which is from the Dalen Fairytale Hotel in Norway.  Even the rain can add an extra ambiance to the elopement portraits!

#6: Nighttime Cave Photos

Caves throughout the world have created shelter from the elements.  Firstly, exploring a cave as the last thing you do on your adventure elopement night is also very exciting!  Secondly, adding a bit more drama to the situation by ground fireworks or sparklers can also amp up the energy level too!

#7: Wedding Photos inside a Canyon at Night

Calling all true hearted extreme adventurers!  Grab those helmets, headlamps, and flashlights and discover a canyon at night!  Special Note: Please be very aware of the area by connecting with locals who know how the rivers ebb and flow so you avoid trouble!  Bonus too, if your photographer is capable in off camera flash you could get dreamy night wedding photos such as the below!

#8: Wedding Photos under a Starry Night
Above all, how beautiful would it be if you had night wedding photos under a starry sky or the Milky Way?  It’s possible as long as you have a clear night and an adventure wedding photographer who is exprienced.
#9: Fireworks Elopement Photos
Moreover, adding fireworks (ground or in the sky) can really amplify the landscapes features and add drama to your photos!  Try it!
#10: Nighttime Sleigh Ride Wedding Photos
Certainly, if you are eloping in Lapland or any other wintery areas that offer sleigh rides… How unique would it be to have night wedding photos with it!  Did someone say horse drawn carriage?!  #yesplease!
#11: Night Ice Cave Elopement Photos

Let’s say you’re in Iceland and the Northern Lights do not come out to play… Then we head to an ice cave!  Next we mix in super cool lighting and ground fireworks to really jazz up the experience!  Pretty freaking bad ass way to elope, right?

#12: Nighttime Snowy Winter Wonderland

Traveling to an area that will have tons of snow?  Then get out in it!  Having night wedding photos in a snowy winter wonderland is an ideal way to end your wedding adventure!  And what if you stepped up your game and had a light up elopement dress like this bride?

#13: Sparkler Wedding Photos

Lastly, how about adding in some warm ambiance with sparklers!  Night wedding photos with sparklers add romance to the remaining moments of your adventure!

Having Your Own Wedding Photos at Night

In conclusion, are you leaving inspired to have your own night wedding photos?  Our adventure wedding photographers would love to craft a unique experience for you at the end of your night… Feel free to contact us for more information!

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