Moab Utah Elopement: Kurtis + Molly

Eloping in Utah offers a plethora of adventure and photo opportunities!  So if you love mountains, red cliffs, small  green forests, desert-like landscapes, and never ending sunshine it is likely the perfect place for your epic elopement!  And if you crave 4×4 off roading, rock crawling, and 360 degree views, then having a Moab Utah Elopement would be ideal for you!  Come along with us as we relive one of our faves from this year…

Red Cliffs Lodge Wedding

In choosing to elope adventurously, there are no rules, EVER.  And let’s be honest, 2020 alone has caused countless couples to postpone, reevaluate, or change their destination wedding plans altogether.  For example, that was exactly the case for Molly and Kurtis.  Originally they had planned on a September 8th elopement in Iceland.

However, with the travel ban in place, international travel being unpredictable and not wanting to wait until next year these two shifted their plans.  Luckily, since they booked with our other brand, Iceland Wedding Planner, we were easily able to make the change for them to adventurously elope in the US.  But, keeping a similar vibe of discovering offbeat or private locations, was extremely important to Kurtis and Molly.  After some brainstorming with our team, the answer was to have a Moab Utah elopement!

Molly and Kurtis began their November elopement in Moab well before sunrise at the Red Cliffs Lodge.  In fact, our fantastic Utah elopement photographer, Jean was rocking it out capturing all of their amazing details while they got ready together.  How beautiful is Molly’s adventure wedding dress and the red suit Kurtis donned?!

Adventure and Vows

On with the adventure and vows!  Shortly after sunrise, the soon to be newlyweds and their amazing celebrant, Linda Radford found their way to the stunning Moab wedding ceremony location!  The sun warmly lit the mountains surrounding as they professed their lifetime love to each other.  Further, they even further personalized the Moab Utah elopement ceremony by having a wine ceremony.  Following their gorgeous morning ceremony they ventured around exploring the beautiful area as husband and wife!

4×4 Jeep Wedding Adventure Begins

When embarking on a Moab Utah elopement, you have a few routes you can go to explore:

  1. Moab hiking elopement.
  2. 4×4 Jeep adventures.
  3. Exploring within the national parks (Canyonlands or Arches National Park – Note: Permit fee’s are required in advance).

Therefore, after their beautiful morning Moab Utah elopement ceremony, these two climbed into a jeep for the day.  Why?  To illustrate, for 4×4 rock crawling adventures!

Onion Creek Elopement Photos

The formal first off roading adventure these two newlyweds embarked on was the just over 11 mile trail called Onion Creek.  It brought beautiful tones, textures, and views to discover during their Moab Utah elopement!  Kurtis and Molly loved adventuring together and our elopement photographer enjoyed capturing them doing it!

Eloping in the Desert

When you think about eloping in the desert, what do you think about first?  Well having a Moab Utah elopement you will get the best of truly!  During their November adventure elopement, they had endless sunshine and 360 degree views!  Our Your Adventure Wedding team are firm believers in crafting unique itineraries that offer a beautiful variety of locations to discover together.  How exciting is that?!

Moab Utah Elopement Photographer

A level of adventure always flows throughout our weddings and elopements.  For example, whether it be having a hiking element, a 4×4 or super jeep as transport, or crossing rivers by your own two feet you’ll savor every single second!  Plus our very talented Moab Utah elopement photographer is thrilled to capture the journey all along the way.

Sunset on Top of the World

Witnessing a sunset from on top of a mountain makes you feel alive.  Also it’s a pretty freaking epic way to end your Moab Utah elopement too!  For instance, the last location on their elopement adventure schedule was rock crawling up to the “Top of the World.”  These two spent at least 45 minutes basking in the glory of nature, the world, and Utah taking it all in!!

Lastly, are you inspired by Kurtis and Molly’s elopement in Moab? Maybe so much so that you’d like to plan your own private elopement in the United States?  If so, our team would love to craft some extremely unique options for you… Feel free to contact us to get that journey started!

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