Misty Norway Fjord Wedding

If you’re contemplating where to elope during the fall months in North America, we urge you to consider a Norway fjord wedding!  Imagine your five senses being awakened by the crisp morning air.  Next, your eyes marvel over the mist that uncovers never ending mysterious fjords!  Lucky you… Your magical adventure elopement begins in a country chockful of history and beauty!

Kate and Stephen Meet

Southerners, Stephen and Kate met in High School and built their lives and families separately.  Years later and many life changes, they found their way back to each other, reconnected, and blended their families.  Naturally mountain lovers, they find peace among 360 views, traveling, hiking, discovering vineyards and local breweries.  New Years Even 2018, brought a surprise engagement which happened in the mountains!  And the question of where and how would they elope?!

How to Plan a Norway Elopement

After Kate and Stephen get engaged, they venture down the rabbit hole of planning an adventure elopement… So what is the first thing they Google?  Elopement locations!  To illustrate, since both have a deep love, family history with Scandinavia and Vikings it was almost immediately they decided on planning a wedding in Norway.

Okay sooo…  How to plan a Norway elopement?

Step 1: Research!

Quickly realizing spending hours researching was not the best use of their time, they inquired with our Your Adventure Wedding planning and photography team!  Their process then looked like this…


Step 2: Skype Call

After a 2-3.5 hour Skype call getting to know each other, their expectations and going through our vetting process we all realized we were the perfect fit!


Step 3: Norway Fjord Wedding Proposals

Our team prides ourselves on making wedding planning FUN!  How do we do that?  For instance, we custom craft a proposal document which turns wedding planning into a date night!  It’ll feel like you’re planning a really epic trip instead of wedding planning and who doesn’t want that?!

For example, we create several Norway wedding day timelines, share photos and videos of the locations making creating a “fee like you’re there” experience right from the start.  After all, creating cookie cutter experiences aren’t our thing, so rest assured each wedding or elopement in Norway we are a part of is unique to the couple.


Step 4: Norway Wedding Package

Our basic Norway elopement package includes our unique planning process and our skilled adventure wedding photographers!


Step 5: No Worries for You!

Stress-free is the way to be!!  Allow Your Adventure Wedding to setup all of your “must haves” with our talented “A-team” for hair, makeup, celebrant, flowers, cake or anything else your heart desires!  Happily we also share with you all sorts of other helpful information an suggestions ensuring you’re not only going to have the BEST wedding in Norway experience but also an unforgettable adventure before and after the day too!


Step 6: Time to Begin Your Adventure Wedding!

The day arrives and you get to appreciate and be present in every single moment!

Fall Wedding in Norway

Oh la la fall!!  Such a cozy time of year to curl up with the one you love and adore!  Maybe even the perfect time to have a Norway fjord wedding adventure…. Well it was ideal at least for Kate and Stephen!  October 17th 2019 began as a misty moody morning along the Telemark Canal.  Dalen Hotel (The Fairytale Hotel) sits along a stunning historical fjord setting the scene for a gorgeous Norwegian elopement.

Norway Stave Church Wedding Ceremony

As the sun rose behind the clouds, these two embarked on their Norway fjord elopement!  Knowing that the weather in Norway can begin to become very unpredictable in October, these two wanted to have their ceremony inside a stave church.  As a matter of fact, the Eidsborg Stave Church offers such an irreplaceable charm both inside and out!

Note: This is not a usual time year to hold a wedding inside this church as there is little to no natural light coming in and it is only candlelit.  Norway Elopement Photographer Tip: Make sure your photographer is equipped with off camera flash.

Misty Romance

Following their Norway stave church wedding ceremony, these two explored around historical grass covered houses!  Pretty sure the mist and fog made the scene even more dreamy!!

Norway Fjord Wedding Exploration

Likely one of the countless reasons Kate and Stephen chose Norway to elope was for the amazing fjord views!  Water features always make such a magnificent backdrop.  Their fabulous elopement photographer was also skilled at flying a drone in the rain!  Such dreamy Norway fjord wedding photos, truly!!  Discovering this area was surely a highlight of the day for these two, especially in having the docks all to themselves.

High Tea Experience

Lunchtime during adventurous elopements in Norway come in different shapes and sizes.  What felt right for Stephen and Kate was celebrating their newlywed status with high tea and a delicious bottle of Pol Roger champagne!  Shortly after lunch these two also enjoy some rainy but oh-so dreamy elopement portraits.

Norway Hiking Elopement

As we eluded to earlier, these two thrive in nature.  Transitioning to a Norway hiking elopement after lunch was exactly what they wanted.  Hiking during your wedding day doesn’t have to be intensive, it can be about you two exploring and being 100% in the moment.  For example, these two took time to discover a waterfall on the way and bask in the 180 degree views at the top!  Nothing like having Norway fjord wedding photos!!

Adventuring Together

Believe it or not, our team often wishes for rain on wedding days especially during fall.  You cannot get this amazing look without it!

Dalen Hotel Norway Wedding Reception

Lastly, once they returned from their adventurous day out, they took time to rest and refresh.  Waiting for them was a perfectly styles reception table for two (crafted by our adventure wedding planning team).  They delighted in 2 courses for dinner, a beautiful cake and gorgeous nighttime photos in the rain!

Picture your Norway fjord wedding to look like this?  Feel free to contact us for more information!

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