Winter Elopement in an Ice Cave

Eloping inside of an ice cave is one of the most magical winter wedding experiences you can have.  Why?  Because that specific ice cave you will marry inside will never be the same after you leave.  In that moment, it only exists for the two of you.  Likely it will continue to change and melt away, never being the same as it was for you in that moment.  Making having an elopement in an ice cave somehow even more special and truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Iceland February Adventure Elopement

Getting married in Iceland during winter can be a challenge weather wise.  For example, Kristina and Ben chose Iceland in winter to have their adventure elopement.  However, it was one of the stormiest days all season and everyone involved in the wedding day was stuck behind different road closures!

But the good news was, the storm started to die down around 10pm the evening before and the roads slowly opened from west to east.  Which meant everyone caught up to each other and arrived to the hotel in East Iceland by 2:30am.  Seeing that everyone had a challenging night of driving, the executive decision was made to start the day a bit later than planned.

February 20th 2020 began Ben and Kristina’s fabulous elopement in an ice cave adventure.  Our Iceland elopement photographer and video team began documenting all of the wonderful details around 7am while Kristina had her hair styled.  Ben helped Kristina get into her elopement dress.  After they were dolled up, had “go bags” in hand, they headed to load into the super jeep for the day!

Hiking and Eloping

Couples who hike together spend a lifetime together, eh?  It’s no secret we are advocates of hiking elopements.  And Kristina and Ben knew that in wanting to have an elopement in an ice cave and specifically in a private blue one they would need to commit to hiking.  Our team had 5 different ice caves to choose from that day but all were dependent on conditions aligning.

Thankfully the stars aligned and our once in a lifetime first pick Iceland wedding location was doable… Which was a floating iceberg ice cave on a frozen lake!  When we say conditions had to really line up, it was no joke.  A degree or two more and that lake would not have been frozen or there was a bigger chance of falling through it.  Note: Our team was completely prepared though if for some reason that would happen.

Winter Elopement in an Ice Cave

As we alluded to above, having an elopement in an ice cave is a magical moment because of how unique the experience is.  Having a place existing only for you in that moment to profess your vows to your lifetime love is really unforgettable.  Maybe even the essence of an adventure wedding!  Seeing the iceberg from across the lake, it didn’t really seem real.  Until literally all of us were staring right at it in awe!  Literally it felt like a scene out of of a Disney movie!!

Blue Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Ice caves vary in size, color, and type.  For instance, they can be man made (snow or ice) and natural.  Natural ice caves can have configurations like white, blue, or black ice.  Ben and Kristina were very specific about wanting to be married inside of the purest and bluest ice cave possible.  So when they arrived to their ice cave elopement ceremony location their jaws dropped in disbelief!  Next, one of our favorite and exclusive Pastors performed their intimate yet inspiring ceremony which Kristina and Ben will never forget!!

Frozen Iceberg Iceland Elopement Photos

Following their elopement in an ice cave, these two explored the area thoroughly.  Therefore, they explored both sides of the floating iceberg!  Honestly, not sure which side photographed better because both were so freaking MAGICAL!  Pretty much everything an Iceland elopement photographer would ever want in a winter wedding location!

Exploring a Black Beach!

Even after hiking their elopement in a ice cave, these two craved to discover a black sand beach.  And Iceland Wedding Planner team knew a super unique one to check out.  On the way, they encountered reindeer which was a thrilling moment!  Upon arriving to the beach, it was so perfect that they even shared a first dance in the midst of the glorious light and mountain views!

Iceland Diamond Beach Wedding Photography

Although Diamond Beach can be a very touristy location, our Iceland elopement photographer was able to find an area to enjoy tourist free.  Meanwhile, Ben and Kristina were so lucky to have the opportunity for stunning sunset Iceland wedding photos!  Lastly, the adventure portion of the day concluded with a beautiful view of the “kissing trolls” on a famous mountain.  When you have an experience driven elopement in Iceland you get to learn about not only the geology but also the local folklore which adds to the adventure!

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Elopement Dinner

One of the newest hotels to Southern Iceland is Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.  This fabulous location was a host hotel for our newlyweds and our team and it was ideal!  After Kristina and Ben had time to rest and refresh they came down to the restaurant to have a perfectly styled dinner for two.  The crowning table jewel was a traditional Iceland wedding cake, called a Kransakaka.  Frankly, it was a fabulous way to tie in a cultural tradition too!

In conclusion, have you found yourself inspired after witnessing Kristina and Ben’s Iceland elopement in a ice cave?  We would love to plan something just as epic for you and your love in Iceland or beyond.  Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that journey started!

iCeland Elopement Video

Lastly, one of our favorite local Iceland wedding video teams crafted a stunning video of Kristina and Ben’s 2 day adventure with us.  Make sure you take a time to check it out and be inspired!

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