How to Plan Your Canadian Wilderness Adventure Wedding

In way of adventure, Canada offers a plethora of it!  From coast to coast it offers over 3 million miles of amazing possibilities for your elopement or wedding escapades.  Imagine yourself exploring off the beaten path less touristy  hikes, hidden waterfalls, glaciers, ice caves, magical beaches, crazy rock formations, and canyons that will make you swoon!  Your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding awaits you!

escape to the canadian wilderness with the ultimate adventure wedding guide

But wait, I said adventure wedding, what is that?  To illustrate, it is an epic day with the one you love exploring unique places.  Maybe even pushing your limits a bit too…  By taking a long hike, canoeing, SUP, super jeeping, or rock / ice climbing to your unforgettable Canada wilderness wedding location, who knows!  Further, this style of weddings is revolutionizing the way non-traditional couples plan weddings.  And frankly, we are happy to have been a pioneer in this market and specialize in crafting these custom adventures!  Therefore, come along with us today as we help you plan your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding!

The Adventurous appeal of a CANADIAN Wilderness Wedding

Choosing to elope in Canada offers a serious amount options for wedding locations.  For example, there are three territories extend across ten provinces that span from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans.  So to say there are options, would be an understatement!  Additionally, if you can say yes to any of the below then we encourage you to consider a Canadian wilderness wedding adventure.

  • You love the outdoors.
  • Enjoy being immersed in nature.
  • Thrive on adventure (traditional to extreme).
  • Find yourself inspired by stunning vistas.
  • Delight in exploring a variety of landscapes.
  • Thoroughly adore that “earned it” feeling after hiking.

Additional reasons follow…

Reason #1: National Parks

Firstly, there are 38 National Parks and 10 Reserves plus other offbeat areas ready for you to explore!  Secondly, thousands of glaciers are also a part of these national park areas.  Thirdly, you can spend your entire wedding day venturing around different areas of the same national park or reserve offering you a stunning portfolio of wedding portraits!

Reason #2: Variety of Landscapes & Experiences

Honestly, Canada in certain areas can be incredibly rich in variety of landscapes and once in a lifetime experiences.  For instance, picture yourself exploring these sorts of places during your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding…

  • Steep crazy shaped mountains!
  • Countless glaciers
  • Powerful waterfalls
  • Pristine lakes
  • Enchanted forests
  • Historic lighthouses
  • Stunning rock formations!
  • Rainforests
  • Hidden coves
  • Icebergs (Newfoundland in April / May)
  • Fishing Villages
  • Limestone Cliffs
  • Natural Caves (both on land and sea)
  • Desolate landscapes (Yukon)
  • Sand Dunes
  • 30,000 Islands
  • Northern Lights (Northern parts possible between October-March)
  • Unique Experiences like glamping, sleeping in a snow house, luxury train, helicopters, etc)

Reason #3: Endless Hiking for All Skill levels

Hiking in Canada is abundant!  Even if you are not an experiences hiker there are plenty of shorter likes to embark on.  All depends on the type of landscape feature you wish to see what area may be best.  Next, also remember Canada has many dangerous animals you need to beaware of if heading out hiking for your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding.  For example, polar bears, cougars, grizzly bears, black bears, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, wolves,  moose, and coyotes.

Reason #4: More for your Money

If you’re an American looking to get married in Canada, you will get more for your money!  For instance, at the time this post was written the exchange rate is $1.00 to  1.31 CAD.  Meanwhile, it can give you room to upgrade or add on unique experiences to your pre or post Canadian wilderness adventure wedding experiences!

Reason #5: Easy Marriage License Process

Believe it or not for North Americans it’s pretty darn easy to be legally married in Canada too!  So what are the steps?

  1. Apply for a marriage license within the providence you wish to wed in (Ontario, for example).
  2. Documents (Passports, Birth Certificates, Drivers Licenses, Citizenship Card, etc).
  3. Apply within 30-90 days before your wedding date.
  4. Hire a legal Canada wedding officiant.
  5. Get married in the amazing location of your choice!

Reason #6: Road Trip Honeymoon!

How exciting would it be to embark on a honeymoon road trip after your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding?  Spending your days driving, sightseeing, hiking to beautiful places, and hotel hopping coast to coast in Canada!  We dare you to parlay that adventure elopement right into an adventurous honeymoon!

How to plan your canadian Adventure

Oh man, so now that we have you sold on potentially planning Canadian wilderness adventure wedding, how do you do it?  First, we will come from the place of you heading down road of planning an adventure wedding or a hiking elopement.  All that said, allow us to share with you some of the nitty gritty details of where to start…

Hire an Adventure Wedding Planner

Likely, you are looking to get married in an area of Canada you are unfamiliar with so hiring a professional knowledgeable of the area is important!  Why?  There is a very good chance you need a permit or permission to get married in many of the locations you’re considering.  And a seasoned adventure wedding planner will know!  Or maybe you don’t know how difficult the hike is or what to expect during a specific time of year?  Maybe even need vendor contacts for hair, makeup, flowers, officiant, etc too!  Having the ability to have open Q&A with someone during the planning process is extremely beneficial.

Book Your Photographer

Luckily, in booking our team, you get both wedding planning and an adventure wedding photographer in your inclusive package!  During your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding, the photographer will act as your guide and planner keeping to the schedule and crafting magical images for you!

Note- If looking to book an outside photographer, make sure the person is extremely familiar with the area, has “plan b” options in mind.  Or at the very least will research the heck out of the area and arrive several days before to scout.  Ensure the person is also well versed in hiking and photographing in challenging weather conditions too (backup gear is important too).

Set Your BudgeT

Many times couples already have a certain budget amount in mind or what they are comfortable spending on this life time moment.  But others may wait until they have the 2 must have’s above locked in and then go from there.  Either way, when you think about how to budget for an elopement it’s important to have a priority list (IE, photographer, food, hair, makeup, celebrant, etc).  If looking to have a Canadian wilderness adventure wedding you should expect to budget somewhere between $10,000-60,000 USD depending on your guest count, activities, accommodation, and other fabulous inclusions.

Choose Your Venue

Typically our adventure weddings in Canada are full day experiences.  Rather, it is not just about choosing a ceremony location but it’s about choosing your entire day plan!  But don’t fret, as part of our custom planning process we craft hour by hour amazing itineraries and timelines for you to consider based on your adventure level and favorite types of locations.  It’s our objective to make your wedding or elopement a truly unforgettable EXPERIENCE driven day.

However, that kind of wedding adventure may not get everyone excited and we know that.  Therefore, when you think about choosing a wedding venue in Canada consider the following points:

  • Does the location require a permit or special permissions?
  • Time of year you will visit.
  • Transport you need to get there.
  • What you’ll see along the way…
  • The views you’ll experience once there.
  • How you will setup your ceremony (IE, seating for guests, sound system, etc).
  • Time frame you will be there for setup / teardown, ceremony, group photos, exploring, and couples portraits.
  • Weather… How will the landscape change if extreme rain, wind, etc?  Do you need a “plan b?”
  • What other amazing locations are nearby for additional exploration or photos?

Choose a Wedding or Elopement Date

Sometimes choosing a wedding date for your Canadian wilderness adventure wedding comes first before the above!  Otherwise, it can come later.  Likely because the date may waiver on your perfect ceremony or reception location.


Ideally you want book your travel and accommodation for your wilderness adventure wedding 6-12 months before so you can have top picks!  That’s not to say you couldn’t do it in less time, but then you are at the mercy of availability.  Which then you may end up disappointed if your favorite spot is already booked.  Early bird gets the worm, they say!

Plan Your Honeymoon in Canada!

Will you go right from your adventure wedding into an exciting honeymoon?  If so, it is advantageous to do so since you are already there after all!  Ideas could be road tripping from coast to coast or just exploring one specific providence.

5 Canadian Wilderness Wedding Venues to Take Your Breath Away

Need help selecting an offbeat Canadian wilderness adventure wedding?  Our team would love to share a few with you today to get you thinking and excited!!

#1- Great Bear Rainforest

One of the most surprising places in Canada is the Great Bear Rainforest!  Even many Canadians do not know there is a rainforest in the country!  Traveling to this magical place is an adventure in itself!  The most direct route entails a flights to / from VANCOUVER ? PORT HARDY ? GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST.  The most inspiring place to stay is a stunning place called Nimmo Bay.

What should you expect?  A feeling of remoteness… You’ll experience, aboriginal culture, bears, outdoor sports (kayaking, SUP, fishing, etc), crazy cliffs, intense hiking, and heli-experiences.  Beware that visiting such a remote area also comes at a higher price tag.

#2- Berry Head Arch

A beautiful natural feature that looks like a bridge can be found in Newfoundland.  It’s named Berry Head Arch which is a natural occurring archway.  Part of the famed East Coast Trail it is not well traveled but can be a difficult hike in parts.  Expect to hike about 3.5 miles one way to get to this lovely formation.

#3- Berg Lake Hike

Looking for the ultimate Canadian wilderness adventure wedding experience?  Within British Columbia, you will find an incredibly inspiring hike if you are a seasoned hiker.  Berg Lake is an incredible 1-2 day experience (longer if you wish to take more time exploring).  On this hike you will experience Berg Lake, Kinney Lake, Emperor Falls, and view Mt Robson and Berg Glacier!  Truly a once in the lifetime adventure wedding day!

#4- Prince Edward Island

Looking for a place that combines history, lovely landscapes, and fiction?  We are pleased to introduce you to having a Canadian adventure wedding on Prince Edward Island!  Being an island there are countless water activities to enjoy, beautiful beaches, stunning textures and tones, and easy hikes to partake in!

#5- Yoho National Park Wedding

As a whole, Yoho National Park in British Columbia steals our heart every time!  There are just so many freaking things to do, see, and experience!  A personal favorite location within is Wapta Falls.  Three miles round trip gets you there!

Start Planning Your Canadian Adventure Wedding

Did today’s focus on planing a Canadian wilderness adventure wedding inspire you to take next steps?  Our team would love to plan your wedding adventure!

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