10 Unique Elopement Announcement Ideas For Non-Traditional Couples

Whether you’ve decided on a ceremony with all the bells and whistles or you’ve opted for something more intimate, getting married is a pretty important occasion. 

You likely want to let your friends and loved ones to know that you’re growing your own little family by one. But while those who choose to throw a traditional wedding often send out save the dates and invites, you may be at a loss for how to announce an adventure elopement (if at all).

If you and your sweetie are eloping, you may choose to break the news to those dearest to you with an announcement that lets your out-of-the-box lifestyle shine through.  So let’s dive into some unique elopement announcement ideas that will help you announce your special news in a way that’s true to your style!


How to announce your elopement

So, you and your partner have decided to go the most intimate route to make things official., woohoo!!

You’re not a traditional couple, so the elopement is likely expected. But your friends and family would probably be excited to know that you’ve tied the knot.  

You could take the basic route and announce your marriage on Facebook or Instagram, but here at Your Adventure Wedding, we are fans of doing everything with a twist…

Whether you’re going for cute, silly, or spectacular, you have plenty of options when it comes to creative elopement announcement ideas. 

Check out some of our elopement announcement ideas that will help you and your honey break the big news to your loved ones.

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1. “We Eloped!”

Scrabble pieces that spell out "We Eloped"

If you’re not one for bells and whistles, a basic “We Eloped” will do the trick. Break the news to your friends and family with a simple “We Eloped” announcement.

One idea is to spell out “We Eloped” with Scrabble game pieces, laid out with some flowers, photographs, or your rings. You can then take a photo of the arrangement and turn it into a simple yet meaningful elopement announcement.  

Another option is to have your photographer take a photo of the two of you with a letter board or banner with the words “We Eloped”. If your adventure wedding involves some snow-covered mountains, you could even write out “We Eloped” in the snow. Then craft some cards that fit the theme of your elopement and send them out to loved ones.


2. Mr. & Mrs. Who?

(Or “Mr. and Mr.” or “Mrs. and Mrs.”, if one of those combos work better for you and your love.)

The two of you have taken the leap to become one, and there is a lot of sharing in your future, and one thing you may share is a last name. Those closest to you will be glad to hear that you’ve made your unity official.

Show off your flashy new titles with balloons, embossed champagne glasses, coffee mugs or other props that say “Mr” and “Mrs” (or whatever titles you choose). You can find many of these props available for purchase online, or you can take the DIY route with a little paint and creativity.

Then, pose with your props and have a photographer line up the perfect shot. You’ll have a lovely image that showcases your union that can be used an elopement announcement and as a memorable framed photo in your home.


3. We Tied the Knot in Argentina

Put a bit of emphasis on the destination in “destination elopement”. Whether you choose to elope in Argentina, Europe, or even Antarctica, you can create elopement announcements that fit the theme of your adventure wedding.

With the help of your photographer, you can capture some breathtaking elopement photos that showcase the scenic backdrop of your destination. Add a fun note like “We tied the knot in Argentina” and even pair it with some fun souvenirs from your adventure away.

Give your loved ones a peek into the beautiful scenery that framed your intimate day. After all, not many couples dare to choose an adventurous, hiking elopement, or an off-the-beaten-path location for their wedding!


4. Nothin’ Fancy

Many couples choose to take a non-traditional route for their elopement (even though eloping in the first place is pretty adventurous!). If you’re one to ditch the fancy gown and have a simple exchange of vows instead, a “Nothin’ Fancy” announcement may be more your style.

You can frame a casual shot of you and your partner exchanging vows, having dinner together, or even sitting by a beautiful waterfall. No elaborate trellis or balloons needed. You can hold a sign that says “Nothin’ fancy!” or have your photographer add a text overlay to your photo.

Send these announcements to friends and family to show them you tied the knot in a way that was true to your casual, free-spirited style.

5. Jumping for Joy

Your elopement was likely one of the most exciting days of your life, so count down from three and jump so your photog can capture the perfect shot. Show your family the childlike joy that your soulmate brings to your world.

Send a photo of you and your honey jumping for joy. Bonus points if you have a beautiful landscape in the back of the photo. 

Your friends and family will be so excited to see how happy you and your new spouse are to have taken the leap. 


6. We Do. We Did. We Eloped.

Since you’re probably announcing your elopement after the fact, “We Do, We Did” is a cute quote to add to your announcement. You can find lots of custom props – like letter boards, signs, and banners – sporting this quote on Etsy.

“We do. We did.” is punchy aligns to your quirky and casual style. Don’t feel like you need to make a huge deal about your elopement? Send simple announcements that confirm that you two said “I do” and made things official.


7. Confirm the Marriage Rumors

If your goal is to have a secret, intimate elopement, your family and friends may have their suspicions. As you and your honey get closer to your special day, the rumor mill may start assuming that something is up.

While your adventure elopement is likely to come together without a hitch, afterward, it may be time to let the cat out of the bag. A cute shot of you and your wedding vows is a fun way to finally confirm the rumors as true.

Why not frame the shot and turn it into a sweet announcement to send to those closest to you. That way, you can maintain the intimacy of your elopement without keeping your loved ones completely out of the loop.


8. Dance the Night Away

Sometimes less is more. No need for words when your romantic elopement photos speak for themselves.

If your intimate ceremony involved a spot of dancing, have your photographer take a cute shot of your and your partner waltzing in the moonlight (or daylight, for that matter!). With a mountainous backdrop or private waterfall as your audience, you’ll have the perfect shot to show your friends and family a small moment from your perfect day!

On the other hand, you may be the type of couple that likes to boogie down or tango in the middle of a desert. No matter your style, a fun dancing shot is a great way to confirm that you had a love-filled adventure elopement!


9. #hitched

Many couples create cheesy hashtags for their weddings so that they can see all of the photos that their guests take. Since you won’t have hundreds of guests posting pictures on Instagram, you don’t really need a unique hashtag.

Carry the hashtag sentiment over into your elopement announcement and tell everybody that you got #hitched. You and your best friend are stuck together forever—in the best way possible—so let the world know.


10. Wanderlust

No doubt your shared sense of wanderlust is part of the reason you and your partner are so compatible. You want to venture to foreign lands, jet-set across the world, and – yes – elope in a unique destination.

These gorgeous “Wanderlust” lights will tie your elopement announcement altogether. What better way to highlight your love of wander and your love of your partner in a single photo.

Our photographers at Your Adventure Wedding love to line up unique shots for our travel-loving couples. Contact us to plan the adventure wedding of your dreams and get some beautiful shots to use as announcements after you elope.


Come Up with Even More Creative Elopement Announcement Ideas

There are so many exciting ways to announce that you and your sweetheart have taken the leap and tied the knot. The best part is that you can put your own twist into whatever option you choose.

Send an elopement announcement that highlights your style and adventurous spirit!

Which of these elopement announcement ideas do you love the most?

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