Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer Captures Gina + Tom’s Story

The Faroe Islands is a series of volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, most people have not heard of.  Comprised of a total of 18 magical islands you’ll love getting lost here!  Fun Fact- Technically the islands are owned by Denmark but they are self governed (just like Greenland too).  Some people even are boasting that it is “the next Iceland!”  Further, did you know our team not only offers planning but happily provide a Faroe Islands wedding photographer in our elopement packages too?!

Today we are thrilled to share with you the real wedding story of Gina and Tom’s Faroe Islands Elopement which happened this summer on July 9th!  Come along and relive their stunning adventurous wedding with us!

Gina + Tom Meet

In this modern age of dating, it’s no secret that we online date.  There is no shame in jumping on Tinder, Bumble, etc to pre-screen before you book your valuable time!  Really, your friends and family won’t hate you or think you’re weird, promise!!  And that is just what happened with Gina and Tom!  Gina is originally from Boston Massachusetts, moved to France, and she just so happened to be in town visiting her mum.  Tom although originally from Wisconsin, was there finishing up dental school.

Truly it was the perfect first date that then turned into three amazing years together!  From making a crazy awesome life in Wisconsin together .  Hiking, biking, cooking, exploring abroad, and their adorable french bull dog, Bernie takes up most of their quality time together.  During a weekend getaway to Chicago, Tom decided to propose a lifetime of adventures to Gina and she said yes!!

Chicago Proposal to Faroe Islands Elopement

Very quickly into their wedding planning talks, they knew a traditional wedding would not fulfill them in anyway.  Almost immediately, they Googled the term, “adventurous elopements” and stumbled on to our team.  Loved our adventure wedding concept, our vibe, and the unique private locations we bring to the table.

Being based in Iceland was quite convenient too as they were torn to exploring both Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  On that same note, the beauty of our business model is that we are able to provide incredible custom itineraries in both counties.  Providing them with scouting photos, videos, and countless other tools to ensure they get a”feel like you’re there” vibe as you go through our “date night” wedding planning process!  At the end of the day, Gina and Tom chose to have a Faroe Islands elopement and honeymoon in Iceland.  Allow our Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer to walk you through their gorgeously fun adventurous elopement!

July Elopement in the Faroe Islands

Traveling to the Faroe Islands during the month of July, you can expect the warmest temperatures (being around 55 degrees).  Also the month with least amount of rain of the year, and 18 hours of daylight for you to adventure in!  Therefore getting married in the Faroe Islands in the month of July is a brilliant idea!  Tom and Gina, called Hotel Føroyar home for a few nights in their bridal suite!

Hotel Føroyar Wedding: First Look!

Even though they got ready together, Tom has not seen Gina in her dress yet and wanted it to be surprise!  Hotel Føroyar has views of the adorable downtown, Tórshavn making it a scenic spot to stage a first look and the Faroe Islands wedding photographer happily captured the excitement!

Saksun Wedding Ceremony

Being hiking and outdoor lovers, it was important to Gina and Tom they be married in nature rain or shine! The Narnia looking area of Saksun was a dream Faroe Islands wedding location!  That windy July morning they held a private intimate wedding ceremony where they spoke their personal vows to each other and forever promised to adventure together.  Pretty sure our Faroe Islands wedding photographer even got a littler teary!

Special Note: The area of Saksun has become increasingly more popular and the area now has ropes, signs, and chains.  It’s important to get the landowners permission in advance before disregarding any of the signs or ropes.  And if you venture outside of our team, make sure your Faroe Islands wedding planner or Faroe Islands wedding photographer can do this for you.

Private Waterfall Exploration!

Countless waterfalls dot the Faroese countryside and all are on private property.  The next stop on Gina and Tom’s adventurous elopement was a personal favorite as it is rocky and kinda feels like you’re on another planet as you explore it!

Stealing Kisses

What better way to spend your exploring with your favorite person than discovering the unique landscape and stealing kisses?!  Another sweet little waterfall area caught the eye of our favorite Faroe Islands wedding photographer and so Gina and Tom hiked down to it.

Faroe Islands Black Beach Elopement Photos

Obviously water surrounds the Faroe Islands, it being an island and all. 😉  But what is most interesting about the islands is that the volcanic features and colors the rock formations and cliffs exude.  Likewise, pretty sure Gina and Tom could have explored this beach for hours on end!  In addition, I think our Faroe Islands wedding photographer could have too!!

Hidden Places in the Faroes

Beautiful locations are often hid behind others.  In all the years our Faroe Islands wedding photographer and planning team has elopement location scouted, that has usually been the theme,  Finding the best hidden gems behind others away from the heavily populated tourist waterfalls, etc.  Similarly, this sweet private property waterfall is prime example of this and Gina and Tom enjoyed adventuring there during their elopement in the Faroe Islands!

Gjogv Cove for Faroe Islands Wedding Photos

The village of Gjógv can be found on the northeastern tip of Eysturoy island.  Furthermore, since our team began coming to the Faroe islands in circa 2014 this tiny fishing village has become overrun with tourist buses.  The good news, they come in typically the same time each day during the summer months so knowing when to be there is important to your adventure wedding experience.  Iconic picturesque area though not to be missed even if you are only going to visit during your Faroe Islands honeymoon!

Wanna hike during your elopement?

Planning a hiking elopement or even having some trekking during your adventurous wedding really amps up the excitement to the day!  For example, Gina and Tom were in for a 30 minute hike as long as it wasn’t sideways raining and that is exactly what they did!  On the other hand, they mentioned it was a favorite part of the Faroe Islands Elopement itinerary!

Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer Explores Seaside

After that invigorating hike it was back to exploring a seaside area that even boasted an adorable countryside grass covered church!  Which by the way, are abundant in the Faroe Islands!  For instance, I’d dare to say almost every village has an adorable one waiting for you to explore.

Mountain Top Elopement in the Faroe Islands

Mountains in the Faroe Islands come in all shapes and sizes.  Spending time hiking them also varies from 15 minute hikes to 4+ hours.  But the views you will see from the top are limitless and unforgettable.  To end their adventure elopement our Faroe Islands wedding photographer hiked up a mountain with them to get to an unforgettable viewpoint!  Moreover, this was also an ideal opportunity for the Faroe Islands wedding photographer to fly the drone for a different perspective.  Incredible images followed as you’ll see!

Above all, these two celebrated excatly how they wanted to.  Having a adventure wedding experience and then ending the evening at a Michelin star restaurant is totally them.  They went to KOKS Restaurant and embarked on their decadent tasting menu which was paired with wines and champagnes.  Further, our team once delighted in a 21 course menu from their amazing chef and it was simply unforgettable!  A hell of a way to end adventurous elopement in the Faroe Islands, that’s for sure!!

In conclusion, whether you choose to elope or have an intimate wedding, it is important to go forward with what feels best for your relationship, not everybody else.  Leaving totally inspired and looking for a Faroe Islands Wedding Planner or Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer?  Our team would love to craft an unique private adventure for you to embark on with your favorite person or all you love!  Feel free to contact us to begin planning your adventurous elopement or wedding!

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