Argentina Wedding Guide: Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding for Nature Lovers

Do you dream of saying “I do” at the top of a snow-capped mountain? Or perhaps you’re feeling called to the lush rainforest?  

As long as you have a taste for adventure, Argentina has something to offer. 

Argentina is one of the most exotic countries in South America. From its phenomenal landscapes and natural beauty, Argentina is the ideal nature-filled destination for any adventure wedding.

Here’s why we love Argentina and think you should choose this beautiful location for your adventure wedding or elopement.

Argentina – The Ultimate Adventure Wedding Destination?

You’re a non-traditional couple, so you’re looking for a wedding destination that’s outside the norm… way outside. So far outside that you have to hop on a plane to South America, wedding attire in tow.


If you plan on venturing to a warmer climate for your wedding, why not consider Argentina? This gorgeous country is an often overlooked spot when brides and grooms are choosing their wedding location. You can do things differently and snag a spot that isn’t overcrowded with other couples and tourists. 


Argentina is located on the South Atlantic Ocean, close to the bottom tip of the continent. Besides the weather, Argentina’s magnificent landscape is definitely one of its most attractive features. It ranges from skiable mountains to luscious jungles, so there are many backdrops to choose from for your wedding day. 


There is no single, consistent climate throughout Argentina since its landscapes vary throughout. You can get married under the shining summer sun or in the chilly winter months, whatever suits your style and comfort level. 


Keep in mind that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons will be the opposite if your home is North of the equator. So, if you’re looking for a winter wedding, you’d book between June and September.

Your dream Argentina wedding may only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Contact us to start planning la boda de tus sueños

Why Choose Argentina for Your Adventure Wedding?

Argentina is the perfect destination for couples who want to tie the knot in a unique and adventurous location. Say “I do” in flurries of snow or steal a kiss in the mist of a spectacular waterfall. 

From the picture-perfect landscape to its blended culture, Argentina is all you could hope for in an intimate wedding locale. There are so many reasons to choose Argentina for your special day…

Scenery That’s to Die For

Argentina’s natural diversity is what calls most travelers and soon-to-be-weds to this beautiful country. Consider that Argentina has 4 distinct regions, all with something unique to offer:

The Andes

The Andes is one of the world’s longest mountain ranges, making this area a favorite of hikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its diverse terrain consists of lakes, forest, deserts, glaciers, and even volcanoes.

The North

Northern Argentina offers a variety of parks, treks, activities, and sights. From the Train in the Clouds to wine tasting in Salta, you can find many intriguing and thrilling things to do in the north.

The Pampas

The Argentine Pampas is a vast plain that covers approximately 295,000 square miles of the Argentina landscape. Venture here for rolling plains, wildlife roaming free, and a glimpse into Argentina’s rich history.


The Argentine side of Patagonia is known for its luscious grasslands, vast deserts, temperate rainforest, and frigid glaciers. But in case that natural diversity wasn’t already enough, you can find loads of activities to do in this area – including hiking, whale watching, swimming, and even penguin-watching!

Whether it’s snowy or sunny or something in between, Argentina has it all. Could this country be the spot for your beautiful destination wedding?

The Unique Argentinian Culture

What could better than the blend of three phenomenal cultures all within one beautiful country? Not much. We love Argentina’s diverse culture of Spanish, Italian and indigenous influences. 

Argentina’s official language is Spanish, but like most of the countries in Latin America, the Spanish is much less formal than what is spoken in Spain. Some say that Argentinians speak Spanish with almost an Italian accent.

The Latin heat laced with the romantic Italian vibes creates a culture and atmosphere like no other. If you choose Argentina as your wedding destination, just be sure to pick up some key Argentinian phrases along the way.

Argentinian Phrases You Should Know:

¡Che! – “Yo!”.  Say this instead of “What’s up!” when you meet new people on the street.

Dale!  – “Good to go”.  This term is a confirmation that everything is A-OK.

¿Como anda? – “How is it going?”.  Feel free to ask your partner this to make sure they’re having a great time in Argentina, too.

Estar remando en dulce de leche –“to be rowing in dulce de leche”. Use this phrase when you just can’t get enough of this sweet treat.

Close Proximity to Many Great Honeymoon Spots

There is nothing quite like the culture of South America. If you choose to wed in Argentina, you will be in proximity to some of the most amazing honeymoon spots in the world. 

You could take a couple of weeks to backpack around Argentina if you wanted to keep things simple, or you could take a thrilling ski trip in Chile, Argentina’s next door neighbor. You could even travel a bit further north to Peru to hit Machu Picchu before heading home. 

No matter where you go in South America, you’re sure to find good food, friendly people and lots of adventurous things to do. 

Savory Cuisine 

Most couples taste test dozens of foods to serve their guests on their wedding day. But on your Argentinian wedding day, you’ll be trying dozens of local delicacies. 

The food in Argentina is to die for. Argentina is known around the world for its carne asada—which is basically barbecued beef—but the locals will tell you to try the empanadas. These half-moon shaped pockets are heaven on Earth. You can find empanadas made with ham, cheese, beef, chicken and more.

For dessert, you have to try as much dulce de leche as your sweet tooth can handle. 

In general, you can expect blends of Italian, Spanish and Native American influences in the Argentinian cuisine. ¡Buen provecho!

Planning Your Argentina Wedding – What to Know Before You Go

Choosing a wedding venue is only the first step in planning your Argentinian wedding. There are several other aspects to consider—some a bit more exciting than others.

Here’s what you need to know in order to plan the adventure wedding of your dreams.

Hiring an Argentina Wedding Planner 

Hiring a wedding planner is always a great idea, especially when you’re planning an adventure wedding in a location that is new to you and your sweetheart. 

Here at Your Adventure Wedding, we help you plan out your perfect stay and wedding day – from getting to the location to arranging the ceremony. The result is a stress-free, adventure-filled wedding in an exotic location.

We treat every wedding as a unique adventure —and challenge ourselves to make it as meaningful and as epic as we possibly can!

Our goal is to push the limits of how people wed and plan the most memorable day for you in the destination of your choice.

Know the Legalities

While you can say “I do” until you’re blue, you’re not legally married without that fancy piece of paper.

Luckily, Argentina is happy to host weddings of international guests, so their process is pretty straight forward.

There are a few basic requirements to make your marriage legal:

  • Book an appointment with the Official Registry one month to 45 days in advance
  • Bring all paperwork given by the Official Registry, along with your passport and hotel address
  • Pay the $40 processing fee
  • Have your blood tested 7 days before your wedding at an approved hospital in Argentina
  • Hold a ceremony at the Official Registry with at least two adult witnesses (18+ years old)

When you book Your Adventure Wedding to plan your Argentina wedding or elopement, you can rest assured that we’re here to help with all of the legal aspects.  We’ll tell you exactly what paperwork you require, and we’ll even book the appointments for you.

Book Your Flights

Argentina is a pretty big country, so the airport that you fly into depends on which town you’ve decided to get married in.

All visitors are required to hold a passport when entering the country. There is also a $160 fee that visitors have to pay that allows them to travel to and from Argentina for a decade. 

Know Your Currencies

The currency in Argentina is the peso. Five pesos are worth about one US dollar. Be sure to have lots of pesos because other currencies are not typically accepted. 

If you’re going to put your purchases on plastic, bring your credit card because their card readers can’t accept debit cards. 

You may notice that sometimes small candies are used in place of 5 or 10 cent coins. This is a common Argentinian practice.

Hire a Wedding Photographer

You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. You have to hire a photographer to capture every smile, kiss and happy tear. 

Luckily, at Your Adventure Wedding, photography is part of your adventure wedding package. Every memory from your exciting day will be caught on camera so you can relive each moment for years to come!

Plan Your Argentinian Adventure Wedding

Are you ready to feel the amor in Argentina? This country is definitely the spot if you’re looking to run away and marry the love of your life.

Between the heated South American culture and the natural beauty of the land, you’re sure to fall in love with your new spouse a million times over again as you adventure through Argentina. 

Contact us to learn how to plan your romantic escape to Argentina. 

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