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Adventurous Wedding in Iceland via Super Jeeps

Iceland Wedding Photographer   The best type of adventurous weddings are the kind of experiences that take you to places that give you an overwhelming feeling of “This place exists just for me today in this moment!”  You’ve likely had this feeling before at some point during your travels… Maybe you walk down a path super early in […] Read More

Canadian Adventure Wedding on Prince Edward Island: Ciera + Sam

Wedding at Thunder Cove   Deciding to have an Adventure Wedding in Canada comes with an endless amount of options.  After all, it is one of the largest countries in the world boasting 3 giant territories that span from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.  Plus within you have 30+ islands to discover, vast amounts of wilderness, and some […] Read More

Raasay Island Isle of Skye Wedding: Briony + Collin

  Isle of Skye is one of the most magical places in the world to hold your adventure wedding.  There are an endless amount of dramatic peaks, amazing hikes, secret waterfalls, mystery, thrilling adventures and endless textures to get your hands on to discover!  All of these features and interesting landscapes make Isle of Skye […] Read More

Wedding Locations in Greenland: Part 2

Are you ready to experience a place that barely anyone in the world travels to?  A place that encourages you to explore and cuddle up to keep warm?  If you ask us as Adventure Wedding Planner’s Greenland has it all for you couples out there that want to break away from the traditions and the […] Read More

Greenland Elopement Locations: Kulusuk East Fjords (Part 1)

Planning to have an elopement or destination wedding in Greenland is one of the most unique decisions you can ever make.  The land is full of history and mystery.  Imagine experiencing (or introducing your guests) a culture that has survived and thrived on their own since the 11th century.  Being able to witness it firsthand […] Read More

Maldives Wedding Locations: Meeru Island

  When you start thinking about warm destination wedding and honeymoon locations, the Maldives likely have come to mind at some point in time.  You know the incredible place we see in screen savers of images those stunning over-the-water bungalows… Am I right?  The Maldives can be found in South Asia and there are 1,200 […] Read More

Dunans Castle: Adventure Wedding Location in Scotland

  Scotland is known for their rich and interesting history, adventurous nature, and of course it’s dynamic picture perfect landscape.  Once outside of the city limits, it’s hard not to take an inspiring photograph.  There are millions of acres of wilderness and mountains to explore in Scotland, so it’s only fitting that such a magical […] Read More

Scotland Wedding Locations: The Cowal Way

  There is a hidden gem in Scotland that is often passed by because it’s relatively new and unknown to most (established circa 2000).  We’ve spent a lot of time scouting Scotland wedding locations and until we dug in trying to find more offbeat and less touristy locations, we didn’t know about it either.  Allow […] Read More

Intimate Lakeside Iceland Wedding Adventure

By deciding to elope or hold a destination wedding in Iceland, you are presented with endless options of locations.  Will you hold your wedding ceremony at one of the 6,000+ waterfalls?  Inside of a Volcano?  At one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers?   On top of a cliff or inside of a canyon?  On a black desert?  […] Read More

Glacier Adventure Wedding in Iceland

One of the BEST parts of our adventure wedding planning process is getting to know our clients through Skype meetings. It’s important to hear about your love stories, adventures together, interests, and limits. Everyone adventures at a different level and has different types of scenery that excites them. Some may think a mountain top with […] Read More