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Argentina Wedding Guide: Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding for Nature Lovers

Argentina Wedding Guide-Couple during a Mountain River Elopement Do you dream of saying “I do” at the top of a snow-capped mountain? Or perhaps you’re feeling called to the lush rainforest?   As long as you have a taste for adventure, Argentina has something to offer.  Argentina is one of the most exotic countries in South America. From its phenomenal landscapes and natural beauty, […] Read More

Eloping vs Wedding: Different Ways to Tie The Knot

Patagonia elopement beside a waterfall-eloping vs wedding Are you and your fiance planning to take the leap to forever but you don’t exactly hear church bells ringing? Saying “I do” comes in all shapes and sizes, and a traditional big wedding with the pastor, the bridal party and all the trimmings is not for everyone. If you’re a not-so-traditional couple, you probably […] Read More

Reine Norway Wedding: Kelly + Sean

Reine Norway Wedding Couple on a dock   One of the most dramatic breathtaking places to elope is within an area in Northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands.  After all, planning an elopement in the Lofoten Islands comes with the bragging rights of saying you got married within the Arctic Circle!  Furthermore, you’ll surround yourself in inspiring mountain shapes, picturesque beaches, and sheltered […] Read More

Iceland Elopement by a Waterfall

Iceland Elopement at a waterfall in Iceland   The number of waterfalls are countless in Iceland!  They vary in shape, size, and texture and never ever look the same.  So if you’re a lover of waterfalls, Iceland is the perfect place to chase them!  Hailing from the United Kingdom, Erin and Julian were looking for an adventurous way to get married.  Finding […] Read More

Egypt Wedding Locations: Sharm El Sheikh Four Seasons

  For the past decade and maybe eve longer, most North Americans have thought that Egypt isn’t a safe country to travel to.  And well that may be true partly in previous years, it is no longer the case.  So today we would like to take the time to introduce you to the idea of planning […] Read More

Hiking Elopements: A Badass Way to Get Married

Hiking Elopement on black beach in Iceland   Every love story is an adventure.  So why settle on just a “wedding day” when you could embark on a unforgettable EXPERIENCE?  Daring couples all over the world are choosing to get married their way and with no apologies.  And after all they should because a wedding day should always focus on the root […] Read More

5 Best Safari Wedding Hotels in East Africa

Safari wedding hotels in east Africa Going on safari has become at the very least, a yearly adventure for us!  There is something seriously addicting about East Africa.  The sunrises, sunsets, hot days, cool mornings/nights, expansive landscape, and amazing hospitality.  Then you add in the adventurous fact that the most magnificent creatures roam wild nearby and you get the opportunity to […] Read More

Africa Safari Weddings and Elopements during the Great Migration

  When you are an adventure seeking animal, nature, and warm weather lover, you may rack your brain on the best wedding or elopement locations.  But look no further, we have an idyllic destination wedding location for you… Africa!  Imagine yourself witnessing one of natures most amazing natural wonders in the animal kingdom and being […] Read More

Santorini Wedding Hotel: Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Santorini Wedding Hotel Andronis Concept Wellness Resort   Did you know there are over 1,200 islands in the Greek Isles?  Spread across the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea there are both inhabited and uninhibited islands to explore.  Santorini is a world favorite you often hear about and one of those places in the world that comes with an endless supply of […] Read More

Adventure Wedding Locations: Similan Islands

Similan Islands Thailand Beach Wedding   The Similan Islands are a remote set of 11 islands in Southeast Asia, specifically off the southwest coast of Thailand.  Each island holds holds a lot of mystery, beauty, and are an incredible snorkeling and scuba diving wedding locations!  After all, had you even heard of them before this adventure wedding blog post?  If […] Read More