Adventurous Iceland Hiking Elopement

Unique experiences run deep in our minds and our hearts.  When you think back on some of your favorite moments in your life… Does it  entail exploring somewhere new with your favorite person?  Embarking on an easy or challenging hike?  Visiting a picturesque place?  Next, you get engaged or decide to get married… When you search around for the best way to elope, we encourage you to plan an adventurous Iceland hiking elopement!

South Iceland Wedding at Fosshotel Vatnajökull

Finding your way to South Iceland will be one of the most inspiring road trips you’ll ever take, promise!  Everywhere you turn you’re going to feel compelled to pull over and take a photo!  In contrast, it can be difficult to choose where to begin your adventurous Iceland hiking elopement.  Which is a very good reason to hire a local Iceland wedding planner!

Our forever newlyweds today, Lauren and Bill would 100% agree with you especially if you seek places away from tourist locations.  Exactly the reason they found and hired our team!  Morning came early at Fosshotel Vatnajökull with our hairstylist and Iceland elopement photographer crafting magic with Lauren and their fabulous details!  By 8am they loaded into the super jeep for the day with “go bags” in tow!

Glacier Lagoon Elopement Ceremony

Arriving at sunrise to an offbeat glacier lagoon was refreshing!  Our favorite Pastor performed a very intimate elopement ceremony and Billy and Lauren recited incredible personal vows to each other!

Mountains and Glacier Tongues

Crazy shaped mountains and glacier tongues are a perfect combination for adventurous Iceland hiking elopement photos!  Especially when the weather in Iceland allows for our photographer to fly their drone!  Creating some incredible images from a super sweet angle!

Into the Highlands of Iceland!

When our adventure wedding planning team first met Lauren and Billy they were literally up for ANYTHING!  So we provided an incredible route we had only scouted and 100% no one had found their way there to experience on their adventurous Iceland elopement.  Heading into the highlands is journey in itself because it requires a super jeep and often countless river crossings.  Sometimes the routes also come with sketchy hikes too!  Billy and Lauren just embraced every moment and couldn’t stop smiling about what they were seeing too!

Adventurous Iceland Hiking Elopement for the Win!

Let’s just put it out there… If you choose to plan a hiking elopement, you’re BADASS!!  Therefore, you also probably value experiences more than things too.  Next, there is likely nothing better for you than spending time with the one you love.  Imagine having your partner help you over rivers (or you help them) and you steal lots of smiles, glances, laughs and smiles.  Why?  Because by choosing to have an adventurous Iceland hiking elopement you can be fully FOCUSED on BEING IN THE MOMENT!  Adventuring together hand in hand marveling over the shape of the mountain, sounds of the waterfall, etc!  Eloping turns into a 5 senses EXPERIENCE!

Traditional Hot Dog BBQ Lunch

Do you love to totally immerse yourself in local traditions when you travel somewhere?  When you visit Iceland, their version of a “fast food” meal would be heading to the local fuel station and grabbing a hot dog, Coke, and Prince Polo candy bar!  For real!  And don’t cringe, they are nothing like American hot dogs, they are made from lamb meat!  Well, our adventurous Iceland hiking elopement experiences get the choice to opt in on having a hot lunch where our team BBQ’s for you!  Nothing like indulging in a hot lunch when it’s super cold truly can give you a “second wind” of energy!

Waterfalls and Weddings

Once upon a time we heard the term “waterfall fatigue.”  Implying that Iceland having so many waterfalls, you could get sick of exploring them.  Therefore some people may experience this, but our couples appreciate all of the different types, sizes, textures, and tones of them!  To illustrate, Lauren and Billy were just finishing lunch and noticed this tiny canyon our team had parked by…  As curious as she is, the bride ventures back and falls in love with how little this trickle waterfall was!

Elopement Champagne Picnic in front of a Waterfall

Treating yourself to a luxury picnic after a fantastic invigorating hike will make you feel like VIP’s!  Such a satisfying moment to sit down, smile, be in the moment, and pop open a bottle champagne!!  Following the picnic, these two spent time exploring around the bottom portion of the private waterfall in Iceland.

Exploring and Eloping in Iceland

Potentially the things you could see while embarking on a hiking elopement in Iceland could be reindeer, an Arctic fox, sheep, horses, cows, and countless bird species!  East Iceland specifically is abundant of reindeer and the only place in Iceland where they thrive.  Billy and Lauren were lucky enough to see reindeer while in transit between hiking locations.  Super fun sight to see while eloping!  Not to mention how much fun they had exploring around the top side of their picnic waterfall!  Our Iceland elopement photographer even busted out some stunning drone photos too…

Discovering Snowy Glaciers!

Having a sense of wonder and discovery during your adventures in Iceland can be addicting!  At this point these two had spent over 10 hours trekking to different places an experiencing all kinds of textures an tones.  Additionally being able to journey to the top of a glacier and feel so small among the deep crevasses was AMAZING!  Likely a unforgettable highlight of their adventurous Iceland hiking elopement!

Sunset Romance

When the sun begins to lower behind the mountains, there is a sense of magic that washes over everything.  A warm inspiring light that somehow amps up the romance in the air.  Fair to say, Lauren and Billy definitely felt this as they explored…

Nighttime Iceland Elopement Photos at Vestrahorn Mountain

Lastly, ending the night in some way is also an important part of our experience driven elopements.  So what could that mean?  For instance it could mean a luxury styled sweetheart table for two, Northern Lights hunting, or going back out for gorgeous nighttime wedding photos!

Opting for the latter, our team took Lauren and Billy out to a famous mountain called Vestrahorn…  Truly an epic way to end an adventurous Iceland hiking elopement!  Feeling inspired and curious about planning your own elopement adventure in Iceland?  We would love to hear from you, feel free to contact us!

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