Waterfall Elopement

Eloping at a waterfall will be one of the most memorable moments of your entire life.  You’ll immerse yourself into a five sense experience with the one you love.  And no matter the weather you’ll be together!  Join us today as we feature this lovely waterfall elopement adventure!

Getting Ready for an Adventure Wedding

Amanda and Chad found their way to Iceland to elope because they loved how many different types of landscapes you could explore in one day.  Before beginning their waterfall elopement, our Iceland elopement photographer, hair and makeup team members all arrived and began capturing and crafting!  Furthermore, these two chose to not see each other as they were getting ready so they got ready separately to then reconnect later for a first look.

First Looks

As we alluded to above, it was important for Chad and Amanda to not see each other before their staged first look.  However, Amanda also wanted to share a “first look” with her father first.  So Amanda and her father met in one area of the hotel in Iceland and her groom to be in another.  Overall, they were both crazy sweet moments to share in before the waterfall elopement began.  Seconds later, the soon to be newlyweds jumped into the super jeep ready to rock out their amazing day!

Eloping with a Heartfelt Ceremony

Generally, a true elopement is when a couple is by themselves and no guests joining.  However, an exception could be your parents joining you for the ceremony and you two continue the adventure together after.  Which is what Amanda and Chad opted in for during their waterfall elopement in Europe.  The day these two were married there was extreme flooding happening in Southern Iceland due to subglacial melt water.  But no stress, elements like that just add another level of adventure!

Chad and Amanda shared an incredibly heartfelt wedding ceremony with each of their parents there to witness.  Several tears of happiness were shed and their excitement was off the charts!  Plus, what a beautiful waterfall they were married in front of!  So powerful, raw, and inspiring.

Waterfall Adventure Elopement Photos

After their waterfall elopement ceremony it was time to explore!  And oh la la the romantic moments that followed too, so beautiful!  Also, the weather was nice enough for the adventure elopement photographer to fly their drone too!!

Extreme Flooding Creates Waterfall

The Icelandic landscapes are alive and ever changing.  For example, because of the sudden flooding in this Southern area, it created a once in a lifetime waterfall!  Insanely beautiful adventure wedding photos ensued!

Crazy Green Mountain Wedding Photos

Couples flock to Iceland during the summer months (June-August) to experience the crazy greens that live in the Icelandic highlands.  The shapes, the colors, and textures leave you really inspired by nature.  Chad and Amanda had so much fun exploring around the area during their waterfall elopement!

Glacier Expedition During Adventure Wedding

Glaciers are one of the most mysterious kind of landscapes to discover.  Especially the glaciers in Iceland, which are often a mix of white, black, and blue ice.  Plus the area is ever changing, so in trekking around this area you never know what kind of features you’ll be greeted with!  To illustrate, the ice cave features you see below, broke a part the day after their waterfall elopement adventure.

Romantic Cave Moments

Sneaking away to a private cave among a black sand desert is thrilling.  So savor the quite, the romance that emerges, and the remoteness just as these two did during their waterfall elopement day!

Waterfall Hiking in Iceland

Our team loves when couples transition to having a badass hiking elopement!  Doing so was an important dynamic for Amanda and Chad to have as well.  As a core foundation of their relationship is on discovering new and unique places.  Super excited to embark on another waterfall elopement hike with them!

Sea Arch ad Private Beach Discovery

Ending their waterfall elopement adventure on a private property beach that also happened to have a sea arch was the icing on the cake!  After all who wouldn’t want to pop open a bottle of bubbles and enjoy the view together?  Pretty freaking epic unforgettable moment to end an exciting day of adventuring together!

Inspired by this waterfall elopement in Iceland?  Our team would love to craft some super unique options for you throughout Iceland or in any of the other countries we cover… Feel free to contact us for more information on getting that journey started!

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