Volcano Wedding Locations Worldwide

Volcanoes exude force, have the power to change landscapes and lives.  Although a lot of destruction and devastation can happen during volcanic eruptions.  We would like to focus on the positive awe-inspiring sides of them today.  For instance, if you’re a geology and nature lover, you might find yourself obsessed with the idea of witnessing a volcanic eruption.  So when you get engaged or celebrate a milestone anniversary you may seek out volcano wedding locations!  Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing ones worldwide and so much more today…

Active Volcanoes Worldwide by Region:

As of today, there are 25+ active eruptions happening worldwide.  Pretty incredible to think that any of those could potentially be volcano wedding locations!  After all there is so much symbolism behind having a volcano as your elopement or wedding backdrop. For example, fire can represent passion, unconditional love and the lava creates new landscape symbolizing your new journey, etc.   Plus it’s a adventurous wedding location that is alive and ever changing.  Which means the day you marry, it’s likely no one else will have the same experience or same volcano wedding photos!

Active volcanoes vary.  To illustrate, some you can experience only from the air, sea, from a distance, and others extremely close up!  How countries handle tourism around the volcano also differs.  But, where can you go to seek out volcano wedding locations?  Allow us to share with you the currently active volcanoes erupting around the world…

Volcanoes in Europe

Oh la la active volcanoes in Europe!  Happy to report that our home base of Iceland is erupting!!  And it also happens to easy for visitors to access by helicopter or a 1-3 hour hike (one way).  Feel free to check out the hiking directions to Geldingadalur.  Now back to the list of volcano wedding locations in Europe…

  • Stromboli is a stratovolcano in Italy.
  • Etna (also called, Mongibello) is a complex stratovolcano also found in Italy.  Also, it is Europe’s largest and most active.
  • Fagradalsfjall (also called Geldingadalur) is a fissure swarm type of volcanic eruption which began in Iceland on March 19th and is growing each day.

Africa Volcanos

Within the continent of Africa you’ll find many volcanos active or dormant.  However currently though there are only 3 within Africa and the Indian Ocean and they follow:

  • Erta Ale is a shield volcano in Ethiopia.
  • Nyiragongo is stratovolcano / lava lake that is found in DRCongo.
  • Piton de la Fournaise is a shield volcano La Réunion (Réunion Island).

Active Volcanoes in Indonesia

Some of you may recall the eruption of Mount Agung in 2017-2019 all of which made the news, shut down airport travel, caused damage, and required countless evacuations.  Meanwhile, currently the below volcanos are erupting but not really potential volcano wedding locations.

  • Dukono is a complex volcano found in Halmahera, Indonesia.
  • Ibu is a stratovolcano within Halmahera, Indonesia.
  • Lewotolo is a stratovolcano in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia.
  • Merapi is a stratovolcano in Central Java, Indonesia and is the islands most active volcano.
  • Semeru is a stratovolcano in East Java, Indonesia and the highest volcano on Java.
  • Sinabung is a stratovolcano in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Antarctica Volcanoes

Likely it may surprise you that Antarctica is not only a volcanic island but it also has active volcanos!  One of our favorite volcano wedding locations is actually on Deception Island.  Imagine having an Antarctica elopement…  Right now, there is only one erupting.  For example, Erebus is a stratovolcano in Antarctica but also happens to be the highest ad most active.

Volcanic Eruptions in South America

South America has a lot of consistent volcano activity.  And plenty of volcano wedding locations that are best seen from a distance.  Such as the following:

  • Reventador is a stratovolcano in Ecuador that has been erupting since July 2008.
  • Sangay is another stratovolcano in Ecuador and one of the tallest in the world.
  • Sabancaya is within Peru and is a stratovolcano.
  • Nevados de Chillán is a Central Chile stratovolcano that has been erupting since 2016.

Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Volcanos

Currently there are 6 actively erupting volcanos within Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean:

  • Popocatépetl (also called “Popo”) is a stratovolcano in Central Mexico.
  • Santiaguito is a stratovolcano in Guatemala that has been erupting since 1922.
  • Fuego is a Guatemalan stratovolcano that’s been erupting since 2002.
  • Pacaya is a complex volcano in Guatemala.
  • Soufrière in St. Vincent West Indies  is a powerful stratovolcano causing a lot of challenges at the moment.
  • Masaya is a caldera volcano in Nicaragua.

Active Volcanoes in North America

Sadly within mainland America currently there are no active eruptions.  However, there are two erupting on islands and one you may want to consider when exploring volcano wedding locations!

  • Semisopochnoi is a stratovolcano within the Aleutian Islands (off of Alaska).
  • Kilauea is a shield volcano in Hawaii and is it’s most active volcano.

Pacific Ocean Volcanos

There are countless islands within the Pacific Ocean that are volcanic.  Right now the only one erupting (besides Kilauea) is Yasur on Tanna Island in Vanuatu.  This is a stratovolcano.

Ring of Fire (Kurile Islands to Philippines) Volcanic Activity

Next, the Circum-Pacific Belt which is also called the “Ring of Fire” is where a lot of the worlds earthquakes and volcanic activity is.  To illustrate, it is the area between the Kurile Islands to the Philippines.  But right now, there are only 3 currently actively erupting…

  • Shiveluch is a 10,000+ feet tall stratovolcano in Kamtschatka.
  • Ebeko is a somma volcano located on Paramushir Island and most active on the Kurile Islands.
  • Sakurajima is a stratovolcano in Kyushu, Japan that has been erupting in 1955.

Ideas for Volcano Wedding Locations

So now onto the question of the hour… What type of volcano wedding locations are exciting to you?  To illustrate, you could have the following types to choose from:

  • Actively spewing volcano up-close.
  • Dormant volcano from inside. Did you know you can get married inside of a volcano?!
  • Active volcano from a distance.
  •  Volcanic landscapes made from old eruptions.

Meanwhile, when you think about the kind of adventure wedding you want to have, what will it entail?  Will you rent a boat or helicopter, super jeep or be happy embarking on a hiking elopement on your own two feet?  Hiring an adventure wedding planner will help you narrow down that and also introduce you to some unforgettable volcanic wedding locations.  But to get you started we share a short list below.

Top 10 Volcanic Wedding Locations:
  1. Iceland: Fagradalsfjall / Geldingadalur Volcano (Active)
  2. Hawaii: Kilauea Volcano (Active)
  3.  Deception Island, Antarctica
  4.  Azores Islands
  5. Santorini Caldera
  6. Saint Lucia
  7.  Mount Fuji, Japan
  8. Mount Etna, Italy
  9. Tenerife
  10. Poás, Costa Rica

How to Plan a Volcano Wedding

Planning a wedding at an active volcano is difficult, as there are a lot of moving parts to consider.  Firstly, it is important to hire an adventure wedding planner who knows the area well.  For example, even if we are not based in country, we have sources reliable contacts to be our local eyes and ears.  Why?  Because active volcano wedding locations change frequently.

Secondly, keep in mind you may need to shift your schedule or day around due to weather conditions or gas.  Thirdly, be prepared for a hike or prepared to pay for a helicopter.  Next, here is a short list of other things to think about as you plan your volcano elopement adventure…

Volcano Wedding Planning:
  • Choose an adventure elopement photographer who has scouted the area, works well under stress/pressure, and can easily adapt to all conditions (including weather).
  • Choose a celebrant who is flexible.  Maybe one who is willing to hike, devote the entire day, and will be flexible.
  • Think about having a Day of Planner with you.  To assist you in anything you need and maybe even carry a picnic basket with lunch, champagne, or even a cake!
  • If having any guests join you, it is critical to hire a local team that knows the laws, info on permits, and can be a watchful eye for you in regards to hiking routes, closures, gas levels, etc.
  • It may be best to have along a adventure wedding bouquet that is sturdy and will last through the hike!
  • Understand how comfortable you are in nature… IE, Using the bathroom and changing.  You may want to consider bringing blankets to change under or a pop-up changing room.
  • Bring hiking champagne glasses that fold into themselves.  This will help save on weight of glass and plastic ones breaking in route.  Or just bring along splits if you’re okay with bottle drinking!
  • Keep a safe distance from lava flow and cooling lava (it can break and pop-up magma pools can happen).
  • Respect the area, signs, and trails.  Leave no trace as you venture and pick up what others may have accidently left behind.

Lastly, are you amped up and ready to look into volcano wedding locations?  If so, we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us to get that EPIC journey started!

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