Norway Wedding Adventure at Hotel Alexandra | Loen Norway

When you think about Norway, what vibe or elements come first to mind? Maybe one of these…

Captivating Cliffs
Red Fishing Houses
Winding Roads
Viking Heritage

Liz and Mike hold adventuring and traveling together high on their #couplesgoals.  They live their lives based on unforgettable experiences, not just moments in time.  Traveling educates them, opens their minds, and brings them closer together on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Over the years they have allowed their journeys to shape their personalities individually but also continue to keep their relationship new and exciting.  One country that they both found themselves always marveling over was Norway.  So it was only natural that after Mike proposed they have never-ending lifetime adventures together, they would set out to plan a wedding in Norway.

They contacted us over a year ago to plan their Norway destination wedding.  They were hoping to be in the middle of the true essence of Norwegian countryside.  So after reviewing some really kickass options we cooked up for them to consider for the Norway wedding, they decided the Geirangerfjord area was the right fit.  The fabulous Hotel Alexandra would act as our Norway wedding base.

Have you ever heard of or stayed the Hotel Alexandra in Loen, Norway?  You should!  I’ve stayed at a lot of a hotels being an Adventure Wedding Planner and Photographer and this hotel has infinite potential for weddings, luxury relaxation, and they are currently constructing a very unique experience at the top of Mount Hoven.  They are building a cable car lift system that will take you to the top of the mountain (which was previously only accessed by a very long hard via ferrata hike) for an epic view and 5-star dinning.  This experience is set to open in May of 2017, keep your eyes peeled and put it on your Norway wedding or honeymoon bucket list!

Back to Liz + Mike and their gorgeously sweet details… Can I get a little swoon swoon over the vow books, Norway wedding dress, the boots, ring box, and the bouquet?!

As unique as Mike and Liz’s relationship is, they wanted to hold a ceremony that brought in those elements and also interacted with their guests who travelled so many miles in from California.  The Norway wedding ceremony began with the bride and groom parting ways at a beautiful inlet from the nearby fjord, the groom walked over a sweet little bridge and the bride made her grand entrance down a gorgeous red carpet.

The Norway wedding celebrant began the ceremony by inviting each of the guests to hold the bride and grooms wedding rings in an intimate ring warming ceremony.  While holding the rings, each guest was asked to think of a positive wish for the bride and groom.  It was beautiful.

Liz and Mike spoke their own vows to each other, exchanged those beautiful rings, and even held a super sweet beer unity ceremony where they mixed two into a fun cocktail!

Once the wedding ceremony in Norway concluded the day adventure began… Our first stop was to a secret fjord beach and then onto oh-so many more amazing stops (which stay tuned next week for Part 2 of their amazing Norway wedding adventure, believe me you do not want to miss it!) throughout the famed Geirangerfjord area.

Mike and Liz’s Norway wedding adventure concluded with a Norway wedding reception at Hotel Alexandra with decor inspired by the endless forests of Norway and featured a delicious 3 course traditional meal.

Please stay tuned for next week’s post as we will share the core of their adventure wedding in Norway!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Adventure Wedding Photographers + Planners)

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