Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Norway

Norway is a heavenly area of the world that just screams, “get married here!”  Some may even dare to say it is a place where heaven and earth meet!  Adventure weddings & elopements in Norway come with so many possibilities as far as locations.  From the very north to the south the options are endless.  Not to mention Norway boasts some of the most historical and dynamic landscapes on the planet!

Travelling to Norway

Norway is formally part of Scandinavia which is also referred to as the Nordic countries.  Most of us know Norway as the original home of the Vikings before they ventured to find other lands like Iceland.  Finding your way to Norway will begin in your home country or state international airport.  All major airlines will fly to and from Oslo International Airport (OSL).

Depending on the area of the country the adventure weddings & elopements in Norway begin, Oslo may be a stepping stone.  Often folks will start their Norway elopement in Bergen (BGO) if heading west.  In addition, others who choose more Northern adventures will find their way to Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE) to explore the Lofoten Islands.  Getting to the Lofoten Islands has additional options like a smaller airplane but our personal preference is do the drive from the Harstad/Narvik Airport, it is stunning!

Next, upon arriving into whatever Norway airport you choose it is best to rent a car.  Certainly this way you can properly explore the dramatic landscape at your own pace during your elopement in Norway.  But one thing you will find is that nothing in Norway is cheap, not even a basic burger!  So make sure your budget is one that has flexibility while planning adventure weddings & elopements in Norway.

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Norway

Planning adventure weddings & elopements in Norway is going to be a super exciting time in your lives!  Maybe one of your families (or both) hail from Norway and you want to hold an adventure wedding in Norway which explores them.  On the other hand, maybe you just love fjords, 360 view landscapes, hiking, interesting rock formations, cliffs, beaches, glaciers, seaside adventures or unforgettable waterfalls!  Either way, Norway would be a stunning place to elope!

Next in your planning an adventurous elopement escapades is deciding whether or not you will elope in Norway as just the two of you or bring guests.  See yourselves adventuring around with 10+ of your closest loved ones?  Want to treat them to an unforgettable adventure wedding in Norway?!  Planning a Norway wedding with guests is easier than you think with our help!  However, do you see yourself planning a Norway hiking elopement with no guests in tow?  No shame in going that route either!

Honestly, that is the beauty of planning adventure weddings & elopements in Norway, there are NO RULES!



Norway Elopement Locations

I mean really, what better place to hold an enchanting elopement or intimate wedding adventure than on the top of a mountain with stunning fjords behind?!   What about at a powerful waterfall?  In contrast, what about on the magical Lofoten Islands?  Or holding your ceremony in a “stave” medieval wooden church?  Countless Norway elopement locations are ready for your choosing!  Today we would love to highlight a few of our favorite areas to get married in Norway.

Norway Wedding on the Historic Telemark Canal
  • The historic Telemark Canal is 65 miles of interlocking history.  For instance, you’ll find the route goes from Skien to Dalen.  Just so happens that one of our favorite Norway wedding hotels sits at the end of this fjord trek!  The Dalen Hotel is like getting married back in time, truly!
  • If you’re coming between June-mid September you’ll be able to take a ride on historic riverboat the Henrik Ibsen during your Norway elopement!  Sadly, this magical area is not a year round Norway wedding location as it is open seasonally between mid May to mid October.


Eloping in Bergen Norway
  • In short, if you find colorful buildings, charming downtowns, a local vibe, and 360 views fun you’re going to love holding a wedding in Bergen Norway!  This western side of Norway can easily be a year round Norway wedding location.


Geirangerfjord Norway Weddings
  • Views that will leave you breathless can often be found in the Geirangerfjord.  To illustrate, one of our previous adventure weddings in Norway with guests explore this amazing area!  Sadly this is not an area we would suggest to visit year round as the best time to visit this Norway elopement location is between mid May to mid October.


Lofoten Islands Elopement
  • Likewise, adventure weddings & elopements in Norway come with a lot of different types of locations.  And the Lofoten Islands offer adventures year round.  But our favorite time of year to plan an elopement in the Lofoten Islands is between the months of September to April.  During this time you could be lucky enough to witness the natural wonder of the Northern Lights!
  • Explore our favorite September Elopement in the Lofoten Islands.
  • Don’t miss this fabulous March Lofoten Islands Elopement in Reine.


Sample Norway Elopement Itinerary:

Curious to know what adventure weddings & elopements in Norway look like?  See the below example schedule to get a better feel on how our adventurous elopements play out.  Typically they are 8-10 hours of adventuring together ended by a gorgeous styled table!  Spoil yourselves, you deserve it!

  • 5:30-6am Wake up!  You’re getting married in Norway today!!
  • 6-8:30am Hair and Makeup team come to the hotel.
  • 8:30-9am Breakfast, final touches and get wedding attire on.
  • 9-9:30am Drive to the Norway wedding ceremony location.
  • 9:30-9:45am Hike to Norway elopement spot!
  • 10-10:30am Norway wedding ceremony overlooking stunning fjords!
  • 10:30-11:30am Explore around and Norway elopement photos!!
  • 11:30-12pm Explore and wedding portraits at a nearby fjord cave.
  • 12-12:30pm Drive to a Norway elopement private property waterfall.
  • 12:30-1:30pm Exploration, picnic lunch, and Norway elopement photos here.
  • 1:30-2pm Drive to another awesome secret area for photos.
  • 2-2:30pm Explore and wedding photos at area with fjord views and a hidden waterfall!
  • 2:30-3:30pm Drive to launch spot for a boat ride down the historic fjords during your Norway elopement!
  • 3:30-4:30pm Norway wedding boat adventure and photos!
  • 6:30-7:30pm Drive back to the hotel and rest / refresh!
  • 8pm-? Romantic private Norway elopement styled dinner for two!



Norway Wedding Planner

Lastly, now that we have you on the edge of your seat… As a result you’re likely wondering how do you begin planning adventure weddings & elopements in Norway?!  Don’t fret, our team can help you, contact us for more information!

Hiring a Norway wedding planning that can understand your interests and must have’s is important!  Above all, you’ll want to hire a wedding planner in Norway that can custom craft adventures throughout the entire country, not just one part too!!