Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift

Imagine getting married in the clouds high above and overlooking the idyllic Norwegian fjords…  Followed by a full day of epic adventures around the area exploring!  Does that sound like the dreamiest wedding day ever?!  Planning an adventurous wedding in Norway is a brilliant idea regardless whether you plan to elope or bring guests along.  However, you nor your guests aren’t the “via ferrata” kind of mountaineering or climbing kind of folks.  Maybe you seek an easier route to get to that unforgettable viewpoint?  Allow us to introduce you what it’s like having a Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift!

From Latin Wine Bar to Adventure Wedding

Firstly, almost three years ago, Luciana and Ben met at a Latin wine bar in Washington DC.  Funny story, Ben picked the wine bar because knowing a thing or two about wine was his thing.  Little did he know that Luciana grew up with a father in a wine industry.  Fair to say Luciana may have taught Ben a thing or two that night about wine instead! 😉  The conversation went in all sorts of directions and after they closed the bar, they took to a long walk together around the neighborhood.

Secondly, connecting on countless shared interests, these two were two peas in a pod right from the start!  Also just so happens the things they were individually interested in the other was stronger and could teach.  For instance, Ben happened to be a music teacher and could teach Luciana to play guitar (hello date #3!)!  Meanwhile, these two love partaking in DC’s foodie culture, and adorable boho neighborhoods.  Furthermore, they enjoy hiking, and enjoying the simple things in life like grabbing a bottle of wine and drinking it with a memorable view!  Easy to say they are lucky to have found each other!

Norway Wedding Planning

Originally, this engaged duo contacted our team in January 2019 desiring a Summer Norway elopement.  Luciana and Ben were looking to take a three week trip to Scandinavia and have the adventure wedding day kick off the awesome journey!  Particularly they were in love with the idea of a mountaintop wedding overlooking fjords.

Likewise, it was also important to them to have an indoor inclement weather option that still offered amazing views.  Luckily, our team scouts Norway option and was able to offer up some gorgeous Norway elopement locations!  So come along with us today as we share with you Ben and Luciana’s gorgeous Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift!

Eloping in Norway – The Adventure Begins!

When you think about eloping in Norway, what landscape feature first comes to mind?  Maybe cute red fishing houses like in the Lofoten Islands, Arctic adventures in Svalbard, or does your mind automatically drift to fjords?  Over 1,000+ fjords line the Norwegian countryside and await your discovery!!

Morning came for Luciana and Ben on that July 19th morning around 6:30am.  Our Norway elopement photographer, hair and makeup artist arrived ready to rock!  The views from their Superior Suite “Skåla” at Hotel Alexandra were unbelievable as the sun began to rise over the charming town of Loen.

Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift

Our Your Adventure Wedding planning team custom crafts every single itinerary based on a very thorough and thoughtful interview with our clients.  Taking into considerations of adventure level, must have’s, things that make you happy when traveling, and the things you adore the most about each other, etc!  Key to planning an adventurous elopement you’ll never forget is having a very good understanding of what has been so amazing about your relationship.

Having taken the time to get to know Luciana and Ben well, their “must have’s” included what we alluded to previously, of having an indoor bad weather option.  Also having a boat ride element at some point and a special dinner for two was extremely important to them.  Their wish was our pleasure to fulfill!

At 8:30am on July 19th, our team and the soon to be newlyweds headed towards the gorgeous and newly created unique Loen Skylift which takes you to the top of Mount Hoven.  Due to the fact that it was raining, Ben and Luciana decided that having the Norway wedding ceremony inside of the Hoven Restaurant was best for them.  The view was stunning and the ceremony was just as perfect!  These two truly savored every single second during their Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift!

Discovering the Skylift in Loen Norway

One of our favorite things about the Skylift in Loen Norway is that it offers 360 views and sleek Scandinavian design.  You can spend hours discovering the magnificent views without doing the crazy almost full day hike to the top.  Rather you get to access this unique stunning area with a low intensity ride on a lift!

As soon as the ceremony during Ben and Luciana’s Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift concluded, so did the rain!  How wonderful they were able to experience the best of both worlds… A beautiful indoor fjord wedding ceremony overlook and had the chance to explore the endless views outside!  Our Norway elopement photographer even requested in advance permission to get off the path and to fly the drone for an even better perspective on the gorgeous fjords!!

Exploring a Norwegian Beach Island

Embarking on a hiking elopement can mean a lot of different things to different couples.  Ben and Luciana loved the idea of some light hiking especially while exploring a Norwegian beach island!  Would you love to explore a place like this after your Norway Elopement at Loen Skylift?!

Geirangerfjord Elopement Location

Although, our team has planner several weddings in the Geirangerfjord, we are amazed at how crazy popular the area has become over the years.  Countless ropes, barriers, and sign plague the area.  Likely also the reason why Ben and Luciana turned to us too because we often partner (and sometimes pay) landowners for exclusive access to their properties.

Why?  So our couples can have a more intimate experience with the area without being overwhelmed by tourists trying to snap their photos.  This was exactly the case for the next 2 locations Ben and Luciana explored together.  Being able to have a intimate and romantic champagne picnic with no one bothering them was such a nice moment for them!

Flydalsjuvet Rock Norway Wedding Photos

Visiting Flydalsjuvet Rock in the Geirangerfjord can be quite chaotic as it is a very touristy place.  However, our team has access to the private property location that is just slightly away from the overcrowded area.  Making it a more memorable experience for our couples to enjoy!  And enjoy Ben and Luciana did during their Norway elopement at Loen Skylift!

Norway Fjord Boat Adventure

Adventuring through the Norwegian fjords via boat is classic must do journey to take!  Especially if you’re planning a Norway elopement with our Your Adventure Wedding team.  Mainly because the moment you step onto the boat, you’re treated like VIP’s!  Ben and Luciana had the additional surprise of being able to reach out and touch the famed Seven Sisters Waterfall!  For sure they will treasure these incredible Norway elopement photos for the rest of their lives!

Romantic Wedding Dinner on Top of Mount Hoven

Could anything be more romantic than having your Norway wedding dinner on top of a mountain?  Seriously, the dreaminess that comes along with Mount Hoven is one for the storybooks!!  They wined, they dined, and watched the sun sink behind the mountains before beginning their epic honeymoon adventures through the Nordic countries!

Are you totally inspired by Ben and Luciana’s Norway elopement at Loen Skylift?  Feel free to contact us to begin planning your own unique adventure!  We would love to hear from you!!

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