Africa Safari Weddings and Elopements during the Great Migration


When you are an adventure seeking animal, nature, and warm weather lover, you may rack your brain on the best wedding or elopement locations.  But look no further, we have an idyllic destination wedding location for you… Africa!  Imagine yourself witnessing one of natures most amazing natural wonders in the animal kingdom and being among millions of animals migrating from Tanzania to Kenya.  It’s often described as “the greatest show on earth!”  Having an Africa Safari Weddings and Elopements during the Great Migration is a truly a once in a lifetime experience so why not combine it with your adventurous wedding day?!

Why Plan a Safari Wedding in Africa:

Going on safari is an indescribable unique adventure, it’s hard to put words to.   But I’ll try!  In short, it’s a feeling of being one with nature and understanding what the “circle of life” really means.  You are venturing into an area of the world untouched by humans and a entire world unravels in front of you.  Picture yourself tracking families of cheetahs to elephants, in their natural element.  There you are  really getting a first hand account on how these animals live, love, and survive on the desolate African plains.  Pairing that experience with having an adventure wedding in the midst is life gifting yourself and your African wedding guests with an unforgettable adventure.  So why not plan an Africa Safari Wedding or Elopement during the Great Migration?

Best time for an African Safari Adventure Wedding:

So the first question that may come to mind when you think about an African safari would be the famed, “Great Migration.”  Am I right?  For those of you unfamiliar with that phenomena, the Great Migration is a year-round wildlife experience!  The area that it covers though is East Africa, from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya.  Ideal locations for an Africa Safari Wedding or Elopement!  Come along for our personal Adventure Wedding Planner favorite months and why follow below…

Ideal Months in the Serengeti in Tanzania:

  • February to April – Can be a wet month (evenings mostly) but the game activity is fantastic.  Many animals are giving birth and predator activity is often.
  • July – Mating time again in the Serengeti!
  • August – Best weather.  This is also the time where the dramatic wildebeests cross the Mara River hoping to escape the grip of crocodiles!
  • October – The herds begin to move back into the lands seeing green grass and endless water supplies.
  • November – When you will see more “family” herds together grazing.


Best Months to Visit the  Masai Mara in Kenya:

  • April to May – See babies of all types!  Hello fuzzy baby cheetahs 😉
  • July – The first herds of wildebeests cross the Mara River.
  • August – Our personal favorite month in Kenya.  Best weather (warm clear days and cool starry nights) and game viewing.

What to Expect on Your African Safari Wedding or Elopement:

Imagine getting up before sunrise (around 5amam) on a gorgeous August morning.  Prepare for it to be colder than you expect (layers are important).  You leave your glamping tent (like our favorite at Mahali Mzuri, in Kenya) escorted by staff to the main house.  Delighting in a light snack before the morning adventure of coffee an fruit.  Your group and fabulous game driver meet you with big smiles and you head out to the safari trucks.  Getting nestled in for mornings journey, you put on your fleece poncho and put your hands under a hot water bottle and the excitement begins!

Nothing compares to watching the sun rise over the African plains.  Seeing the zebras, gazelles, elands and topis on your way out into Olare Motorogi Conservancy, as the  munch on the endless supply of grass.  The morning brings the lions, cubs, cheetahs, leopards all looking for prey or a shady spot to relax in.  Hopefully you will see a predator in action and feed its family (fingers crossed!)!

By 9:30am your morning adventure concludes and you head over to a delicious homemade breakfast!  Relaxing by the pool, spa, or main house is a perfect way to spend the rest of the morning hours!

Safari Adventure Wedding Ceremony in Africa:

Around 1pm, you might grab a bite of lunch and then begin your Africa adventure wedding prep!!  Hair and makeup can easily be arranged to come to your tent (along with lunch) so you can stay cozy.  As the sun gets a bit lower, around 3pm your group would be invited to the main deck to witness your amazing wedding ceremony in Africa.  Alternatives for a ceremony location could be out in the African bush too, all depends on how adventurous you feel like being!  Having a wedding ceremony at Richard Branson’s resort in Kenya, Mahali Mzuri is ideal because of the spanning and panoramic decks, as they overlook an elephant watering hole!

Once the ceremony finishes, your group would load back into the modified Land Rovers for another evening safari sunset adventure!  Imagine getting your adventure wedding photos right in the African plains!  You may even prefer a “in the bush” wedding reception for your destination wedding safari in Africa.  Or you can choose something more formal back at the restaurant.

Ending the night with a bang, it would be amazing to treat yourself and guests to drinks on the deck in front of the fireplace.  There you can listen to the roar of the lions and all of the sounds of the animal kingdom!  What a way to end an a Africa Safari Wedding or Elopement during the Great Migration!

Africa Safari Wedding or Elopement during the Great Migration:

Eloping while on safari is whimsical and seriously unforgettable!  Very few people in the world have the opportunity to witness such beauty naturally.  Sharing that experience of an adventure wedding in Africa with all of you love can be a forever bond too.  That said, are you totally intrigued with planning an Africa safari wedding or elopement during the Great Migration?  If so, feel free to contact us for more information on making that dream a reality!  Join us next time when we feature some of our favorite safari wedding hotels in East Africa!

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