Santorini Wedding Hotel: Andronis Concept Wellness Resort


Did you know there are over 1,200 islands in the Greek Isles?  Spread across the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea there are both inhabited and uninhibited islands to explore.  Santorini is a world favorite you often hear about and one of those places in the world that comes with an endless supply of sunshine and romance.  More often than not, couples choose this location for a wanderlust honeymoon destination versus a destination wedding.  Planning a Greece adventure wedding is not typically in our repertoire, as it usually boasts one too many tourists for our taste, but there is a specific Santorini wedding hotel we had been waiting to open….

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is hands down one of the most amazing European hotels our adventure wedding planning team has had the pleasure of basing ourselves at.  It is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Santorini towns to make you feel isolated from the world.  It also boasts an incredible about of luxury from start to finish.

Santorini Wedding Hotel: Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

So let’s talk about your arrival to your Santorini wedding hotel, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort…  We were greeted by a pre-arranged staffer inside the terminal, we were whisked away in a luxury car and arrived at the resort within 20ish minutes.  Within 5 minutes of arriving we had champagne in our hands as we checked in.  The staff were charming, educated us on all of the amazing amenities of the resort and reconfirmed our week of services we booked (from countless spa services, scuba diving, sailing, to a sunset helicopter ride).  The manager escorted us to our suite and showed us around, it was delightful!

Every single suite is two stories, has a plunge pool on the top level, and comes with breakfast served to your suite with a view of the stunning Caldera!  Our adventure wedding team spent five glorious days in the Wet Allure suite at this private Santorini wedding hotel!  Did someone say heaven was here?!  Umm yeah, we did 😉  As we settled into our room, we were happy to find one of our favorite bottles of rose champagne (Laurent Perrier) and strawberries!  Let the romance begin!!

Best Luxury Hotel in Santorini:

One of the first things that come to mind when you seek a luxury resort is the caliber of the room service.  It can be hit or miss when it comes to true five star resorts, but the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort will exceed your expectations, we promise you!  Our adventure wedding planning team only dined once in the restaurant, Throubi and ordered room or poolside service the rest of the time.  The restaurant was nice and had a romantic vibe.

The only complaint was that the champagne selection was less than to be desired (they were out of at least 3 of the 4 bottles we asked for).  For a luxury hotel, we expected them to be well stocked, knowing we had pre-ordered 2 bottles 3 months earlier.  Grand scheme of everything, this is a minor thing and certainly not a deal breaker when selecting this posh resort.  Breakfast was made to order and a super awesome selection (and at least one of us are a picky eater)!  I mean, who wouldn’t want a view like the below every single morning during your adventure wedding in Santorini?!

The luxury doesn’t stop there either… The grounds of the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort at every point offer a stunning Santorini wedding ceremony location.  The chairs can be removed by the pool to set the scene or you can book one of the 2-4 bedroom villas for group to have an even more intimate roomy view of the Caldera.

The Kallos Spa offers a fantastic list of services for you to surrender yourself to.  A couples massage is a perfect service to get started with!  We found the staff to be very experienced, kind, and respectful of also giving us our space before and after.  You can even have drinks delivered, healthy or not.

When you research Santorini Wedding Hotels for your elopement or group, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort will exceed your expectations.  We dare you to give them a try!

Oia Greece WEdding Locations:

Most of the full on “towns” in Santorini will be flooded with people during high season (June-September).  We went in May to scout and it was crazy busy between 11-3pm, like “get me outta here, I hate crowds” kind of busy.  But we had the town all to ourselves from 8-11am and it was super enjoyable.  It’s just when those cruise ships get on the island then it’s my worst nightmare literally and figuratively!  For wedding photo locations in Santorini, we found some super sweet spots as you’ll see below.  We also were able to meet, greet, and get permission from many of the building owners to allow us to seek out some amazing Santorini wedding locations in the town of Oia.

Unique Experiences in Santorini Greece:

Are you an adventure seeker or always searching for unique experiences?  Maybe you love the idea of sightseeing via a private helicopter during your Santorini elopement or island hopping by a sailboat or catamaran.  The best ways to really see Santorini during your destination wedding week, is by air or sea.  It really allows you to get a perspective on how beautiful the island is.  Adventure Wedding Planner Tip: Greece’s aviation rules do not allow you to drink champagne while riding in the helicopter.  Only before take off and after landing.

One Santorini unique experience we can 100% tell you that is a “must do” is renting a private sailboat or catamaran from the Santorini Yachting Club.  They will take you to a more “off the beaten path” places and into areas that may be touristy but they will get you in there earlier.  An example of this was swimming in the volcanic hot springs (Nea Kameni Volcano) before all of the big boats came, we literally had the place all to ourselves for over 45 minutes!  When lunchtime came, the captain and first mate crafted a traditional Greek grilled lunch for us along with some mojitos!  A truly unforgettable day sailing around the island of Santorini!  Can you imagine doing something just as exclusive for your unique Santorini elopement?

Athens Greece Adventure Wedding Locations:

A super cool experience and I’d even dare to say an incredibly unique Greek wedding reception venue is Dinner in the Sky Athens.  No joke folks!  Have you seen this amazing experience anywhere else in the world?  It may seem a little silly at first, but I promise you, it’s not only one of the BEST dinners I’ve had, but easily, one of the best views!!

Dinner in the Sky Athens can seat 22 people for your Greece destination wedding reception.  Your group will be served 5 courses with bottomless wine at 50 meters high above Athens.  The view will be Acropolis and countless other historic places.  If you are a Greek mythology buff, this is a perfect adventure wedding location for you!

After this Santorini wedding hotel blog post, are you itching to possibly plan your own unique destination wedding in Greece?  If so, we would love to hear from you and learn more about your ideas for your adventure wedding in Santorini and beyond!  Feel free to contact our Your Adventure Wedding team!!

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