Maldives Wedding Locations: Meeru Island


When you start thinking about warm destination wedding and honeymoon locations, the Maldives likely have come to mind at some point in time.  You know the incredible place we see in screen savers of images those stunning over-the-water bungalows… Am I right?  The Maldives can be found in South Asia and there are 1,200 islands to choose from to explore for your adventure wedding.  For a North American, it can be a bit more of a “pipe” dream to get all of their friends and family to the Maldives to see them marry because of how expensive plane tickets can be across the oceans to Asia.  But don’t let that challenge discourage you from trying to hold an adventurous wedding or elopement in the Maldives.  If you invite guests and they cannot make the trip, don’t fret.  It just means you can then focus on a whimsical elopement in the Maldives in which you might find yourself enjoy more!

Choosing an island is likely the most trying task, at least it was for my husband and I when we were trying to find the perfect place to honeymoon!  Each resort in the Maldives offers up pros and cons.  Some are more focused on the folks who just like to beach/relax and others offer a good location base to do island exploration and thrill seeking adventures.  Being travel junkies who are adventurous, we look long and hard for an island that allowed us to be active (scuba dive, snorkel, hike, kayak, SUP, wind surf, etc) and still have over-the-water bungalows with room service.  We found our perfect place on Meeru Island Resort & Spa.  So today we would love to take you on an a little tour of this fabulous island in the Maldives so you can see the potential in having your adventure wedding, elopement or honeymoon there!

Upon arrival to Male, in the Republic of the Maldives the airport is crazy hot (like change as soon as you clear customs or change on the plane before you land).  Then you grab your bags and head over to the crazy rows of resorts and find Meeru Island.  They will have your name on the list (Adventure Wedding Planning Tip: Make sure you contact the Meeru Island Resort ahead of time to confirm your boat transfer time in conjunction with your landing time).

The Meeru Island boat transfer team helped us with our bags, gave us bottled water and we were on our way.  It was about a 40-60 minute boat ride to the island and it was not as scenic as we hoped, but still pretty cool.  When we arrived to Meeru, they told us to leave our bags (so make sure you have anything personal / expensive on you) and they would be taking them to our villas after check in.  The team welcomed us with colorful drinks and a staffer sat with us to explain all of the ins and outs of the resort and the “all-inclusive” features.  We were then whisked away and escorted to our over-the-water bungalow via golf cart.  The excitement was off the charts!

The Maldives over the water villa was freaking stunning and oh-so romantic.  A part of me was slightly regretting getting married in the Lofoten Islands, and not getting married in the Maldives on Meeru Island!  We were on the sunset view side in November-December and it was serious perfection!  We suggest you request the same for to your elopement in the Maldives if you’re a sunset lover.  And if you find yourself not wanting to leave your over-the-water-villa during your wedding in the Maldives you can do that too.  We had a private hot tub on our deck, direct ocean access, and room service delivered often!

The grounds and location of Meeru Island were perfect for us in our opinion.  We stayed on the adults only side of the resort so we never had issues with children spoiling our experience at meal time or at the infinity pool.  We also had an ample amount of things to do from the lovely spa services, pool and hammock time, to tennis, football (aka for our American clients: Soccer), double kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Wind Surfing, snorkeling and our scuba diving each day.

What originally drew us to the Maldives and specifically Meeru Island for our post adventure wedding trip (aka, Honeymoon) was that the islands are renowned for their impeccable scuba diving locations.  Euro-Divers who is a PADI certified scuba diving team was hands down the BEST team I have had the pleasure of diving with.  I was already open water scuba certified but my husband planned on getting certified (while I worked a tiny bit on our honeymoon 😉 ) and they took good care of him!  By the end of our 10+ day trip in the Maldives we were both deep diving Nitrox certified too.  From Meeru Island in the Maldives, we were able to explore some unforgettable dive sites, including doing a nighttime shipwreck dive.  Scuba diving or snorkeling with them during your pre or post wedding in the Maldives is a fantastic choice!

Having your wedding, elopement, or honeymoon photographs taken at Meeru Island in the Maldives is a beautiful excursion around the island.  There are many options in locations on island.  We photographed our own honeymoon photos in the Maldives to provide you with a starting point example of locations below.  And we would be happy to share more with you if you are interested in wedding photos in the Maldives!

Other adventure wedding activities on Meeru Island could be having you and your guests participate in an Asian cooking class.  This is an awesome way to add in a cultural element.  There are also several off island boat excursions to explore, see more HERE.


The Maldives has endless options for couples who embrace warm weather adventure wedding locations, where they can partake in crystal clear water, white sand beaches, relaxation, and stunningly beautiful wedding photo locations!  Meeru Island in the Maldives, has everything needed for anytime of group both low key and thrill seeking couples who wish to hold an adventurous elopement, wedding, or honeymoon!

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