Dunans Castle: Adventure Wedding Location in Scotland


Scotland is known for their rich and interesting history, adventurous nature, and of course it’s dynamic picture perfect landscape.  Once outside of the city limits, it’s hard not to take an inspiring photograph.  There are millions of acres of wilderness and mountains to explore in Scotland, so it’s only fitting that such a magical place can also set the scene as the perfect adventure wedding location in the United Kingdom (UK).


If you’re an adventurer but still at heart a romantic, then you may find your Scotland wedding ceremony location in one of the two thousand some castles that dot the island.  Some may stand tall in ideal condition, others in ruins, and then some in-between trying to be restored to their once had been glory.  As an adventure wedding planner in Scotland, we tend to embrace the latter because it comes with more a story that adds to the overall charm.


If you’re looking for a destination wedding location in Scotland, that is private, secluded, and still boasts adventure as a venue, then I’m pleased to introduce you today, the spectacular: Dunans Castle.  Come along with us as we explore it!

In 1815 Thomas Telford designed and built the a-listed Dunans Bridge for the Fletchers of Dunans to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo.  Several years later in 1864, the castle / home was built in its full glory.   Sadly, centuries later in 2001 the historical landmark went up in flames and became a castle ruin.  With the bridge still being intact and parts of the castle better than others, there was still a ton of potential.  The new owners, Charles and Sadie purchased the property in 2003, knowing they had a long road of restoration ahead of them.  They are enthusiastic about the challenge and are working everyday towards restoring Dunans Castle to its once unbelievable beauty.

Restoration Project:  The Dunans Castle Team (aka, ScottishLaird Project) has a intricate plan they are currently following that is tackling the restoration in stages based on funding levels.  Stages include building paths around the 25 acre property, creating signs for safe visits, removing rumble from the fires destruction and then once the nitty-gritty stuff is done, they can focus the time, energy and funds to building a new roof and rehabilitating the inside to it’s immaculate and historical sparkle.

So are you intrigued and a tiny bit curious how you might help?  If you find yourself intrigued and want to also be a part of Scottish history, you can!  The Dunans Castle team has a special way of making you a part of “Restoring a Castle in the Highlands!”  They have created a community that is supporting the restoration by offering you a formal Scottish title (you become a Lairds and Ladies) and beautiful accessories to start your Scottish love story with this beautiful castle.  See HERE for more information.  Frankly, with all of the buzz around finding your ancestry these days, it’s a perfect gift for that person who might have everything!

The location…. Remember last week, when you boasted about how amazing of a hidden gem the Cowal Way was?  This lovely castle can be found within the Cowal Way making it a perfect Scotland adventure wedding location!  The added bonus is that it is only a mere 1.5 hours drive from the busy streets of Glasgow too!

The grounds around Dunans Castle offer a lovely variety for your Scotland destination wedding (or elopement) photos.  There are always some sort of colors popping through their trees, ground cover, or how the castle itself shimmers from every corner of the property.  The bridge, the castle, the paths, the forest surrounding, mountains, the waterfall, there are countless options to explore.

There are endless options throughout the Dunans Castle 25 acre property where you can choose to hold your private Scotland wedding ceremony.  If you are having the wedding ceremony elsewhere, but want to have incredible Scotland adventure wedding photos taken on the grounds of the castle, that is a wonderful option too!  The castle grounds are available for rent (remember this is a fantastic way to participating in the restoration of the castle mission too!) if you wish to have it exclusive for your wedding photos in Scotland.  The team at Dunans Castle would also be happy to arrange for a champagne toast upon your arrival!

Weddings and Elopements at Dunans Castle:

Our team at Your Adventure Wedding, crafted a custom  Scottish”woodland fairy-tale” themed romantic reception for two!  There was plenty of moss covered wood around the property that allowed us to draw the outside elements into creating a luxury twist for this elopement couple.  The scene was set just outside of the Laird’s Retreat Bungalow, just a short walk from the main castle area.  Enjoy the Scotland wedding photos below from the elopement adventure at Dunans Castle!

Oh la la and take a look at these gorgeous Scotland adventure wedding details!  Wow-wee a real life fairty-tale at a castle!

Could there be anything more romantic than having an adventure wedding (or Scotland luxury elopement) on the grounds of a rustic castle?!  Also take note that the fabulous Swooned Magazine did a lovely feature on our adventurous Scotland styled elopement, feel free to go back HERE to revel in it!

Your Adventure Wedding’s personal experience at Dunans Castle:

We are always blown away by unique places that are based in an adventurous location and Dunans sits at the heart of Scotland’s most hidden and beautiful gem, The Cowal Way.  But we also appreciate a place that also has a mission to restore history and allow you to become a part of it, because let’s be honest it’s inspirational to be a part of something bigger than you.  Although Dunans Castle is not a location you can venture inside of (at the time this blog post was written), the grounds themselves boast so much beauty.

Flying into Glasgow was easy and we very much looked forward to embarking on the 1.5 hour drive into the highlands towards the castle.  The drive was lovely!  Turning off the main road and driving across the bridge, my heart stopped.  I got out of the car before the bridge and just marveled at the castle, it honestly took my breath away.  I thought to myself… I get to stay here for the next 2 nights?!  Wow!  When I parked at the visitor center sign, I opened my car door and was greeted with lovely fragrant air from the flowers in bloom all around the property.

From a distance I saw a goat… Apparently, she wonders over from the nearby farm because Dunans has the BEST grass to graze on 😉  The resident dog also gave me a warm meet and greet followed by the energetic Dunans staff.  They helped me down to the Lairds’ Retreat Bungalow and showed me all 3 houses and their purpose.  IE, the bungalow is split under 3 roofs/sections offering a rustic yet cozy experience.  The kitchen is in one, the bathroom in another, and the sleeping / hanging out area in another.  The floor plan allows you to fully connect with nature, brilliant if you ask me!

Lairds’ Retreat, a truly unique intimate experience with nature.  This is not the typical luxury accommodation we opt for, but it was honestly the 2 best sleeps of my life.  I was totally disconnected from the world (IE, no cell phone reception back in the forest area) and connected with nature as I watched the sunrise and set from the loft sky window.  The only thing I was missing was my husband!

Dunans Castle’s Lairds’ Retreat would be a perfect Scotland honeymoon or anniversary accommodation for you to fully connect (or reconnect) with each other.  There is a fire-pit outside of the house too that you can delight in and drink some bubbles or Scottish beers!  The Dunans staff also have romantic add on’s like having a hamper (as you folks in the U.K say) or luxury picnic basket to delight in upon arrival.  The basket is filled with all local items for you to experience!

I would also dare to say that Dunans Castle may also be the perfect place to propose in Scotland!  Imagine yourself here in their shoes…

After you propose at Dunans Castle, they can sweetly arrange a private picnic for the two of you to delight in.  How special and unique is that?!   I can just picture you proposing in front of Dunans Castle and the sharing that homemade delicious picnic waterfall side, under the bridge or on top of the nearby mountain!  The entire 25 acre grounds can be available for rent to you exclusively for your unforgettable proposal in Scotland, feel free to contact Dunans Castle directly, HERE,if this is of interest to you!

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