Intimate Lakeside Iceland Wedding Adventure

By deciding to elope or hold a destination wedding in Iceland, you are presented with endless options of locations.  Will you hold your wedding ceremony at one of the 6,000+ waterfalls?  Inside of a Volcano?  At one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers?   On top of a cliff or inside of a canyon?  On a black desert?  Inside of a natural cave or an ice cave?  With your toes between black or golden sand?  Will you have your wedding ceremony atop lave rocks covered by super green moss?  In front of a steaming geothermal area?  No joke, there is no shortage of of wedding locations in Iceland!

Hailing from the Midwest in the United States, Elizabeth and Drew found themselves drawn to the idea of planning a wedding in Iceland.  The diversity of the landscape allowed them also to bring their guests on an unforgettable adventure.  Our friends at Iceland Wedding Planner planned their adventure wedding experience and our team at Your Adventure Wedding (formally known as Photos by Miss Ann) had them pleasure of being their Iceland wedding photographers!

After perusing all of the amazing unique adventure wedding locations presented by Iceland Wedding Planner, in the end Elizabeth and Drew decided on a beautiful lake to hold their Iceland wedding ceremony.  So join us today as we take you through their lovely Iceland adventure wedding day!

The day began early in the morning in Southern Iceland at the luxury hotel named, Hotel Grimsborgir.  Iceland hair and makeup artists joined Elizabeth in their gorgeous suite and glammed her up!  The only traditional element Elizabeth and Drew wished to keep was that they did a “first look” giving them a chance to have an intimate moment together before the awesomeness of the adventure day began.  We loved photographing Drew’s sweet reaction to Elizabeth’s gorgeous Iceland wedding day look!  Shortly after they shared that first look moment, they (and their 15+ guests) jumped into super jeeps for the day to start the Iceland adventure wedding day!

The super cool thing about this Iceland destination wedding… Is that outside of the bride and groom, none of their guests knew where they were adventuring to!  The energy and the excitement was off the charts as we took our drive to their private lakeside ceremony spot in Iceland!  Upon arrival, the Iceland wedding planning team setup benches and reindeer skin in a non-traditional half circle, just as Elizabeth wished for (she did desire a traditional “aisle way”).  They said their Iceland wedding vows to each other, made most of their guests tear up, and held a beautiful “knot” ceremony.  They kissed and the rest of the adventure wedding day began!

As soon as the ceremony concludes, it is so fun to see Iceland wedding guests begin their own adventure within the bride and grooms big adventure.  You see guests taking photos, touching, and exploring every inch of the location!  All while we get the beautiful opportunity to take Iceland wedding photos of the newly-wedded couple!  And these two look GOOD with this stunning landscape, see for yourself below!  I mean seriously, have you seen a more gorgeous lake with such a variety of textures and tones?!

I think for many of the guests, they would have been totally satisfied with that amazing lakeside Iceland wedding location, but then Elizabeth and Drew surprised them all by telling them it was a full day adventure and we had soooo many other cool locations to go and explore!  The next location was a super secret cave that had it’s own adventure to be able to get to it 😉  Then add in a beautifully lit mountain and everyone was already so thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the offbeat areas of Iceland!

After all that excitement, the group worked up an appetite and the Iceland wedding planning and super jeep team was happy to provide them a traditional bbq of Icelandic hot dogs (Mmm delicious lamb hot dogs! #yesplease!)!  …but not just anywhere, they took us to an AMAZING private black sand beach that had crashing waves and lava rocks!  We may have snuck in some amazing Iceland wedding photos too while we were waiting for them to setup!  Can all destination weddings have this awesome of a lunch stop?!

The adventure continued with a quick stop for some moss field photos and then did some epic river crossings in the super jeeps that got everyone’s adrenaline pumping while on the way to the next Iceland wedding photo location!

Just when we thought we had seen all of Iceland’s amazingly unique textures and tones… This locations took it up a notch!  We marveled over these gorgeous golden cliffs with Elizabeth and Drew!  It was hard to not want to stay here photographing their Iceland wedding photos here all day, but alas, we still had more of the adventure!  The boys sneaked in a little “black  death” shot break right before we headed to yet another unforgettable adventure wedding location!  So fun!!

I think everyone who travels to Iceland is interested in seeing the whole “Fire and Ice” experience.  Although, Elizabeth and Drew were not as interested in focusing on the ice part, they did love the idea of exploring a private geothermal area that Iceland Wedding Planner has access too!  …and oh la la was it cool!!  It was so quite and so powerful in the same breath.  Making it a really dynamic place for Iceland wedding photos, that’s for sure!  Just when we thought that was it… there was one final location that was on the adventure wedding schedule to explore…

What Iceland wedding day would be complete without visiting one of Iceland’s 6,000+ waterfalls?!  None!  So we enjoyed a lovely stop at this offbeat waterfall with Elizabeth, Drew, and their Iceland wedding guests!

After such a fantastic adventure wedding day in Iceland, we headed back to Hotel Grimsborgir, where the group was told they had about one hour to rest, refresh, and catch their second wind.  They were then invited to come back down to delight in a delicious Iceland wedding reception with Elizabeth and Drew!  The reception was beautiful decored in earthy moss and the 4 course meal was simply unforgettable!  I’d say it was the PERFECT end to a PERFECT adventure wedding day!!

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