Glacier Adventure Wedding in Iceland

One of the BEST parts of our adventure wedding planning process is getting to know our clients through Skype meetings. It’s important to hear about your love stories, adventures together, interests, and limits. Everyone adventures at a different level and has different types of scenery that excites them. Some may think a mountain top with sweeping vistas is ideal, whereas others are thrilled at the idea of venturing to a glacier area, secret waterfall, or private cave. Once we have an awesome understanding, we spend time hand crafting unique adventures away from typical tourist locations, in any part of the world.

Trishia and Chris who hail from Hawaii, reached out to us totally in love with our adventure wedding concept. They yearned for something offbeat and an active day they could spend together pushing their limits, making unforgettable memories. They were engaged on a black sand beach in Hawaii so drawing that element in was also a key ingredient. After our initial conversation we all decided an adventure wedding in Iceland would be ideal. So the awesome Iceland wedding planning time began!

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Living on a dramatic island themselves, they felt strongly that Iceland would be able to provide the unique experience they were looking for. So our Your Adventure Wedding planning team, handcrafted 6 amazing unique hour by hour schedules for these two to consider and they fell in love with one that would marry them in an ice cave! Between December – March is Iceland’s formal “ice caving” and Northern Lights season so they were just in time to induldge with their Iceland elopement being planned for the 17th of March!

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The day began at 5am for hair and makeup at one of our favorite hotels, Icelandair Klaustur. There was a snow storm forecasted for the next 2 days in a row, but these two embraced the snowy conditions!

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The interesting things about several of Iceland’s 13 glaciers is that many of the glaciers have layers. You’ll see white ice / snow, black sand that has embedded, and blue ice being the most pure. It’s pretty neat to see the layers play together. Ethereal.

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After a 10-15 minute hike, we were at the base of the ice cave ready to strap on our crampons and climb inside!

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The textures and tones inside of that natural ice cave set the scene for the perfect winter Iceland wedding ceremony!

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How pretty was the brides Iceland wedding bouquet in front of the glacier?!

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Ohhh and the grooms dapper Iceland wedding boutonniere, love!

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Even though the snow was blowing hard and fog setting in these two held each other closer and savored the view during their Iceland elopement adventure!

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I adore brides who pick up their Iceland wedding dress ready to hike!

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Never have I ever been to an area that was so recently created… As the glacier receded, in one of our weekly scouting days, we found a hidden cave that I’m pretty sure I was the FIRST to ever go inside. Seriously, there was still ash inside there from the last eruption. It was INCREDIBLE and frankly left me speechless. I was soooo freaking excited to share it with these two for a private Iceland wedding picnic inside!

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Trishia and Chris were left equally speechless to have such a unique experience during their elopement adventure with us!

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Ohhhh did I mention as part of their private picnic we did a traditional bbq of Icelandic hot dogs?! It was AWESOME! …side note to those who cringe at the idea of a hot dog on their wedding day- I hate American hot dogs but I could eat 3 a day of Icelandic. They are made with lamb meat, not pig parts 😉

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It’s been several months since their Iceland elopement adventure and seeing these images still give me goosebumps! The cave and the glacier behind, what a combo!

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Iceland wedding photos are always at the top of my list! The unique textures and tones just blow my mind! Look at those icicles!! Crazy!

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The weather got a tiny bit worse after lunch but Trishia and Chris just laughed and adventured harder through it! …and as adventure wedding photographers we just role with the excitement!

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Our next Iceland wedding adventure stop was discovering a secret canyon!

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Since they come from an island full of golden beaches, they loved the idea of exploring a private black sand beach during their Iceland wedding day!

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For the last stop of the day, we “plan B’d” the situation and tried to find blue skies and green instead of snow! Our adventure wedding planning team took them to a new canyon we had recently scouted and it was just PERFECT!

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Crossing rivers on your Iceland wedding day is just a normal fun activity to do as you adventure together hand in hand!

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As a quick warm up these two got to try out a very traditional Icelandic snack… By having a shot of Brennivin (also referred to as “black death”) and dried fish (or fish jerky)! You either love it or hate it.

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In the evening when we made it back to the fabulous hotel, they had a little bit of time to rest and refresh before they delighted in a delicious dinner for two! Did you know the restaurant inside of the Icelandair Klaustur Hotel, has hands down the BEST Arctic Char on the island?! Look how delicious it is! Yum!!

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Chris and Trishia,

Oh my gosh!! You got married inside of such a badass ice cave in Iceland! What an incredible day you shared together. Keep adventuring together and exploring new places together to keep your forever newlywed status alive!

It was so much planning and photographing your unforgettable elopement adventure in Iceland! Thank you for choosing us! We hope you relive this day over and over again! We’d love to see you back for an anniversary adventure to show you some amazing new spots! ?

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Adventure Wedding Planner and Photographer)

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