Adventure Weddings & Eloping in the Faroe Islands

Oh la la!!  Planning adventure weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands…  Pretty sure this destination wedding location pulls at our very own heart strings.   Although it may not be chalk-full of crazy adventures as some of the other Nordic countries offer, it is one that is uber dreamy.


Because it feels like you are the only ones in the world adventuring together!  For example, the landscape feels unexplored and unencumbered.  Seriously who wouldn’t want that feeling for their whimsical wedding or adventurous elopement?!

Eloping in the Faroe Islands

In your wildest dreams and with no boundaries, what type of place would you want to elope?  For instance, maybe a private waterfall, hiking through enchanted cliffs, within a seaside village, or what about on a sailboat!?  Faroe Islands elopement locations offer many different types of tones and textures.  On that same note, did you know there are over 16 islands to explore within the Faroe Islands?  Lots of places to explore!!

Crafting the perfect timeline for your adventurous elopement is what we are best at!  Eloping in the Faroe Islands could look something like the below schedule so you can begin wrapping your brain around the awesomeness!

Example Faroe Islands Elopement Itinerary:
  • 5:30-6am Wake up!  You’re getting married in the Faroe Islands!
  • 6-8:30am Hair and Makeup team come to the hotel.
  • 8:30-9am Breakfast, final touches and get wedding attire on.
  • 9-10am Drive to the Faroe Islands ceremony location.
  • 10-10:30am Wedding Ceremony at an Faroe Islands private property waterfall!
  • 10:30-11:30am Explore around and Faroe Islands elopement portraits.
  • 11:30-12pm Explore and wedding portraits at a nearby Faroe Islands Canyon.
  • 12-12:30pm Drive to a Faroe Islands offbeat waterfall.
  • 12:30-1:30pm Exploration, picnic lunch, and Faroe Islands elopement photos there.
  • 1:30-2pm Drive to another awesome secret area for photos
  • 2-2:30pm Explore and wedding photos at this awesome offbeat overview spot like an area of historical grass covered houses.
  • 2:30-3:30pm Drive to Faroe Islands Sailboat for an adventure to a secret village OR take a ferry and hike around an Faroe Islands offbeat island.
  • 3:30-4:30pm Explore the village during the Faroe Islands adventure wedding!
  • 6:30-7:30pm Drive back to the hotel and rest / refresh!
  • 8pm-? Dinner somewhere awesome!

Make sure you check out one of previous Faroe Islands elopements too!!  Sounds like weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands is the BEST DAY EVER!  Are we right?!

Travelling to the Faroe Islands

Alright, so now that we have sold you on adventure weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands, you’re like how do we freaking get there?  Firstly, the Faroe Islands are actually a formal part of Denmark, but they are self governing.  Secondly, you’ll begin from your home country or state and take a flight from there to one of the following: Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH); Reykjavik Iceland (RKV – the domestic airport); Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI); or Bergen, Norway (BGO).  Airlines that fly to and from the Faroe Islands (FAE) are Atlantic Airways, Air Iceland, and Scandinavian Airlines.

Arriving to the Faroe Islands, it is best to rent a car to have exploring freedom.  Further, on several of the islands you’re able to bring your car with you on the ferry too!  Moreover the names of all of the notable Islands within the Faroes follow below.

The 18 Islands of the Faroe Islands:

1- Streymoy is the main land where you will begin your Faroe Islands elopement adventure!

2- Eysturoy is an island you can easily drive to from the main land.  Your elopement in the Faroe Islands on Eysturoy may be spent exploring cliffs, canyons, and fishing villages.

3- On the island of Vágar your adventure wedding in the Faroe Islands will showcase rock formations, waterfalls, and stunning mysterious beaches!  The island of Vágar is easily accessed by car from a bridge from the main land.

4- High seaside cliffs line the island of Suðuroy.  Lots of short to long hikes can be found here to discover during your adventurous elopement in the Faroe Islands.

5- Sandoy is an island rich in bird life.  In summer the island is full of the opportunity to see puffins!

6- Borðoy houses 5 gorgeous mountain peaks that range from 392 to 755 meters!  Hello Faroe Islands hiking elopement!

7- Viðoy connects to the mainland via a causeway.  Here you’ll explore the natural bird life the island houses, explore an offbeat waterfall and a historic church!

8- In addition, the northeast island of Kunoy is also directly linked via causeway.  Therefore, you will find interesting rock formations, island views, and historic places for adventure to during your Faroe Islands elopement.

Faroe Islands only Accessible by Helicopter or Ferry:

9- A ferry must take you to the island of Kalsoy within the Faroe Islands.  Exploring sharp cliff edges and hiking will be on your Faroe Islands wedding agenda here.

10- Svínoy is an isolated island that you can only get to via ferry or helicopter.  Subsequently you will experience history and local culture at it’s best here.

11- Meanwhile on Fugloy Island, are an endless amount of birds!  The name itself translates to bird island and is only inhabited by 30ish people.  If you want a remote wedding in the Faroe Islands, take a ferry or helicopter here!

12- Nólsoy is a small seaside village only accessible by boat.  Colorful houses and bird watching are abundant as well!

13- Similarly to other bird islands, the island of Mykines is an ideal spot for a hike and a picnic!  You’ll take a ferry from the main land and have the opportunity to hike to a historical picturesque lighthouse as well.  Our team participated in sheep herding time during the month of September and it was sight to see!

14- Skúvoy is a breeding ground for birds during summer.  And only 20 or so people inhabit the village within.

15- On the island of Hestur you’ll find interesting things around the coastline like seaside caves and sharp mountains.

16- Stóra Dímun

17- Koltur allows you to experience the way people use to live on the Faroe Islands in old turf houses!  To get here though you’ll need to take a helicopter or a ferry.  What an interesting way to have adventure weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands!

18- Lítla Dímun

Adventure Weddings & Eloping in the Faroe Islands Hotel Options

Choosing where you will stay while eloping in the Faroe Islands is an exciting decision!  However, you likely need to begin by figuring out what island you will begin on so the adventure weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands schedule is doable from there.  Many of our Faroe Islands elopement couples choose to stay on the main land.  In fact, one of our favorite hotels is right there in the capital of Tórshavn.  Hotel Føroyar is a lovely hotel which sits above the downtown.

Actually Tórshavn itself is very nicely base for our hiking elopements in the Faroe Islands main land as it is very central to everything.  For instance, it is minutes away from the helicopter launching area and the harbor if wanting to explore the outer islands too!  The islands are also filled with plenty of options for bed & breakfasts and summerhouses available to rent while eloping in the Faroe Islands.

Adventure Wedding Locations in the Faroe Islands

Having a Faroe Islands wedding could mean exploring dynamic cliff-lines, waterfalls, getting lost in the colorful boats of a quaint fishing village, or having your ceremony in an old stone cathedral!  What sort of Faroe Islands wedding location speaks to you?

Likewise, our adventure wedding planning team carefully crafts unique options for you to consider as you consider eloping in the Faroe Islands.  During our 90-120 minute interview process we get to know you both, your likes, dislikes, and level of adventure.  That way, we custom craft proposed itineraries that you will enjoy doing while eloping in the Faroe Islands!

Faroe Islands Wedding Planner

Lastly, if you love exploring Narnia like magical places, we would urge you to consider adventure weddings & eloping in the Faroe Islands!  In conclusion, our team would love to help you design an unforgettable Faroe Islands wedding day adventure!  Please contact us for more details on making that adventure come to life!