Adventure Weddings and Elopements in Egypt

Although an ancient city may not feel wild like raw nature does.  But it comes with different feelings that move you in another way.  When you step off the plane in Cairo, you’ll get an overwhelming feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself.  Can I be corny and say it’s like walking into a book?  So if you’re a history buff, talking about planning adventure weddings and elopements in Egypt may be music to your ears!

Safety in Egypt

Firstly though, did you know Egypt is actually part of Africa, not the Middle East.  However, let’s talk about safety.  For example, Americans often get hung up on whether or not a place is safe to visit.  As an American, I wondered this myself until we scouted the fabulous country.  Quickly we decided it was important for us to begin planning weddings and elopements in Egypt.  Why?  Egypt has gotten a bad rap over the years for being unsafe.  Fortunately, the partners and vendors we work with all work extremely hard to ensure a safe memorable experience for all involved.

Most importantly, all of the host hotels used for our adventure weddings and elopements in Egypt pride themselves on safety.  For instance, the hotels have many levels of security from gates, fences, staff, procedures, and machines all ensuring the never ending safety of their guests.  As a result, also on the streets as well as you travel, you’ll often find police baracades and checkpoints to further instill this feeling.  Note: There can always be isolated incidents, so be conscience of them by checking any Egypt travel advisories.


Likely one of the most exciting parts of of your early days of researching weddings and elopements in Egypt is dreaming of possible locations!!  The beauty of our style of planning is that if you come to us wanting adventurous elopement options throughout all areas of Egypt we can custom craft options.  To illustrate, our team provides a visual walk through of what to expect as well via a custom proposal document.

Alright now where do you picture yourself holding a romantic yet adventurous elopement in Egypt…  Let’s explore the many Egypt wedding locations to choose from!

Nile River Weddings and Elopements

Swoon!  Ever consider a romantic elopement on the Nile River?  Certainly there are options as the Nile River flows for over 4,000 miles and there are countless picturesque spots!  There is just something so memorable about experiencing a place where you know history was made.  After all, Cleopatra the Queen of the Nile ruled these areas and had several great loves while doing it!  Be like the Egyptian queen and proclaim your unconditional love and desire to adventure together beside the Nile River.  Or what about on a boat within the Nile River’s waves?!

Adventure Weddings in the Sahara Desert

Very few people in the world make the trek to the Sahara Desert.  As a result, it’s an Egypt wedding location that requires a bit more planning as things are not quite as accessible without coming at a cost.  The adventure begins as soon as you step in the jeep that will take you the camp where your Sahara Desert wedding ceremony will be.  Most importantly, you arrive to the desolate tundra and cannot believe you’re here!  Nothing in sight but your private camp and all you love!

Meanwhile, if eloping in the Sahara Desert, as just the two of you then you could also take the adventure up a notch.  Maybe the last few miles to where you will wed and “glamp” for the night you take on riding camels!  In short, weddings and elopements in Egypt are intriguing to people.  Because it’s an area that historically hasn’t been friendly to American travelers (or so the news outlets say), but that is not a case now.


Elopements in Egypt: The Great Pyramids

Sometimes you just got to elope!  Ditch tradition and the guests and elope at a world wonder, the Great Pyramids!  Weddings and Elopements in Egypt do not often find their way to having the Pyramids of Giza as an adventure wedding location.  Why?  Likely because at times it can be very touristy and also requires permits for professional photographers.

But don’t fret!  Our team can handle all of that for it for you, so you can focus on discovering a world wonder for your Egypt elopement photos!  Fun fact, one of our favorite Egypt wedding hotels offers an unforgettable view of the Great Pyramids!

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Wedding

Weddings and Elopements in Egypt offer many opportunities to relax and be treated like VIP’s!  So if you’re looking for a place that offers luxury and adventure for your elopement in Egypt we have just the place for you to consider!  Sharm El Sheikh is an area of Egypt that on the east coast.  It is known for it’s endless views, posh accommodation, world class scuba diving (and snorkeling)!

In fact, our favorite hotel is the Four Seasons in Sharm El Sheikh.  Every single inch of this place screams luxury and superior customer service.  That is to say, you and your Sharm El Sheikh wedding group would be very well looked after!  During your adventure wedding or elopement in Sharm El Sheikh, you could anticipate a sample itinerary something like this…

Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh Elopement Schedule:

  • 6-8am Hair and Makeup within your hotel room!
  • 8-8:30am Romantic Egypt elopement breakfast in your room!
  • 8:30-8:45am Walk down to your private Sharm El Sheikh wedding ceremony location
  • 8:45-9:15am Egypt wedding ceremony on the private beach or on a private balcony over the ocean!
  • 9:15-10am Explore the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh property for amazing wedding Egypt wedding photos!
  • 10-10:15am Take a private car to the start to a cliffside hike!
  • 10:15-12pm Short hike for cliffside wedding photos!
  • 12-12:15pm Drive back to the hotel
  • 12:15-1:30pm Styled luxury picnic lunch in a private area overlooking the ocean
  • 1:30-3:30pm Rest and relax!
  • 3:30-6pm Sunset boat adventure along the Red Sea Coast!  Plus sunset wedding photos!
  • 6-7pm Rest and Refresh!
  • 7-10pm? Dinner / Reception!  Maybe a styled table for two?
  • 10pm – Nighttime wedding photo?!

Sound like the best adventurous elopement in Egypt ever to you?!

Egypt Adventure Wedding Planner

Sold on having an us being experts in planning weddings and elopements in Egypt?   Our team would love to design a custom elopement in Egypt for you to experience!  Feel free to contact us to get that information flowing!