Rayavadee Thailand Wedding Anniversary Session

An incredible 5 star resort sits on a peninsula that is only accessible by boat.  So your adventure to the hotel begins with either a private transfer or by a long-tail boat transfer from Ao Nang (long-tail boat), Phi Phi Island (via 35 minute speedboat), or the Phuket International Airport (2 hour and 15 minute drive)!  Between the cities of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand, you’ll find this exclusive boutique resort called the Rayavadee.  I think it is fair to say this is a unique destination wedding or honeymoon location!  So come along with us today as we explore this fabulous resort and you also are a witness to a stunning Rayavadee Thailand Wedding Anniversary Session!

Luxury Wedding Hotel in Thailand: The Rayavadee Krabi

The resort has not missed a beat on the level of details or the experience factor, which is exactly what you want if having a Rayavadee Thailand Wedding!  For example, the property has thorough security all around ensuring your safety, the paths around the property are well kept, each villa has it’s own garden to delight, tall trees to keep privacy that typically have monkeys bouncing around above in.

Each villa is well equipped from a sizable minibar (includes champagne), to glasses for very type of drink you may wish for, plenty of towels for showering, beach, and pool.  And for those of you that are luxury travel seekers, you will be ecstatic to know there is a rather large room service menu and the service is the best we have had (and we practically order room service at every hotel we stay at around the world)!

Rayavadee Luxury Villas in Thailand:

When you check in to your villa your housekeepers shows you all of the in’s and out’s.  Our team stayed 2 nights in the Terrace Pavilion villa and 2 nights in the Hydro Pool Pavilion villa .  The differences were mainly in location.  The first villa was closer to the pool and the beach.  Whereas the other villa was near to Princess Cave Beach and sort of in the center of the resort where the monkeys hang out.  We often found a family of monkeys chilling at our villa poolside, it was super fun!  I can just see you now getting ready for your Rayavadee Thailand Wedding in one of the countless stunning villas!

Best Resort to Spend Your Wedding Anniversary:

The level of customer service and attention to detail is impressive.  Each night our villa was turned down, minibar was refilled (including glasses that were accidentally broken), and anything specifically requested (like ice, additional amenities, etc).  They even allowed for special requests for the very picky eater of the group along with any drink type you wished for.

Thailand Wedding Anniversary Photographer:

The talented Your Adventure Wedding Photographer, Danae Herrmann traveled to the Rayavadee for a Thailand wedding anniversary session.  The adventurous couples session morning began shortly before sunrise to ensure the soft glow of morning light, no vacationers at the Rayavadee pool, low tide, and the least amount of tourists and long boats on the beaches.

The pool at the Rayavadee is stunning and might be one of the most amazing pools our team has ever floated around in.  It’s super relaxing, picturesque, and offers a great view of Railay Beach (fantastic for people watching).  It is also a pretty darn majestic spot for Thailand wedding photos or to celebrate your anniversary!  The mountains behind are absolutely memorizing!  I mean just look at these Rayavadee Thailand Wedding anniversary images below!

Railay Beach Thailand Wedding Photos:

The best time to have wedding photos taken on Railay Beach is in the very early morning.  This is when it’s best for the tide, warm light, and the least amount of tourists visiting the beach (less people to Photoshop out of your adventurous Thailand wedding photos!)!  If you are just visiting Railay Beach for your Thailand honeymoon or anniversary, and not staying on the island it is best to arrive at sunrise or well before 10am to ensure you get a spot!  Also keep in mind the tide comes in quick so pick a spot further up on the shore than when you arrive.  Rayavadee Thailand Wedding anniversary photos on Railay beach are just the most dreamy, don’t you think?

Rayavadee Wedding Locations:

There are countless locations around the Rayavadee property and nearby that would be ideal to hold your adventurous Thailand elopement or wedding.  For example our favorite locations follows:

1- Three beaches surround the sides of the property.

2- Your Villa could be a perfect setting!

3- The Grotto (cave onsite the property where there is a restaurant)

4- Nammao Lawn (near to the hotel’s reception area)

5- Poolside!

6- Top of nearby cliffs on all sides of the resorts (accessible via hiking or helicopter)

7- On a boat near the rock formations

8- The jungle!  Have monkeys crash your ceremony 😉

Frankly, you cannot go wrong choosing a beautiful Rayavadee Thailand Wedding location!!

Thailand Cave Wedding Adventure:

Finding caves in Thailand for a wedding adventure is always on our agenda.  We try to find one in every region our Your Adventure Wedding team scouts.  More often than not they may require a kayak or a boat to get to, but there are others that are short walks or longer hikes.

Nearby to the touristy Princess Cave on Phra Nang Beach, you’ll find a cave that is super cool and worth your time to hike to.  Thailand Wedding Photographer Tip:  Do your research and make sure you know when low tide is and how long until high tide.  During this adventurous Thailand cave wedding adventure photo session, high tide came quick and the couple and the photographer had to swim out!  Talk about the definition of adventure for a Rayavadee Thailand Wedding!!

Adventure Wedding at Rayavadee Krabi Thailand:

Adventure weddings in Thailand can be filled with all sorts of unique experiences.  For example, we took a private helicopter on the way in to the Rayavadee and a private speedboat out.  A few other amazing things to look to doing pre or post wedding adventures in Thailand:

  • If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, there are 4 picturesque islands around Railay Beach called:  Phi Phi, Chicken Head (aka Poda Nok), Tup, / Koh Mawr, and Poda Island.  They are fun to relax, sunbathe, explore, and take photos around on your Railay Beach Thailand wedding photos!
  • Ton Sai Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking or SUP around the island.
  • Explore Phra Nang Cave (Diamond Cave)
  • Hike Up to the Railay Beach Viewpoint and the stunning Lagoon…  It’s less than 1 km hike but has some challenging spots that a really intense and may cause vertigo or if you are afraid of heights this would not be a good hike for you to embark on.
  • Look for Monkeys around the Rayavadee property after your Thailand adventure wedding!
  • Relax to the Rayavadee Spa after your adventures.

Feeling inspired or now yearning to have your very own Rayavadee Thailand wedding adventure?  Contact us HERE on how to make that an amazing reality!

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