Adventurous Wedding in Iceland via Super Jeeps


The best type of adventurous weddings are the kind of experiences that take you to places that give you an overwhelming feeling of “This place exists just for me today in this moment!”  You’ve likely had this feeling before at some point during your travels… Maybe you walk down a path super early in the morning or late at night and you know in the back of your mind that 100’s or 1,000’s of people have walked down that path before.  But when you get to the end of the trail and see that gorgeous viewpoint, waterfall, lighthouse, ridge, whatever you get this overwhelming “I just discovered it” kind of feeling.  It feels so new, fresh, and memorable that you want to stake down a flag with your names on it!

This is the type of feeling our Your Adventure Wedding planning team replicates as a “mission statement” in all of the weddings we plan.  By exploring more offbeat areas of countries and staying away from the typical tourist locations, we are able to provide a more intimate experience for our couples and their guests.  You know, the kind of experiences that stay with you your entire life and enter you into that legendary “wedding of the decade” category.  Today we are thrilled to share with you a super adventurous wedding in Iceland brimming with luxury details from start to finish!

Meet Cameron and Beau, they found their way to each other senior year at University of Arkansas and were both bold enough to start their adventurous travels together on their very first date.  They jumped on a plane to go explore New York City together!  Fast forward, over the next 6+ years together they spent their days exploring the world together falling deeper in love, you know the kind of love that only exists when you face travel challenges together.  So from North (Austria – Iceland) to South (Peru – Tasmania), hiking to scuba diving, these two have set the bar pretty darn high in regards to couples goals!

So where in the world does a super awesome travel-minded couple like this decide to get married?  Having been to the Nordic countries before, Iceland stole their hearts so coming back to get married seemed like such an exciting idea!  They first reached out to our Iceland Wedding Planner company to see when would be possible and August of 2017 was the winner!  The prestigious Aisle Perfect wedding blog featured their gorgeous luxury wedding in Iceland, HERE, calling it a “Breathtaking Icelandic Highland’s Wedding.”  But in the meantime, come along with us today as we walk you through their Iceland luxury wedding adventure!

Iceland Wedding 1/2 Day Adventure Agenda:

Cameron and Beau were all about the 1/2 day Iceland wedding adventure plan.  They loved the idea of being able to sleep in a bit and casually get ready.  The rainy but lovely foggy morning began at Icelandair Klaustur around 9am with a delicious European breakfast, mimosas, and Cameron’s lovely sister (Blonde Fayetteville) crafting her hair and makeup styles.  Our Iceland wedding photography team was already at work capturing all of Cameron and Beau’s super awesome wedding details… From the gorgeous Haley Paige Iceland wedding dress (Thanks- Tesori Bridal), to the stunning rings, earrings, and adventurous wedding boots (Timberlands) Cameron was ready to go in style!

Uh, then you mix in handsome Beau… Who had a custom made suit that even had his name embroidered in the shirt and the suit jacket!  Brilliantly styled groom details (if you ask us adventure wedding planners)!  That morning, Beau, got ready with the help of his father and even had time to enjoy and Icelandic beer before we headed out for the Iceland wedding adventure day!

Iceland Adventure Wedding First Look…

The only traditional aspect of the day that Southern Belle, Cameron wanted to keep was to have a formal “first look” before they headed out to their Iceland wedding ceremony.  The video team, White and Revery grabbed Camera and our Your Adventure Wedding Iceland wedding photography team took Beau to a nearby hidden waterfall.  It was pouring buckets of rain, but these two laughed and smiled the entire time through their first look before their Iceland wedding adventure!

The Adventure Wedding in Iceland Begins…

Before we knew it, the clock tolled Noon and it was time for the bride, groom, and their 10+ guests to load into the super jeeps to begin their incredible half day Iceland adventure wedding!  The excitement was off the charts!

Heading into the Icelandic highlands is an adventure in itself because instead of actually crossing man made bridges, you have to be the bridge in your super jeep but physically crossing them!  This allows our adventurous wedding groups to go where very few have gone to witness the pure untouched side of Iceland.  The bonus to this is the incredible random stops the Iceland photo and video teams can partake in even before the ceremony!  This specific Iceland wedding location is a personal favorite because of how incredibly vivid it is.

Iceland Secret Waterfall Wedding Ceremony:

Arriving to the Iceland wedding ceremony location, Cameron and Beau’s guests were in utter awe.  The ceremony was overlooking a secret waterfall and boasted fabulous details like black benches and reindeer furs.  Their guests even got the added bonus of needing to cross a little waterfall in order to get to the spot!

Iceland Wedding Photography:

As soon as the sweet ceremony concluded, our Iceland wedding photography team explored with Cameron and Beau creating some serious magic!

Iceland Wedding Champagne Toast in a Cave:

The Iceland Highland wedding adventure continued on by heading to a cave on private property where there was a beautiful luxury champagne toast setup with La Caravelle Champagne and Hafliði Ragnarsson (HR Chocolates)!

What our adventurous wedding planning and photography team loves the most about this private area is the options both inside and outside of the cave!  It’s such a vast area to explore!

Iceland Wedding Reception:

The half day adventure wedding went fast!  Before we all knew it, it was nearing 6pm and it was time to head back to the hotel to rest and refresh!  Once folks had an opportunity to do so, they came back down for an intimate, natural yet elegantly styled Iceland wedding reception!  The rest of the wedding reception in Iceland was focused on food, drinks, conversation, and reliving the days adventures!

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