Adventure Weddings & Elopements in the United States


The United States is filled with many many touristy locations. …but this is exactly why you have found us!  We specialize in finding the more offbeat locations that will get you and your fabulous guests away from the chaos into your own private haven.


Unique Wedding Locations in the United States

That could mean holding your wedding in interesting locations such as the following:

  • A Tree-house
  • Where Rivers meet… Brave enough to even get married in the river?  Let’s see!
  • Beautiful lakes throughout the country
  • Mountains that will make you melt!
  • Adventurous activities!
  • Rock Climbing and Hiking areas you may have never heard of!
  • Extreme adventures in Alaska!

The list goes on and is endless!  So please contact us for more details on design and possible unique locations for your USA destination wedding!


Joshua Tree National Park

Peru Wedding Adventure Locations Canete River