Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Bolivia

 Seeking a unique wedding location that is on barely anyone’s bucket list?  Alight trailblazing couples, it’s time to talk about Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Bolivia!  In short, Bolivia is one of the most undeveloped and unknown areas to North Americans, so you should get out there and discover it!

It’s a sweet little country that is tucked away between Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.  And we’re going to guess you barely know anyone who has traveled there.  Let alone planned an adventurous wedding or elopement in Bolivia, right?!  Come along with us today as we entice you to elope in Bolivia!

Traveling to Bolivia

Firstly, in order to travel to Bolivia, Americans need to obtain in advance a Bolivian Visitor Visa.  Secondly, the best time to visit in our opinion for adventure weddings & elopements in Bolivia is between April (after Easter)-May and then again between October-early November.  Thirdly, this way you avoid heavy tourist times and full on rainy season!

Likewise, your next question is about how do you get to Bolivia.  Good news, there are 3 international airports in Bolivia you can fly into such as the following:

  • El Alto International Airport, La Paz (LPB)
  • Jorge Wilsterman International Airport, Cochabamba (CBB)
  • Viru Viru International Airport, Santa Cruz (VVI)

Meanwhile from airports like JFK and LAX you will likely need to take 2 flights to get to Bolivia with likely stops in Mexico or Peru as layovers.  American Airlines, Copa, and Boliviana de Aviacion are airlines that fly to Bolivia year round.  Upon arriving to the airport of your choice in Bolivia, it is best to rent a 4×4 vehicle.

Subsequently for safety reasons, we would suggest that you do not drive in the dark.  Also it is good to keep small bills of local currency and change on hand for police check points (yes bribes are real).  Further, if you are one of our adventure weddings & elopements in Bolivia clients, we will give you the full insight list on how to handle yourself.

Locations for Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Bolivia

Eloping in Bolivia means you are choosing to explore a world unknown to most travelers.  Lucky you!!  After all, who wouldn’t want to be the first to have their adventure wedding in one of the countless stunning locations in Bolivia?!  In the same vein, are you curious to what type of adventure wedding locations Bolivia offers?   To illustrate, we would love to introduce you to some ideas to get the excitement going towards your elopement in Bolivia!

10 Locations to Elope in Bolivia:

  1. Does a hiking elopement in Bolivia sound like a ton of freaking fun to you both?  Our favorite offbeat hiking area in Bolivia is Sorata.  We’d love to share with you our routes our Bolivia elopement photographer can take you to!
  2. Eloping in the Amazon Basin could be one of the most unforgettable things you do in your life!  Noel Kempff National Park is one of the hardest to get to and most pristine.  You will need to take a chartered plane to get there which will be an extra adventure.  Once there, you’ll be greeted with countless waterfalls, rainforest, incredible hikes, and red cliffs!  Maybe even giant river otters, caiman, monkeys and possibly the elusive jaguar!
  3. Astonishing Salt Flats could make for a stunning backdrop for your adventure wedding in Bolivia!  Specifically, the Isla de Pescadores Salt lake Uyuni in Bolivia.
  4. Peaceful waters of Lake Titicaca await you!  Especially if you want a route without the tourist crowds, strap on the hiking boots and we will share with you the route from Copacabana to Yampupata.  You can expect a five hour hike and we can easily arrange a boat at the end to Yumani so you get the best of both worlds during your elopement adventure in Bolivia!
  5. Love the look of the Mediterranean?  Then eloping in Bolivian wine country could be ideal for you!  The area is known as Tarija.
  6. Obsessed with the look like Badlands?  Bolivia has their own desert and crazy rock formations called Tupiza.
  7. Sajama National Park elopement will bring you closer to hot springs, geysers, crazy cool mountain views and also happens to be Bolivia’s oldest national park.
  8. Crafting a Duende Canyon Bolivia Elopement is about a half day hike from the small town of Tupiza.  Get there faster on horseback!
  9. Andes Mountain wedding adventure… Think: Hiking, Helicopters, and lakeside sparkling beauty!  Perfect for elopement photos in Bolivia!
  10. Countless offbeat and private waterfalls could be your ideal Bolivia elopement location!

Luxury Wedding Hotels in Bolivia

Certainly as most of our clients are luxury adventure travelers.  As a result, one of the first things we do to match the client with a hotel that will reach their standard, unless the ceremony location is the focus.  Furthermore, our favorite luxury adventure wedding hotels in Bolivia follow below!

  • Interestingly enough the only hotel in world Palacio de Sal, is made out of salt and in Bolivia!  Talk about keeping it local with the building products!
  • Planning an adventurous elopement in Bolivia may lead you to staying at the Refugio Los Volcanes which sits within the beautiful Amboro National Park!
  • Tayka del Desierto Hotel is charming accommodation in the Siloli Desert.  Highly recommend staying the honeymoon suite!
  • Authentic local experience awaits you at Parador Santa Maria while eloping in Bolivia!
  • Maybe having the luxury of the city options is more your cup of tea.  If that is the case, we encourage you to check out the Casa Grande Suites in La Paz for adventure weddings & elopements in Bolivia!

Bolivia Wedding and Elopement Planner

In conclusion, can you already picture yourself discovering Bolivia?  Lastly, our team would love to custom craft offbeat adventure wedding itineraries for you in Bolivia!  Keep the energy going and contact us for more information on adventure weddings & elopements in Bolivia!