Elopements on Jeju Island

Just off the shores of South Korea lies an adventurous island called Jeju. Although it happens to be a World Heritage Site, it’s also a crazy awesome volcanic island filled with unique elements to explore!  I can just imagine already how unique your South Korea adventure wedding photos would be!  Elopements on Jeju Island are becoming fast favorites of ours!


Traveling to Jeju Island

Did you know there are over 30 islands off of coastlines of South Korea?  Bonus too… They are not really known by most people.  For instance, one of our favorite islands off of the coast of South Korea is Jeju Island.  Ever heard of it?  Hopefully after reading this today you’ll put it on your wanderlust list.  Maybe even put it on your unique places to elope location list too!

Traveling to this volcanic island in the East China Sea is easy!   Get yourself to South Korea Incheon Airport (ICN) in Seoul.  You will then need to take an internal flight from mainland South Korea Incheon Airport (ICN) in Seoul it’s best to transfer to the Gimpo Airport (GMP) via AREX train, coach or taxi.  Likely you realize that the train will be the least expensive and the taxi service being the most expensive.  Choose what your budget fits best.  The airlines that fly to Jeju Island are the following: Korean Air, Asiana, Air Busan and Jeju Air.  Woohoo!  You’re on your way to CJU (the Jeju International airport) to the island of Jeju!

Planning adventure weddings & elopements in Asia and specifically on Jeju island comes with the unforgettable opportunity to explore a new place that blows your mind!  Find out more as we discover what it’s like to elope on Jeju Island…

Jeongbang Waterfall on Jeju Island of South Korea

JEJU ISLAND Wedding Locations

Although Jeju Island is only 700 some square miles, it offers a lot of adventure even within the tourist locations.  Certainly our adventure wedding planning team are NOT fans of taking you to tourist locations.  But there are ways to make a must see / do tourist location doable within your Jeju Island elopement or honeymoon adventure!  Just a few to call out:

  • Mt. Halla National Park offer endless possibilities for elopements on Jeju Island!
  • Wild Waterfalls await your visit to Jeju…
  • Volcano Craters
  • Lava Tubes created by historical eruptions dot the island.
  • Incredible Hikes ranging from 30 minutes to all day.
  • Gorgeous volcanic beaches like Hyeopjae Beach call you to come…
  • Jagged rocky cliff-lines offer stunning backdrops for adventure weddings & elopements on Jeju Island!!
  • Interesting cultural elements are available for you to delight in too (this was the first place in our world travels we ate insects)!


Where to Marry on Jeju Island

Can you get married at a tourist location on Jeju island?  The short answer is yes, but it requires getting permits for the wedding group and the Jeju Island elopement photographer.  Keep in mind off peak hours so the traffic is less or consider paying extra.

For example, paying to privatize places like the famed Manjanggul Lava Tube Cave on Jeju Island in South Korea for wedding photos!  These rock formations are incredible to witness in person.  Or how about arriving before sunrise to explore Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall during your Jeju Island elopement!

Hiking during your Jeju Island wedding adventure is also an unforgettable option.  To illustrate, the volcano crater Hallasan is a fabulous hike and an invigorating 10km trek.  At the top you’ll be greeted by a view of the crater.

Word of warning… Some days it looks like a beautiful turquoise lake and others, a brown mud hole depending on the light, but a beautiful feature to lay your eyes on nonetheless!  Being a tiny island between the Korea Strait and the East China Sea, there are endless Jeju Island South Korea elopement photo options with high sea cliffs surrounding!

Eloping on Jeju Island Schedule

Best months to visit Jeju island for your wedding or adventurous elopement is between November to February.  Rain is the lowest during those months and the heat bearable.  Keeping to a schedule during your adventurous elopement on South Korea’s Jeju Island, is important so you do everything you planned!  The island is so rich in dramatic landscapes that you may not have time to explore them all in one day if you do not keep to it!  An example of sample schedule for elopements on Jeju Island follow below!


Jeju Island Elopement Schedule Example:

  • 5:30am Wake up in adventure wedding paradise!
  • 6-8am Jeju Island Wedding Hair and Makeup team comes to your fabulous hotel room!
  • 8-8:30am Breakfast in your Jeju Island luxury hotel room!
  • 8:30-9:15am  Drive to a lush gorgeous waterfall!
  • 9:15-9:30am Short hike to the waterfall.
  • 9:30-9:50am Jeju Island wedding ceremony!
  • 9:50-10:50am Explore, wedding portraits, and hike back out!
  • 10:50-1pm Drive or take a helicopter to some amazing lava tube caves and sea cliffs!
  • 1-3pm Privately explore them and have your Jeju Island elopement photographer craft stunning images for you!
  • 3-3:30pm Drive to a private beach!
  • 3:30-4pm Discover it and have Jeju Island wedding photos taken as you adventure!
  • 4-6pm Drive back to the hotel and catch an amazing sunset on the way back!
  • 6-7:30pm Rest and Refresh!
  • 7:30pm-? Jeju Island Wedding Reception and Dinner!


Trying to picture yourself there but are unsure of what type of accommodation is available?  The Shilla Jeju hotel is a luxury hotel on Jeju Island South Korea that will leave you in awe.


Jeju Island Wedding Planner

If you yearn for an unforgettable South Korea destination wedding location, our team expertly crafts custom adventure weddings and elopements on Jeju Island!   Contact Us for more details on getting your custom adventure wedding started!