Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Africa

Weddings in Africa are an amazing awe-inspiring mix of beautiful ocean cliff lines, lush forests, rugged mountain tops, sleek deserts, historic villages, and offer endless safari options!  If you’re a nature and animal lover, planning an Africa safari wedding may be ideal for you!  Likewise, many countries within Africa are safe to visit.  And full of adventure for no matter the the type of destination wedding you intend on planning!  Our team would love to share with you the kind of Adventure Wedding in Africa we plan and photograph!

Beginning your journey of planning an adventurous elopement in Africa is one of the most unforgettable decisions you will make.  After all, you are empowering yourself to do something others only wish they could do.  Kudos to you for not settling for traditional wedding day.  Rather, you will plan an adventure wedding that is experience driven and really freaking unforgettable!  Bravo!!

Morocco Wedding Adventure

Morocco is one of our favorite countries in the world because of the diversity of landscape it exudes.  Making it an ideal place for epic adventure wedding photos!  From the highest mountains to gorgeous golden beaches, caves, waterfalls, forests, ancient villages, and otherworldly vibes.  Fair to say you won’t ever get bored of experiencing this dynamic landscape during your Morocco wedding or elopement experience!


What does an Elopement in Morocco Look like?

Our adventure weddings in Morocco typically happen during the months March to May and then again in September to October.  Summer months in Morocco are too hot for our full day adventurous style.  Curious as to what your elopement in Morocco would look like?

Picture this… The morning of your Adventure Wedding in Morocco, you could be exploring it’s highest peak!  To illustrate, Morocco houses the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains named, Toubakal which stands higher than 13,000 feet!  Imagine the views you’ll see at the well earned top.  Despite what you may hear, Morocco is safe to visit for Americans too!  Just make sure you hire the right Morocco wedding planning team to ensure it.

Dare you to imagine your Adventure Wedding in Africa taking place along the romantic Mediterranean Coast.  Or what about planning a luxury picnic and then glamping in the Sahara Desert?  #yesplease!  Finding your way to the High Atlas Mountains to explore is pretty darn unforgettable too.  In fact, one of our favorite boutique luxury hotels, Kasbah Tamadot also happens to be there too!

Our team would love to design a unique full day journey for you to experience on Morocco wedding adventure day. Feel free to contact us to get that awesome conversation started!

Egypt Wedding Adventure

Travel to Egypt to have an adventure wedding in one of the oldest countries in the world!  If that isn’t romantic we don’t know what is!  This ancient world offers activities and epic scenes for wedding adventures unlike any other location.  Visiting as an American, you may have your reservations.  But do not worry, Egypt as an entire country has upped their game in security along with all of the higher end hotels.

Egypt Wedding Adventure Photos - Your Adventure Wedding

Eloping in Egypt

No matter if you are planning to elope in Egypt or have a wedding with guests, your first decision is where in the country will you base yourself?  Along the Red Sea, in a city named Sharm El Sheikh.  Endless sun, golden beaches await you, and world class diving await you.  What better way to celebrate your nuptial bliss than to plan an elopement at the Four Seasons in Sharm El Sheikh?!

If you can’t picture yourself holding a romantic elopement there, then what about along the Nile River?  The famed Sahara Desert?  If you’re feeling called to the tourist locations, then maybe even find your way to the Great Pyramids, Sphinx.  Moreover, it is very possible to still find places away from the tourists at these locations so you can have a more intimate experience during your elopement in Egypt.

Inspired?  Hand crafting a unique wedding in Egypt is our jam.  Please contact us to get more information on planning an Adventure Wedding in Africa!

Madagascar Wedding Adventure Locations

When you think offbeat unique destination wedding locations, Madagascar is one of those epic locations you never hear about.  Similarly, you may not ever consider going to or even have on your destination wedding location radar. But we urge you to change your mind because it is an incredibly beautiful place that is nestled within the Indian Ocean.  Deciding to plan a Madagascar wedding adventure will change your life!

You’ll find crazy shaped mountains, crystal clear blue-green water, waterfalls, and plants and animals you have never seen before.  It’s the essence of an adventure wedding location, undiscovered!  Be one of the first couples from North America to hold your unforgettable destination wedding in Madagascar, we dare you!

Meanwhile, our adventure wedding planning and photography team would love to design unique full day journey for you to experience!  One that would surely make your Madagascar wedding adventure day, easily legendary!  Feel free to contact us to get that planning party started!

Madagascar Wedding Adventure Locations

Tanzania and Kenya Wedding Adventure Locations

Wilderness at its best, seriously.  Even the name of the land in the native tongue means “uninhabited plains.” The vast amount of dusty picturesque panoramic scenes, animals, mountains/volcanoes, and culture are let alone reasons to come to Tanzania or Kenya to hold your adventure wedding in Africa!

Both Kenya and Tanzania has been hands down one of the best experiences of my personal and professional life.  There is just something so inspiring about seeing huge animals in their natural habitat.  The best time to plan a wedding in Tanzania or Kenya is June to October.  Hoping to witness the Great Migration, we encourage you to visit Mid June to early August.  It’s an ideal time to plan an adventure wedding in the Serengeti or Masai Mara National Parks during the Great Migration!

Some of the best and luxury East Africa wedding hotels also happen to be in these two regions.  Selecting Tanzania or Kenya for your elopement in Africa is an equal choice.  As they are both offering incredible safari’s and unforgettable accommodation.  Certainly, our team would love the opportunity to create full day experience driven wedding adventures in either Kenya or Tanzania!  Find your way to contact us to get that exciting conversation started!

Tanzania Wedding Adventure Planner and Photographer

Africa Wedding Adventure Planner and Photographer

Hiring a Planner for Your Adventure Wedding in Africa

Maybe you have found yourself totally hooked on the idea of planning an adventure wedding in Africa.  But you have no clue where to begin because you’re open to all of these amazing locations!  Am I right?  No stress, our adventure wedding planning team can happily create plans for you to review in Morocco, Egypt, Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania!   Feel free to contact us to get that process started!