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Adventure Wedding Video | Patagonia + Iceland

  Are you an adventurous couple who is in search of a wedding day EXPERIENCE versus just having a wedding “day?”  Do you hold travel + adventure as core fundamentals of your relationship?  If so, planning an adventure wedding might be right up your alley…  You should watch this video and contact us for more information! […]

Los Glaciares Park Argentina | Patagonia Wedding Photographer

  I found myself intoxicated by Los Glaciares National Park, long before I spent time exploring it.  There is just something so curious about those granite Fitz Roy towers emerging into the air, the way the light falls on them, and the sharp textures of the Perito Moreno Glacier!   The Los Glaciares National Park can be found on the Argentinean side of […]

Ushuaia Argentina Wedding Locations | Patagonia Wedding Planner

  Have you ever had a very vivid (almost lucid) dream about a place you’ve never been and one that you’re not even sure exists as a real life location?  But you explore it in your dreams and are convinced you will and must find it?!  Ushuaia, Argentina was this uncanny place for me.   I’ve always […]

Torres del Paine National Park | Patagonia Wedding Photographer + Planner

Adventure was born and lives in Patagonia, no joke folks!  Specifically, it resides in the Torres del Paine National Park.  Have no idea where that is?  Picture: South America, then find your way to Chile, and then down the Andes Mountains to the most southern section of Chile and Argentina… Then you’ll find yourself in the […]

Patagonian Rainforest | Patagonia Wedding Photographer

  Tucked away less than 2 hours off of the Pan-American Highway is the brilliant area of the Chilean Lake District.  Over 16 lakes can be found in this area and several with unforgettable volcano views!  There you will also find several of the countries national parks to endlessly explore such as the following:   […]

Patagonia Wedding Locations

Attention: My Fellow Adventure Seekers! You have found the Mecca of outdoors and adventure in this amazing location called Patagonia. Patagonia sits within the Andes mountain range in Southern sections of Chile and Argentina.  This is also where the mysterious and most intriguing “W” trek and the infamous Fitz Roy mountains live and breathe.  There […]

Nordic and Patagonia Wedding Planner and Photographer: 2015 Year in Review

21 countries, 10 states, and 6 islands were conquered this year. …and today I write you from the “bottom of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina.  Did you know it is the furthest most Southern city in the world.  I find it slightly ironic since my business first started at the token “top of the world” in […]

Adventure Weddings & Elopements in Patagonia

Calling all adventure-seeking couples! If you’re looking for a wedding as intrepid as you are, a Patagonia wedding delivers all the adrenaline you could possibly wish for. The Mecca of all-things adventure in the open-air, Patagonia sits within the Andes mountain range in southern sections of Chile and Argentina. This is also where the mysterious […]

Argentina Wedding Guide: Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding for Nature Lovers

Argentina Wedding Guide-Couple during a Mountain River Elopement

Do you dream of saying “I do” at the top of a snow-capped mountain? Or perhaps you’re feeling called to the lush rainforest?   As long as you have a taste for adventure, Argentina has something to offer.  Argentina is one of the most exotic countries in South America. From its phenomenal landscapes and natural beauty, […]

Eloping vs Wedding: Different Ways to Tie The Knot

Patagonia elopement beside a waterfall-eloping vs wedding

Are you and your fiance planning to take the leap to forever but you don’t exactly hear church bells ringing? Saying “I do” comes in all shapes and sizes, and a traditional big wedding with the pastor, the bridal party and all the trimmings is not for everyone. If you’re a not-so-traditional couple, you probably […]